How to Win Real Money At Fortune Coins Casino

The social casino scene has exploded with new platforms to play over the last couple of years. Fortune Coins is one of those that came to bring a shift in the way players are used to playing at these casinos. Since it is a free-to-play platform, you may be wondering how to win real money at Fortune Coins Casino.

The site offers some of the most thrilling slots from game providers like Booming Games, Pragmatic Play, and Relax Gaming. These are mixed in with several selections from the vendor’s line of proprietary slots. There are lots of ways to win real money at the casino, which players will be delighted to find out as they keep coming back.

fortune coins homepage

Fortune Coins Homepage

The Virtual Currencies You Can Expect at Fortune Coins

Before we tell you all the tips, tricks, and bonus rewards to help you win real money at the site, we should first talk about the virtual currencies you play with when you sign up.

Gold Coins are the first type of virtual currency you get. These have no value in the real world. They are only useful to play with for fun. You get lots of them on the signup bonus and on competitions and promotional rewards.

They retain their name at Fortune Coins and are referred to just as Gold Coins, but the second type of virtual currency has a name of its own on the platform. You can purchase Gold Coins when they run out, and you want to keep playing.

GC are played in free mode, but Fortune Coins, the second virtual currency, are played for real-life rewards. Social casinos will often give these as gift cards and cash. At Fortune Coins Casino, the site stays true to its name and sticks to cash rewards for your redeemed Sweepstakes.

At this social casino, Sweepstakes are referred to as Fortune Coins and have a value of 1 Fortune Coin = $0.01. You can’t buy these, as the whole casino’s premise of offering free-to-play games would fall apart. Instead, you have to earn these through promotional rewards. Players can also get a token of Fortune Coins when they make a purchase of Gold Coins.

account balance fortune coins

Fortune Coins Virtual Currencies Balance

How to Win Real Money at Fortune Coins Casino

Social casinos may offer games for free, but these also give you a chance to claim rewards in real life. Winning real cash can be satisfying for players, especially if this happens even before you have to make your first purchase of Gold Coins.

Playing games and claiming real cash is a much more feasible idea at social casinos because the wagering requirements are quite different.

While real-money casinos often need you to play your bonus cash at least 25 times before you can claim it, Fortune Coins only need you to play your coins once, and you can redeem them if you reach the threshold for claiming real money from your Fortune Coins.

The Welcome Bonus

fortune coins sign up bonus

Fortune Coins Sign up Bonus

Every social casino worth its weight in gold has a welcome bonus for players to claim when they first sign up. The bonus at Fortune Coins Casino is huge and gives you millions of Gold Coins with over 3,000 Fortune Coins to boot. This is the first reward that gets you some real cash winnings.

All you have to do is follow the conditions set out for your welcome bonus to claim the full amount of coins. The welcome bonus at Fortune Coins gives up to 1,230,000 GC and 3,900 Fortune Coins. Here is how to win the full amount of coins:

  • Complete the signup form: Click on the signup button and fill in the form to register yourself as a member at the casino to get the first bit of this bonus. Complete the form, and the casino rewards you with 100,000 Gold Coins and 100 Fortune Coins to get you started.
  • Complete phone number verification: This is the next step in securing your account and unlocking the full gamut of features. For verifying your phone number, the casino rewards you with 10,000 Gold Coins coupled with 100 free Fortune Coins.
  • Check the box to get notifications on your email: There are lots of rewards to play at the casino, and the best way to know about them all is to consent to promotional email notifications. Check the box for an additional 120,000 Gold Coins and 200 Fortune Coins.
  • Connect with the Fortune Casino on Facebook: As a social casino, the site offers you a chance to connect with the Fortune Coins family on Facebook. Link your Facebook account to the casino, and you get a further 40,000 Gold Coins and 100 Fortune Coins absolutely free (temporarily unavailable).

The bonus reward at Fortune Coins Casino is nothing short of amazing. New players have a ton of coins to explore the casino as soon as they get through the full signup process.

More Fortune Coins

refer your friends fortunecoins

Refer a Friend Promotion Fortune Coins

Aside from the welcome bonus, there are plenty of other ways to keep your count of Fortune Coins growing. Players only need to stay alert to the list of bonus promotions coming out. Aside from these, there is a set array of options through which to grow your Fortune Coins:

  • Social Media Offers – The casino gives lots of rewards on its social media pages. Follow these to get the latest bonus rewards that award you with gold coins and Fortune Coins as well.
  • Refer-a-friend – In true social casino style, Fortune Coins will give players a bunch of coins for telling their friends about the site. Get a referral code from the casino and get your friends to join the site using this. You get a surprise gift every time a friend joins using your referral link and makes a purchase.
  • Promotions and Tournaments – Stay on the lookout for promotions that will give you gold coins and Fortune Coins. A new set of these is launched every so often, so players need to look out for new rewards.
  • Purchase Coins – Every purchase of coins at a sweepstake casino should earn you some sweep coins, and Fortune Coins does not stray from this. You have a set amount of Fortune Coins to claim every time you make a purchase of Gold Coins. While this does not come with a bonus for your very first purchase, players will find the Fortune Coin tokens placed beside coin bundles to be quite enticing.


Fortune Coins Casino promises the thrills and wins you would expect from a regular real-money casino, but you don’t have to make any deposits to start winning real money.

The welcome bonus is a hefty reward that gets you on your way to winning thousands in Fortune Coins, which translates to cash when you are done with the playthrough requirements.

With a wide selection of games, exciting jackpots, and slot races to boot, the casino is sure to keep players entertained. With more and more features to add to the site, Fortune Coins is slated to become one of the top social casinos for players in the US and Canada. With today’s topic, you are now aware how you can win real money at Fortune Coins Casino, so good luck!

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