How to Get Rakeback on Stake?

You can get rakeback on Stake either through the exclusive Mr. Sweepstakes promo code, or by climbing the VIP ladder of the social casino.

Online casinos are always coming up with new ways to gift players who keep coming back. Rakeback is one of the incentives gaming sites will give to players for the bankroll they spend playing on the platform. gives rakeback bonuses to its members in different ways. In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get rakeback bonus in detail and how it works for you so that you play wager-free and still win prizes.

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Rakeback Explained

Rakeback is a way gives back to players as a form of passive income. The Rakeback on Stake returns a certain percentage of the house edge on the bets you place using Sweep Coins.

For instance, you may get a rakeback of 3% of the house edge on your placed bets on a certain day of the week, which means 3% of every bet you place is given back to you as bankroll you can play again. Players may have the reward confused with cashback offers.

Well, rakeback, as it is given on, differs from cashback offers. The main characteristic that differentiates rakeback from cashback is that with rakeback, you get a percentage of your wager given back to you as soon as you place your wager. Cashback offers give back a percentage of the money you lose after placing bets that turn sour.

How to Get Rakeback at Stake

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Daily Login Bonus creates different ways players can get rakeback while playing at the casino. The easiest way to land a rakeback promotion is to use the Mr. Sweepstakes SWEEPBONUS exclusive promo code. More rakeback offers lay in wait for players who keep coming back.

Keep making your way up the loyalty program, and you gain rakeback rewards once you get to the Bronze level. This starts with a rakeback reward of 5%. Players get more and more rakeback as they go up the loyalty program.

As you might have guessed, rakeback rewards are not the only thing you get as you make it up the loyalty program. Other perks, like daily/weekly/monthly bonuses, among other VIP benefits, are thrown in to make the deal even sweeter.


Rakeback can be a lifesaver when players run out of Gold Coins and Stake Cash to play. Keep wagering and get back a percentage of the house edge on the coins you wager. Rewards like these are an ingenious way for to get players coming back. Your chances of collecting Stake Cash and redeeming them have just gone notches higher with the rakeback reward.

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