How to Get Funrize Free Coins?

Funrize Casino, despite having only been in the social gaming industry since 2022, has gained a large fanbase thanks to its entertaining games and features. The online casino provides virtual coins, which are used instead of real cash. You can buy these coins or acquire them on Funrize at no cost. If you’re wondering how to obtain Funrize free coins, this article provides all the information you need to get started. Read on.

funrize sweeps casino homepage

Funrize Sweeps Casino 

How You Can Earn Funrize Free Coins

There are several ways to earn free coins on Funrize Casino, but we’ll consider the most common options. Check them out below:

Funrize Welcome Bonus

You can acquire Funrize free coins by simply signing up at the casino. The registration process is simple and won’t take too much of your time. During the procedure, you must enter your information and verify your account. We’ll discuss more about the registration process at Funrize subsequently.

Here is a breakdown of the bonus you’ll receive when you register:

  • 75,000 Tournament Coins: You will get these free coins when you create your account.
  • 50,000 extra coins: To obtain these coins, you must complete specific tasks.
  • You can get 10,000 free coins by simply validating your account via email.

Funrize VIP Rewards and Login Bonuses

Once you confirm your email or phone number and complete your profile, you automatically join the Funrize Club. This loyalty scheme has seven tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Sapphire, Diamond, and VIP. Each level comes with its rewards, including lucky spins and free coins. You can win prizes by spinning the wheel every day.

funrize casino vip club level status

Funrize VIP Club Level Status 

Invite Friends for Extra Coins

Inviting your friend to Funrize grants you a free bonus of 900,000 Gold Coins and 2,500 free Promotional Entries. First, they must register with your referral link and verify their account. The entire process is simple, taking only a few minutes.

Does it Take Long to Receive My Welcome Bonus Free Coins?

You’ll receive free coins immediately after you sign up for Funrize. Generallly, the only reason you may experience a delay is if you haven’t confirmed your account yet, or there is some issue with it. If you have any questions regarding the welcome bonus, customer service will help.

How Can I Redeem My Promotional Entries at Funrize?

funrize tournament mode and promotional mode how it works

Social Gaming Modes Funrize Casino

Promotional Entries are what you use for promotional (sweepstakes) mode. They most important about them is that they are only available for free, meaning your cannot purchase them.

Here is how you can redeem your Promotional Entries:

  • Click on the “Exchange” button. It will take you to a page where you can exchange your PE for cash prizes.
  • Use the same payment method as when making your TRN coin purchase for redemption.
  • Next, you have to verify your identity. Follow the steps provided and input the necessary details.
  • The redemption period at Funrize can take up to 48 hours.

Purchasing Coins at Funrize

There is another way to get coins at Funrize Casino, but this method will cost you a little. You can choose from several payment methods; the packages range from $4.99 to $199.99. Check them out below:

🟡 Coins 🟢 Promotional Entries 💲 Bundle Price
2,000,000 20,000 $199.99
1,500,000 15,000 $149.99
1,000,000 10,000 $99.99
500,000 5,000 $49.99
300,000 3,000 $29.99
120,000 1,200 $11.99
50,000 500 $4.99

How to Create an Account at Funrize

You can only benefit from the free coin deal if you have an account. The process is straightforward, requiring just the few steps below:

  • Visit the Funrize website and click the ‘Sign Up’ button. Upon clicking, you get to the signup page.
  • Link your existing Facebook or Google accounts, or create a new account using your email address.
  • Fill out the necessary information, including your full name, date of birth, address, and phone number. Ensure this information matches your official ID document.

It’s also essential to check every box as you create your account. Some things to confirm include being over 18 and accepting the terms & conditions.

sign up funrize casino

Sign up Process Funrize Social Casino

Games You Can Play with Funrize Free Coins

Although Funrize’s library lacks when it comes to having an extensive collection of games, they deliver quality titles. Online slot machines make up most of their game library, but there are also some fish games to enjoy. All Funrize games are conveniently organized into subheadings like New, Popular, Hot, Favorites, Fishing and Jackpot.

Each game features a helpful pop-up that describes its volatility, spin limits, and jackpot availability. The following are some of the games you can play with your free coins:

  • Diamond Shot
  • Farmer Bill
  • Rock’N Reel
  • Desert Riches
  • Clover Shot
  • Chicken Itza
  • Tumblin’ Dublin
  • Golden Tree
  • Candy Heroes
  • Poker Dogs
  • Cactus Riches
  • Diamond Blitz

You can play Funrize games in either Tournament or Promotional mode. A toggle can help you switch between these modes; it’s located at the top of the page.

funrize free coins games lobby

Funrize Games Lobby


Funrize allows players to socialize and enjoy their favourite casino games. The sweepstakes casino makes use of virtual coins rather than real cash. You can buy or acquire these digital tokens for free through registration, referral, and other methods.

If you’re a newbie looking to get started with gambling or a pro just looking for fun, Funrize is your ideal option. They offer different games from top developers in the industry, promotions, and tournaments. You will never get bored playing at this social casino.

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