How to Login in Hard Rock Social Casino?

In this article we will be covering  all the ways you can login in Hard Rock Social Casino and what are the differences between them. We will also answer the question whether or not you can redeem prizes as an anonymous player.

Creating an Account at Hard Rock Social Casino

How to Sign up at Hard Rock Casino

1. Go to Hard Rock Social Casino

You can access Hard Rock through our link. You will go straight to the casino’s landing page where you can register for an account.

navigate to hard rock social casino

2. Sign up Methods at Hard Rock Jackpot Casino

The casino gives you a few variants that you can choose form for your signing up. There is an email option, through your Facebook account or at the bottom of the page – Play as a Guest. Keep in mind that if you choose the last option you won’t be able to redeem any prizes as the casino won’t be able to verify you.

hard rock casino sign up methods

3. Email Registration

If you want to create your account with an email, you should provide a trusted one and password. Agree with the T&C and enjoy your sweet rewards at Hard Rock Jackpot Casino.

email registration hard rock casino

Available Login Methods at Hard Rock Casino

Making an account requires you to choose one of the given options once you access the site.

login methods in hard rock social casino

Login Methods Hard Rock

Creating an Account

The first way is to create an account. If you select this option, you will be asked to fill in an email and password of your choice., You must also agree to Hard Rock Casino Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions. You can also receive news and promotions from them, but this is optional.

Log In With Facebook

An option that many sites nowadays offer is to log in via Social Media – in this case, Facebook. All you have to do is select the option and get prompted to connect the accounts. You do not need to enter any credentials and you can start playing right away.

Play as a Guest

Last but not least – you get the very rare opportunity to be completely anonymous. You get to skip the entire process of logging in if all you wish to do is play some games and have fun but you still have to agree to T&C and Privacy Policy before doing so.

IMPORTANT: If you experience any errors or can’t seem to be able to create an account, you can always click the “Help” button on the screen. It will take you to their FAQ page, where you can look into your issue. If this doesn’t help, you can always contact Customer Support, which you can do through the site’s settings.

When Can I Redeem Prizes?

You can redeem prizes only if you have an account.

The way the system works is that the Loyal Points can be redeemed for in-game bonuses, or real life gifts. If you are anonymous, you can use the LP for the virtual bonuses within the casino, but the real life ones require an account with a working email (since the details for your prize get sent there). Although the anonymity part is pretty handy for gamers, it’s not the way if you want to redeem prizes.


Although there are a few ways to log in to Hard Rock Social Casino, not all of them are suitable for everyone.

With this article, we hope you understand the difference between all three ways to log in and you can make the best choice for yourself.

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