How Do You Get Funzpoints for Free: Best Strategies

In this article, we will answer all of your questions regarding how to get Funzpoints for free by sharing with you some of the best strategies out there.

If you are not familiar with Funzpoints casino at this point – it is a sweepstakes casino that offers a unique way to redeem prizes and have fun. Funzpoints is legal in the US (excluding Washington State and Idaho) and Canada (besides Quebec).

What are Funzpoints?

Let’s first briefly explain what Funzpoints are. They are the virtual currency used in the Funzpoints sweepstakes casino.

Funzpoints uses two play modes – Standard and Premium.

  • Standard Mode

In Standard mode, you can play selected slot games for free with a minimum of 8 points bet. If you reach 500 points, you receive a ticket with which you can enter a daily jackpot draw where you have a chance to hit the jackpot and win a 350 USD prize. You also get limited access to booster games. The little inconvenience here is that you get ads from time to time.

  • Premium Mode

In Premium mode, you get full access to all games the site offers. All the booster games are fully unlocked for your enjoyment, and you can easily cash out rewards. You also get a  completely ad-free experience so that nothing will get in your way.

standard or premium play funzpoints

Premium and Standard Play Mode – Funzpoints

Now that we’ve cleared the basics, it’s time to focus on what’s important – how do you get Funzpoints for free?

Getting Funzpoints for Free – Best Strategies

Upon signing up, you get a free bonus right away – of course, it depends on the mode that you choose to play:

  • Standard Mode – If you choose to play Standard mode, you get 250 free points right away.
  • Premium Mode – if you decide to play Premium mode, you get bonus coins worth 2.50 USD, which you can use to win prizes if you reach the threshold of 20 USD.

NOTE: You get both at the same time, and you can switch between them at any time with the menu at the top of the site.

Other free bonuses worth mentioning:

  • Funzwheel – you can spin it every 3 hours and win both Funzpoints and tickets for the Jackpot draw.
  • First Purchase Bonus – for your first purchase, you can get a generous bonus of up to 20 USD.
  • Mailing-in – you can get 500 Funzpoints and 10 tickets if you send them mail. For more information, visit their page.
  • Social Media – make sure to follow the sweeps casino on their social media (such as Facebook), where they constantly post special bonuses and gifts you can redeem for FREE.


We’ve cleared the basics and explained what Funzpoints are and how you get them for free; their variety of bonuses and two play modes and what they give you if you choose Standard or Premium Mode. By sharing the best strategies to get them for free while playing you can now easily make your choice. We hope with this article, we have answered all your questions and don’t forget to play safely.

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