How to Redeem Prizes from Zula Casino?

Zula Casino is a newcomer already making waves among many gaming sites. Launched this year and still fine-tuning its features, this sweepstakes casino has caught the attention of gamers in the US. Zula Casino is for you if you love exciting bonuses and a wide range of games.

It looks like the popular Fortune Coins Casino, and that’s no accident. Both are built on the same platform by SCPS LLC, a seasoned player in the gaming world. This article will walk you through how to redeem prizes at Zula Casino, ensuring you get the most out of your gaming experience.

How Does The Currency System Work?

Digital casinos have changed the game, letting you play right from your couch. There is no need to go to a physical casino or even spend money to start. Social casinos, following the sweepstakes model, are becoming more popular for this very reason.

Registering at Zula Casino is free, granting you access to a diverse selection of games. Unlike traditional online casinos, there’s no initial investment required to kickstart your gaming experience.

Zula Casino, like other sweepstakes sites, uses two types of coins: Gold Coins and Sweepstakes Coins.

zulacasino landing page

Zula Casino UI

Gold Coins

Gold Coins are the basic play tokens at Zula Casino. They’re free and fun to use but don’t hold any real value. You’ll get these coins often, and you can even buy more if you like. Just remember, you can’t trade them for real prizes. They’re for fun, not rewards.

Sweepstakes Coins

On the other hand, Sweepstakes Coins are your ticket to winning actual prizes. You can’t buy these coins directly. Instead, you get them as bonuses when you buy Gold Coins or through special promotions. If you want to redeem prizes, focus on gathering and playing with Sweepstakes Coins.

In short, Gold Coins are for casual, risk-free play. Sweepstakes Coins bring excitement by offering the chance to win real prizes. Both make your time at Zula Casino rewarding in their way.

Requirements for Prize Redemption at Zula Casino

If you’ve collected a lot of Sweepstakes Coins at Zula Casino, you’re probably excited about turning them into real money. However, before you proceed, there are essential steps you must follow.

responsible social gameplay page

Responsible Social Gameplay Page Zula Casino

Meet the Minimum Threshold for Prize Redemption

To turn your game time into real rewards at Zula Casino, there are a few things you need to know about Sweeps Coins. As you play games, you can increase your Sweeps Coins balance. Each game offers unique prizes, so you’ll find details about the potential rewards within each game.

The magic number is 100 Sweeps Coins when it comes to cashing out. If you’ve got that, you can redeem it for $100 in real money. The lowest amount you can cash out each day is 50 Sweeps Coins.

However, there’s a catch. You have to use them in a game at least once before any of your Sweeps Coins can be turned into actual prizes. This is called the “Playthrough Requirement.”

KYC Verification

Next, you’ll need to complete a one-time verification process known as KYC, which stands for “Know Your Customer.” This involves verifying your personal information to ensure a secure and legitimate prize redemption. The documents you need include

  • Income verification
  • ID card or passport photocopy;
  • Utility bill for address confirmation;
  • Ownership evidence for your chosen payment method, like a bank statement or pay stub.

The site carries out extra checks if you try to redeem prizes worth more than $2,000. They do this to prevent fraud. The $2,000 limit applies to the currency you use in your account. So, expect some added verification steps if you hit that amount or go over it.

phone verification zula casino

Phone Verification Zula

Step-by-Step Process for Redeeming Prizes

Time to redeem your hard-earned prizes at Zula Casino? Excellent! Here’s a simple, step-by-step guide from gameplay to prize claim.

Step 1: Register for Zula Casino

  • First, go to Zula Casino through the links.
  • Hit the “Sign Up” button at the top of the homepage.
  • Fill in your details like username, full name, and birthdate.
  • Add your street address, phone number, and postal code.
  • Check your email for a private link to confirm your new Zula Casino account.

Step 2: Collect Sweeps Coins

Now that you’re a registered player, start playing games to accumulate Sweeps Coins. Don’t forget, each Sweeps Coin needs to be wagered at least once to meet the Playthrough Requirement.

Step 3: Time to Redeem

  • Open the Zula Casino app and tap on the “Redeem” option.
  • This will take you to the prize redemption page page.

zula casino promotions

Zula Casino Promotions

Step 4: Choose and Transfer Your Prize

  • There are different prize options here, from e-gift cards to direct cash.
  • Keep in mind that 1 Sweeps Coin equals $1. So, if you have 50 Sweeps Coins, that’s $50 right there!
  • Once you choose, your prize will be sent as an e-gift card or transferred directly to your bank account.

Is Zula Casino Legit?

Even though the platform is new, the features and data available show it’s a real, legitimate platform. You can feel safe giving it a try for a fresh gaming experience.

Keep in mind that Zula Casino isn’t open in every state. You won’t be able to play if you live in Washington, Georgia, or Idaho. But you can use your real name to register, play, and claim prizes if you’re 18 or over and live elsewhere in the US.

Final Thoughts

Zula Casino is an exciting new player in the world of sweepstakes casinos. With its dual currency system of Gold and Sweeps Coins, players can enjoy games while aiming for real rewards. After meeting some basic requirements, like KYC verification and hitting the minimum Sweeps Coin count, cashing out becomes a breeze.

While it’s still new, Zula Casino is backed by a credible company and is open to most U.S. residents. All in all, this platform makes prize redemption straightforward and engaging.


Zula Casino is primarily available in the United States, but residents of Washington, Georgia, and Idaho are not eligible to participate.

Yes, you must be over 18 to register, play, and redeem prizes at Zula Casino.

Before you can redeem prizes, Sweeps Coins must be used in gameplay at least once to meet the Playthrough Requirement.

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