How to Win on Luckybird Casino?

Luckybird is a sweepstakes casino with a spooky air to it and an exciting line of games. The site offers everything you would expect from a standard casino, from slots to roulette, blackjack, video poker, and even crash games.

Luckybird allows its members to play casino-like games without making any purchases and still win real cash. You get your winnings in cryptocurrency, which is quite different from what you get in most sweepstakes casinos of its kind. There are plenty of opportunities and steps on how to win on Luckybird Casino, and you just have to know where to look to win yourself prizes.

LuckyBirdCasino Interface

LuckyBird Casino Interface

How it Works

Luckybird offers its games in two playing modes. The first one is the free mode, which lets you play without spending your cash. Aside from this, you also have the promotional mode, which is played using Sweepstakes Coins.

To play either of these two modes, you need one of the two virtual currencies at the casino. Gold Coins (GC) are the first virtual currency, and Sweeps Coins are the second.

With GC, you play games for free since these hold no value and cannot be redeemed or converted for prizes. The casino gives you some GC upon signup to start you off. These are coupled with Sweepstakes Coins (SC).

With SC, you get closer to the redemption threshold every time you play and win. Get enough SC, and you can convert these into cryptocurrency. Try out different sections of the casino using your GC and switch to SC when you want to play games for real-life prizes.

LuckyBird io Casino Lobby

LuckyBird Casino Lobby

The Welcome Bonus

The welcome bonus is your first shot at winning something at the casino. Luckybird ushers new players in with a reward of 1,000 Gold Coins and 0.0100 Sweepstakes Coins.

The coins are instantly credited to your account when you are done with the signup process. Now that you have some coins to play both game modes with, it is time to find titles you like and try your luck.

Getting More Coins

There are many ways to get Gold Coins and Sweepstake Coins at The sweepstakes casino comes up with the most brilliant promotional rewards unlike any other you may have played.

Aside from the rewards you get on the Promotions page, there are more bonus coins to claim.

VIP Rewards

There is a loyalty program at, and it comes with prizes that will increase your bankroll as you keep making it up the tiers. There are 15 levels to get through to the top of the VIP program.

To bump you into new levels, the casino considers the number of SC you wager, and these serve as your comp points. As you become more of an established sweeps casino member, you also get to new levels, unlocking new rewards until you have the full range of bonuses.

Among the rewards you get include a weekly bonus, rakeback, cashback, and a level-up bonus that only starts at level 3. The VIP rewards are a great way for the casino to show appreciation to returning players, and the prizes are quite enticing.

LuckyBird Casino Vip Rules

LuckyBird Casino VIP Rules

Affiliate Commissions

The referral bonus is one that players look forward to even in standard casinos. Luckybird does things differently and makes you part of its team of affiliates for getting new players to sign up.

Your affiliate earnings are paid to you as long as players you introduce to the casino keep returning and playing. The formula to arrive at your pay is SC x 1% x commission rate. Your commission rate determines how much you get from each SC your referred friends play at the social casino.

This rate starts at 25% but can go up to 60% if you bring in enough referrals to earn the new rate. Send referrals by copying your referral link from the casino and sharing it with interested players.

LuckyBirdCasino Affiliate

LuckyBird Casino Affiliate

More Ways to Win on Luckybird Casino

The regular bonus rewards are great, but surprise gifts occasionally can be even better. At Luckybird, the wins come thick and fast, so you have to know how best to take advantage of the bonuses when they come.

Here are some more ways to get Gold Coins and Sweepstakes Coins at Based on the promotions, create your strategy and discover how to win on Luckybird Casino:

Unlimited Faucet

The unlimited faucet is a trickle of coins that keeps collecting every 3-4 minutes. Claim Sweepstakes Coins and Gold Coins when you click on the faucet icon.

Each player has their coins collected from the moment they sign up for the site. You, however, need to have a zero balance on your account to collect these coins.

LuckyBird Casino Unlimited Faucet

LuckyBird Casino Unlimited Faucet

Daily Contests

If competition is the kind of thing that thrills you, then the daily contests are just the thing for you. Check the promotions page to see what new contests the casino launches every 24 hours. Collect ranking stars to get to the top of the leaderboard and wait to split the day’s prize pool when a contest timer runs down.

Chat Room Rewards

It pays to stay social at Players can gift each other GC and SC with the Rain Drops feature included in the chatroom. Stay interactive and look out for players who dish out GC and SC. You can gift these to other players as well.

Coin Purchases

You can purchase Gold Coins but not Sweeps Coins. Even so, every purchase of Gold Coins includes a token of Sweep Coins to play the promotional mode with. Pick a coin bundle that offers you a good deal and get SC as well.

Conclusion is not your regular sweepstakes casino. The site boasts a creative and extensive variety of rewards.

With new contests to play every day and the Unlimited Faucet that gets you some coins every so often, your account will always have some coins in it as long as you keep coming back.

Playing to a strategy and beating the house can be fun, but the list of promotions at is a welcome boost for members.

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