How to Win at Tao Fortune?

Tao Fortune is a sweepstakes casino with an array of games to impress, and the bonus rewards are equally attractive. The Chinese theme of the casino is the first thing that captures the eye, but you discover that there is so much more to the casino than the flashy visuals.

The coin offers are nothing short of amazing, and the number of gifts on mysterious magic boxes and Tao Quests are another reason you want to play here. In this review, we tell you how to win at Tao Fortune, so that you can then enjoy free and promotional play.

tao fortune sweeps casino homepage

Tao Fortune Sweepstakes Casino Homepage UI

How it Works

The thrilling world of Tao Fortune has you playing with one of two coin types. As is the case with any sweepstakes casinos, virtual currencies are what define which mode you are playing in. One of these will win you real money, while the other only lets you enjoy the games for fun:

Tao Coin Mode

Tao Coins are the free virtual currency at the casino. These are normally called Gold Coins, but the casino goes with a personalized name for its GC. With Gold Coins, you play all the games at the casino but cannot win prizes.

That’s because Gold Coins, known as Tao Coins at the casino, carry no value. As such, you cannot cash out your amount of Tao Coins. You can, however, purchase these at the casino’s coin store when they run out.

Secret Coin Mode

Secret Coins come with the adrenaline rush we all get when the thrill of winning real cash is thrown in as we play games of chance. These are typically Sweepstakes Coins and will win you prizes and real cash.

Secret Coins carry a real-world value that you convert against the dollar and claim real cash or gift cards. You cannot buy Secret Coins and can only collect them on bonus rewards. Even so, you do get a token of these as a gift when you make a purchase of Tao Coins.

taofortune virtual currencies info

Virtual Currencies Tao Fortune – Explained

The Welcome Bonus

A welcome bonus is always exciting; it gives you a bankroll to play the casino and sometimes even comes with free spins. While players may be used to deposit matches from regular casinos, as a sweepstake casino, Tao Fortune gives players a no deposit bonus sweepstakes when they sign up.

You get 88,000 Tao Coins when you complete the simple signup process. These are credited to your account as soon as you sign up. Many more rewards await once you get the hang of things at the casino, and the first-purchase bonus is one of these.

Getting More Coins

The welcome bonus is not the only way you land a bounty of coins at Tao Fortune Casino. There are many other avenues you could use to grow your count of coins. Play the bonus promotions and pick a purchase that suits you, and you have more coins to enjoy.

First Purchase Bonus

Your first purchase of Tao coins is something to get excited about. The casino offers deals that are hard to pass, considering the savings you will be making. All coin offers have a discount that aims to give you more coins than you pay for.

Choose between the available deals where you find the best deal and the most popular one where you save up to 200%.

The best deal, for instance, gets you 25,000 Tao Coins and 500 Secret Coins for free. The deal goes for $4.98. As for the most popular deal, players are getting 300,000 Tao Coins and 2,500 Secret Coins for a purchase of $19.88.

taofortune coin store packages

Tao Fortune Coin Store Packages

Magic Boxes

For daily login bonus, the casino has magic boxes that you open every day. Each box holds an unknown amount of Tao Coins and Secret Coins. Come back every 24 hours to get the free coins the casino has in store for you when you pick a magic box.

Members should note, however, that you only get to play magic boxes after verifying your mobile number. Verifying your mobile number requires you to click on the ‘Add personal info‘ button just next to your profile icon to enter your details.

More Rewards at Tao Fortune Casino

Aside from the daily reward and the deals you get on coin purchases, there are still other ways to get even more Tao Coins and Secret Coins into your account. These are the offers you get if you are a returning player:

Invite Friends

tao fortune refer a friend bonus

Refer a Friend Promotion Tao Fortune Casino

Each of your friends that you tell about the casino who signs up wins you a reward. The referral reward pool goes up to 900,000 Tao Coins and 2,500 Secret Coins.

The process is quite simple as you only need to copy the link and share it how you please. Any players who join the casino through your link are considered your referrals.

Piggy Bank

There is a piggy bank for you at the casino that collects Secret Coins as you play this mode. The Secret Coins are a gift from the casino, and you get more of these for the more Secret Coins you play.

Hit the ‘break‘ button when you get to the offer on the promotions page in 7 days, and you have some free Secret Coins deposited to your account.

Daily Quests

Are you a competitive player who enjoys going against other members at the casino? If so, you should be playing daily quests. Click on this to see what new quests there are, how many coins you stand to win, and what you need to do for the win. Different quests come with varying challenges and rules.

taofortune casino daily quests

Tao Fortune Casino Daily Quests


Tao Fortune Casino is clearly on the path to becoming a leading sweepstakes casino. So far, the site seems to be well on course to achieving this. Fans of social casinos will like that it takes a short signup process to be part of the casino.

While you don’t get Secret Coins on the no deposit welcome bonus, these come aplenty when you make your first purchase, and many other promotions will win you more Secret Coins.

So, you are already familiar how to win at Tao Fortune. Play here and enjoy an oriental aura to your gameplay with lots of amazing games and rewards to be excited about.

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