How to Redeem Prizes from Carnival Citi Casino?

Carnival Citi is the slot haven you have been looking for among social casinos. The platform is an immaculately laid out Sweepstakes casino with slots, tables, and video poker. Aficionados of Sweepstakes casinos know just how hard it is to find a site with a gamut of games with so much to pick from.

Carnival Citi Casino is not only good for the range of games you get but also for the bonus promotions. Play using Coins or Sweeps Cash and redeem your prizes when you have enough SC in your bankroll.

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Carnival Citi Homepage

How to Redeem Prizes from Carnival Citi: Step-by-step Process

It’s time to redeem your Sweeps Chips at Carnival Citi Casino. The feeling must be exhilarating. Members of Carnival Citi Casino need to get to 100,000 Sweeps Chips before they can request to redeem them. The full amount of Sweeps Chips you wish to redeem has to have gone through the wagering requirements (played at least once).

Any number of Sweeps Chips on your bankroll that have not met this requirement will not be available for redemption until you play them. Redeeming your SC is easy, and you only need a few steps. Here is the process you follow to redeem your chips at the casino:

  1. Open the casino’s website from your mobile or PC browser
  2. Sign in to your casino account by clicking on ‘Returning Player‘ at the top right of the page
  3. Open your account profile to access your account balance
  4. Click on your account balance to access the cashier section
  5. Click redeem to convert Sweeps Chips to cash
  6. Enter your details as prompted by the casino
  7. Click ‘Redeem’ to complete the process

With your Sweeps Chips redeemed, the casino will give a message to show that you have successfully redeemed your coins. Players must wait up to 7 days for Sweeps Chips to be processed.

Requirements to Redeem Prizes from Carnival Citi

how it works carnival citi casino

Carnival Citi Casino How it Works Page

Collect enough Sweeps Chips, and you stand to get cash. To convert your Sweeps Chips to cash you need to fulfill some requirements. The casino lays these out to keep players honest when redeeming SC. Rules like these also protect the casino from fraud. Check all the requirements, and the platform will release your Sweeps Chips.

Here are the requirements that come with Sweeps Chips redemption:

  1. Players must use Sweeps Chips to play at least once before they can withdraw them.
  2. The casino requires players to produce some documentation within 7 days of the redemption request. The first of these is your ID. Players can also produce their Driver’s License as identification. You must also produce a utility bill not older than 3 months with your residential address clearly visible.
  3. Players have a maximum daily redemption limit of Sweeps Chips equal to $10,000, which is also capped at $25,000 per week. The casino also states that it may limit the amount you get from your withdrawal to $2,000 at a time until the full amount is paid.
  4. By making withdrawals of any prizes at the casino, players consent to the casino using their image, name, opinions, voice, and likeness for advertising purposes.
    It is upon players to make sure they can receive money or shipments through the mailing address they give out.

As you may have noticed, some of the requirements need you to meet them promptly. Requirements like completing your KYC requirements need you to give your documents within 7 days. Head to your account profile and click verify to complete this process. Fill in the requested information and upload your documents in the window provided to verify your identity.

Carnival Citi will revoke your Sweeps Chips if you are unable to produce your documents within the given time. Players should also remember to keep their activity at the casino within the terms of service. Adhering to the terms and conditions ensures your account at the casino is not shut down. The good news is you get any Sweeps Chips you had in your account if these meet the redemption threshold.

Currencies at Carnival Citi Casino

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Virtual Currencies Carnival Citi Casino

As a sweepstake casino, Carnival Citi offers its games in two virtual currencies. You need these to play the games at the casino. Coins are the first type of virtual currency you get at the casino.

These carry no value in the real world. Most social casinos have these named Gold Coins, but Carnival Citi simply names them Coins. Play for free with Coins and claim more and more Coins on bonus rewards to keep playing. Members who run out of Coins can purchase them from the casino’s coin store.

The second type of virtual currency at the casino is the Sweeps Chips. This is the virtual currency you need to play games for real prizes. Sweeps Chips come with a dollar value, so you get $1 for 1,000 SC. Collect Sweeps Chips and redeem them when you have enough to meet the minimum threshold.

Members should note that they cannot buy Sweeps Chips. These are not sold in the Coin store, as only regular coins are sold. Players must get creative about collecting Sweeps Chips at the casino to reach the redemption threshold. Collect these from promotional rewards whenever the casino rolls these out. A purchase of Coins also comes with a token of Sweeps Chips. Buy Coins, and a bigger purchase gets you more Sweeps Chips.

Banking Options You Can Use to Redeem Sweeps Chips

Carnival Casino offers plenty of banking options, and while most of these are available for making your purchases, there are those you cannot use when redeeming your Sweeps Chips. The total list of banking options includes PayPal, Venmo, Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and American Express. Each lets you make instant deposits when you play at the site, even though some are unavailable for chip redemption. Players have direct bank transfer through Trustly and PayPal. Your cash is sent to you as soon as processing is done.

payment methods carnivalciti

Payment Methods Carnival Citi


Carnival Citi Casino promises an experience players are sure to find enjoyable. Play here and claim your winnings when you have enough Sweeps Chips in your bankroll. Members wishing to redeem their SC should note that they must meet all requirements before claiming prizes. We liked that you got all the main card options when redeeming coins. Enjoy the best games and get your winnings when you strike big.

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