McLuck Casino Login: How to Join?

In March 2023, McLuck entered the promotional casino gaming world, making it more exciting with its extensive slot library and various free no-purchase bonus options. The Sweepstakes Casino is just a couple of months old as we write this guide, so we created detailed instructions on how to join the casino and claim awesome free rewards.

Signing up at McLuck Casino is easy and seamless across different devices. In this case, we’ll explain how to join the sweepstakes casino on a desktop, but as we mentioned, the site layout is quite similar to the other devices.


McLuck Login: How to Sign up and Use Bonus Promo Code?

1. Navigate to the website

You can type on your preferred browser or use one of our external links that will lead you straight to the landing page of the usa sweepstakes casino. Please note that by clicking on our links, we may generate commission; that part is entirely up to you.

step 1 navigate to mcluck

2. Sign up, Get Lucky

Once you land on the site, go for the red buttons for sign-up located in the center of the screen and another one next to the login in the top-right corner of the screen. You can’t mistake them; they are the only red elements on the welcome page.

step 2 sign up mcluck casino

3. Choosing the Right Sign-up Option

Next, you need to choose an option to join McLuck. You can sign up via the Facebook or Google mail buttons. For those missing a Facebook account or Gmail, there is a form requiring details such as email address and password; remember to include a number and uppercase letter. Our video guide demonstrates how a weak password won’t be allowed at McLuck Casino. Furthermore, you are required to fill in your first and last names. Then choose the states you are residing in (states that aren’t allowed are marked as such). Finally, add your date of birth and accept the standard age verification policy.

step three choosinng signing options mcluck casino

4. Verify Your Email Address

Once the registration form is submitted, you’ll see a popup, which you can click on to re-send the welcome email in case you didn’t get it. Sometimes the verification email can delay or land in the spam box of your email client. If you don’t receive the welcome message, press the “Still can’t find it?” link for further assistance.

step four verify email mcluck casino

5. Login Back to

After you confirm your email by clicking the link on the welcome message, you will be redirected and automatically logged in to the casino. If the link doesn’t work, press the login button and fill in your email and password. Now that you are logged in and an official member of McLuck, you can claim some free coins that can be used to win real cash prizes.

step five login to mcluck casino

6. Claim Your First Daily Bonus

Here is getting interesting, as McLuck gives new players free coins such as Gold Coins (GC) and Sweepstakes Coins (SC). If you are unfamiliar with how promotional sweepstakes casinos work, you can check our guide on “What Are Sweepstakes Coins in Casinos? Learn How They Work and How to Earn Them”. When you log in for the first time at the site, you will see a daily popup message rewarding you with 2,500 GC.

step six xlaim daily bonus mcluck

7. Claim Your Free Welcome Coins

This offer can be claimed only once per new member, and there is a small hack you can use if you wait to receive the welcome offer after claiming the daily login casino bonus. All you need to do is to submit this link on your browser as you are logged in – When you press enter, you’ll see another popup message that requires you to agree by clicking the red button labeled “Start Playing.” Users get an additional 7,500 GC and 2,5 SC by accepting this welcome bonus.

step seven claim no deposit welcome bonus

8. Secure Your Account via Mobile Phone

Players must complete this easy and last task to start their real-money promotional gaming journey at McLuck Casino. All you need here is a working mobile device and a phone number. The social gaming platform offers 2 methods here; a text message or a voice call. Either way of receiving a code for verification is fine. As you probably noticed, McLuck cares about its members’ security, confirming the strictness of the brand-new Sweepstakes Casino.

step 8 secure account via mobile phone

9. Lost Password

This is the last step and is usually not desired by anyone. However, it happens too frequently to forget our password or need to renew it for other security reasons; sometimes, it’s just necessary. Don’t panic; the solution is very easy. Simply click the “lost password” link and submit your email. Shortly, you should receive an email with instructions. Our advice is to always be vigilant when choosing passwords, as online scams are common today.

forgot password mcluck casino step nine

Who is Eligible to Log in at

As promotional sweepstakes casino McLuck is way more flexible in terms of access compared to the traditional online casinos in the US.

The new social gaming platform can be used almost anywhere in US, excluding these states:

  • Washington
  • Georgia
  • Nevada
  • Kentucky
  • Alabama
  • Idaho

As mentioned, all participants must be 18+ and ready to undergo an additional standard KYC (know your customer) process.

Completing the KYC will require screenshots of personal documents, such as a US ID, driver’s license, bank statement, and or utility bill, used to prove your address and that you live in an available location.

Anyone eligible can play at McLuck Casino and win real money prizes for free.

Why Choose McLuck Casino?

mcluck casino slots lobby

McLuck Slot Lobby 

McLuck Casino offers a colorful and rich library filled with 350+ slots by well-known providers like Pragmatic Play, Playson, and NetEnt. Having slots from such reputable developers means the casino offers a legitimate gaming experience, as the slot providers are inspected by independent authorities.

In addition to the game library, the casino offers an exceptional user experience with custom designs and easy-to-navigate menus. McLuck Casino is setting a new trend among sweepstakes casinos, one that we refer to as “quality.”

Many older sweepstakes casinos launched with bad website experiences, and some continue to neglect this crucial aspect.

Bottom Line

We have provided a comprehensive guide detailing how to sign up, log in, and claim free coins at McLuck Casino. We have also clarified who is eligible to participate and enjoy the platform’s offerings.

McLuck Casino has made a significant impact on the promotional casino gaming world since its launch in March 2023, offering a vast slot library, various free no-purchase bonus options, and an exceptional user experience.

With an emphasis on quality and user-friendliness, McLuck Casino sets itself apart from many older sweepstakes casinos. As a result, it is an excellent choice for players in eligible states looking to enjoy free gaming and win real money prizes.

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