How to Redeem Prizes from Tao Fortune?

Unlike traditional online casinos, TaoFortune Casino is all about fun and excitement without the need to wager real funds. It’s the ideal place to enjoy your favorite casino games without risk.

While it is all about fun, the casino rewards players with real cash prizes. This guide will explain how you can redeem those enticing prizes from TaoFortune Casino.

taofortune sweeps casino homepage

Tao Fortune Homepage Interface

Virtual Currencies at Tao Fortune Casino

TaoFortune Casino offers two virtual currencies: Tao Coins (TC) and Secret Coins (SC). TC are play-for-fun coins that are accessible for free or via purchase. Knowing they hold no real monetary worth and can’t be exchanged is vital.

TC Mode is the way to go to explore games and have fun. However, purchasing them is an option for extended play. Once you make your first purchase, you unlock Secret Coins Mode.

SC, unlike TC, can’t be directly bought but is obtainable for free alongside purchases. Moreover, SC is available through various promotional offers frequently provided by TaoFortune Casino. Secret Coins also have a monetary value; you can use them to play games for redeemable prizes.

taofortune virtual currencies info

Tao Fortune Virtual Currencies

How to Redeem Secret Coins?

If you have earned enough Secret Coins, you can redeem them for real cash prizes or gift cards. Here’s a more detailed step-by-step guide on how to redeem Secret Coins at Tao Fortune:

  1. Log in: Log in to your Tao Fortune account. If you don’t have an account yet, you can sign up for one on the Tao Fortune website.
  2. Go to your account page: You can find this by clicking on your username in the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Click on “Prize Redemption”: On your account page, click on the “Prize Redemption” button.
  4. Choose your prize: On the prize redemption page, choose whether you want to redeem real cash prizes or gift cards. Tao Fortune offers a variety of gift cards, including Amazon, Walmart, and Target.
  5. Fill out the redemption form: If you opt for a cash prize, you must pick a payment method and enter your details.
  6. Submit: After completing the redemption form, submit your request. Tao Fortune will review it and process your prize after confirmation.

The redemption process takes 24 hours, and the cash reflects on your bank account after 4 to 7 business days. When you redeem your gift cards, such as Amazon, the process is much faster.

taofortune login

TaoFortune Login

What Are the Payment Options for Redemption

If you opt for cash redemption, you’ll find various payment methods at Tao Fortune Casino. Each option offers a different level of convenience, speed, and security. Here’s a breakdown to help you decide.


If you have a Visa card, redeeming your prizes is like reversing a charge. You just enter your card information, decide how much you want to redeem, and the prize is yours. It’s reliable and familiar, and the funds are available to you instantly.


This is another fantastic option, trusted globally for its security and convenience. Redeeming your Tao Fortune prizes through Visa follows the same hassle-free approach as Mastercard. After accumulating SC, you’ll be prompted to provide your Visa card details. Once you’ve confirmed the transaction, your winnings are transferred immediately.


Discover card users are not left out of the instant redemption loop. With Discover, you can access your winnings just as swiftly. Input your card information, choose the amount to redeem, and initiate the transfer. Before you know it, your funds are available on your Discover card.

tao fortune payment methods

Payment Methods Tao Fortune Sweeps Casino


Trustly offers a direct and secure bridge between your bank and Tao Fortune, perfect for players who prefer not to use credit cards. With Trustly, you’ll select your bank from the provided list, use your usual online banking credentials to log in and authorize the transfer of your winnings. It’s a straightforward process that combines the security of bank transfers with the immediacy of online transactions.

What Are the Requirements for Prize Redemption at Tao Fortune Casino?

Redeeming your Game Coins for real rewards at Tao Fortune Casino involves specific requirements that ensure a smooth and secure process.

Minimum Threshold for Prize Redemption

You’ll increase your SC balance as you engage in various games, with each game offering unique number of winnable coins. The specifics of potential SC rewards can be found within each round.

Currently, 100 Secret Coins (SC) equals $1. To start redeeming prizes, you must accumulate at least $25 in your account, which you can exchange for a gift card. However, if you wish to convert your Secret Coins into cash prizes, you’ll need $100.

KYC Verification

kyc verification tao fortune account

KYC Verification

Before you can redeem prizes, Tao Fortune requires you to go through the Know Your Customer (KYC) process. This vital step ensures your account is verified and secure. To confirm your identity, you must provide key information, like your address, date of birth, and social security number.

It’s vital to enter accurate information accurately, matching your official identification like a driver’s license or passport. If online verification fails, the customer support department is available 24/7.

The documents you may need include:

  • Proof of income
  • Photocopy of your ID card or passport
  • Utility bill for address validation
  • Evidence of ownership of your chosen payment method (e.g., bank statement or pay stub)

This thorough verification process ensures security and compliance.

Final Thoughts

Getting your prizes from Tao Fortune is simple and rewarding. By understanding the straightforward steps and requirements, you can enjoy the full benefits of this social casino. So, play, win, and redeem your prizes for a rewarding gaming experience at Tao Fortune.


Yes, TaoFortune is a sweepstakes casino that fully complies with the law. It is accessible to players from 47 states across the US, with the exception of Washington, Idaho, and Wyoming.

Yes, you can redeem cash prizes at Tao Fortune through Secret Coins, which carry financial value. While Tao Coins are used just for playing games on the platform, accumulating enough Secret Coins opens the door to real cash prizes.

Purchasing coins isn’t a necessity to play games at TaoFortune casino. If you run out of coins, Tao Fortune keeps your game going with a daily log-in bonus. Additionally, you can tackle quests to refill your bankroll or earn free coins by inviting friends and taking advantage of mail-in promotions.

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