Luckybird Casino Promo Codes – Play for Free

Luckybird Casino is a captivating sweepstakes casino with all the fun you can expect at the regular casino. Only this time, you don’t have to make any purchases to play the games, yet you still stand the chance to win real cash.

Luckybird Casino gives all kinds of rewards for players who can keep up with the social media promos and giveaways.

Even before you get the regular rewards, you have a welcome bonus to get you started. In this article, we tell you all about the promotions and all about the Luckybird sweepstakes casino promo codes you can look forward to as you play the thrilling catalog of games. Bonus for New Signees

Brace yourself for a welcome reward that starts with a bang at Luckybird Casino. Sign up for the casino and grab a no deposit welcome bonus of 1,000 Gold Coins and 0.0100 Sweepstakes Coins.

These two virtual currencies should keep you playing at the casino for a while before you have to make your first purchase. With the welcome bonus at hand, you can explore the full range of casino-like games for more coins.

LuckyBird Casino Sign Up Interface

LuckyBird Casino Sign Up Interface

Promotions for Existing Players

There are lots of Luckybird Casino promo codes and rewards you get after the signup bonus. These come in all shapes and sizes and give you more bankroll. Here are the recurring freebies for returning players:

Unlimited Faucet

Luckybird Casino introduces players to a one-of-a-kind oromo system that is never-ending. You may have played all kinds of rewards at sweepstakes casinos, but nothing like the Unlimited Faucet.

With this reward, players can keep collecting GC and SC that keep trickling into your account every 3-4 minutes. Play games and head for the faucet when your account hits zero to collect coins. Members can only collect faucet rewards when their accounts are at zero.

LuckyBird Casino Unlimited Faucet New

LuckyBird Casino Unlimited Faucet

Daily Contests

Are you ready to go against the best players at the casino for Sweeps Coins and Gold Coins? Daily contests have a countdown that runs from 24:00 hrs to 00:00 hrs.

Players have to get their score up to rank among the top five players. The page for the day’s contest displays the top five players as the hours count down.

Knock a player off their top-five rank, take their place, and keep playing to increase your point count and get even higher up to the top rank. Daily rewards will win you up to 20 Sweeps Coins and 1,000 Gold Coins with new rewards every day.

Affiliate Rewards

As you might have noticed, Luckybird has some of the most ingenious bonus promotions. They keep coming after claiming them just once. This is just the kind of thing you get with affiliate rewards. Your referrals will always earn you GC and SC as long as they keep playing at the casino.

Your referral link is always ready for you to share. Tap on the ‘Affiliate‘ button on your profile’s dropdown menu to find your link. Flashy banners are available to download and use with your referral link.

How this works is you get paid by the formula SC wagered x 1% x commission rate. Here ,the SC your referrals play, and the commission rate starts at 25%.

Of course, industrious players who go the extra mile get their commissions ramped up to 60%. Your commissions are always paid out to you as long as your referrals keep playing at the casino.

LuckyBird Casino Affiliate Program

LuckyBird Casino Affiliate Program

More Rewards at Luckybird Casino

Aside from the faucet daily contests and the welcome bonus, many other rewards exist. These are renewed each day and come in different forms. Here are some you can start playing today:

Treasure Chests

Go digging for untold treasures in Luckybird’s treasure chests. You have 3 of these to open each day. Treasure chests come with different kinds of rewards. The first are the daily word challenges that win you GC and SC. You could also get Gold Coins and Sweepstakes Coins simply by opening chests.

Each of these costs 400 GC to open, but you get an offer to open all your chests for the day for 800 GC. Before opening your treasure chests, you must set up your account email address.

Regular users get 2 chests each day, but VIP players can open 3 of these for a better chance to complete the word challenge of the day. Treasure chests are valid for 2 weeks, and you can have up to 50 to open at a time.

VIP Rewards

Luckybird Casino is keen on rewarding players who keep playing at the site. The VIP program is designed for exactly this. You have 15 levels to get through when you sign up for the VIP program. Play and collect to get higher up the tiers because this unlocks new rewards like level-up bonuses, high cashback rewards on each level, increasing rakeback, and the weekly bonus.

LuckyBird Casino Vip Program

LuckyBird Casino Vip Program

Rain Drops

Luckybird Casino encourages you to get social with other players in the casino on the chatroom. Click on the chat room, interact with players, and look out for rain rewards.

These are coins that other players give as drops on the chat. Get to know players and ask for coin donations from players you form a rapport with.

Grab coin drops as soon as players give them to increase your count of Gold Coins (GC) or Sweepstakes Coins (SC). You can also give rain rewards with a message to the rest of the members in the chat room.


Luckybird Casino is one of the most exciting sweepstakes casinos for online players. The casino has an ingenious line of bonus rewards and sweepstakes casino promo codes that may not give the initial jaw-dropping bonus but keep trickling in as you play.

You also get lots of games through different categories, from slots to table games like sweepstakes Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, and Video Poker.

You also have Luckybird originals like dice and Plinko. All around, the casino offers a scintillating gaming experience that it follows up with the best rewards.

Players who enjoy social casinos will like that you can enjoy the site on your PC and mobile phone as well. Try out the social casino and get in line for the amazing rewards for new and returning players.

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