No Limit Casino No Deposit Bonus

Are you in the mood for some riveting casino games played at no cost to you? Then No Limit Coins is the platform for you. The sweepstakes casino offers an impressive gamut of rewards, and the no deposit bonus is the first of these.

Here, players can enjoy the Vegas-style casino experience on Sweeps Coins and Gold Coins without having to purchase. The welcome rewards will serve as your first batch of coins to explore the casino with.

Aside from the no deposit welcome bonus, players also have other bonuses to claim to increase their count of Super Coins and Gold Coins.

nolimitcoins games

NoLimit Coins Games

Virtual Currencies at No Limit Coins

Before we delve into the no deposit welcome bonus, it is canny that we explain what virtual currencies you will be playing with at the casino. Typically, sweepstakes casinos have two virtual currencies for players to enjoy games with.

These are Gold Coins (GC) and Sweepstakes Coins (SC). Gold Coins come with no real-world value. They cannot be redeemed for prizes. Sweeps Coins, on the other hand, will win you real cash when you play and win.

At No Limit Coins Casino you have Gold Coins, which are given to you through bonus promotions to play for free. Members at the casino can also purchase these at the coin store when they run out. The second type of currency is Super Coins.

The casino calls them Super Coins, but these are essentially Sweepstakes Coins. With Super Coins, you can redeem your bankroll for real cash and prizes once you reach the threshold to redeem.

Super Coins carry a dollar value of 100 SC = $1 that applies when redeeming them for real cash. You cannot purchase Super Coins as you would GC. As such, you have to collect them by playing the bonus rewards available. NoLimit Coins will also give you a token of Super Coins for every purchase of GC.

nolimit coins casino super coins image

NoLimit Coins Casino Super Coins 

The No Deposit Welcome Bonus at No Limit Coins Casino

No Limit Coins bills itself as the ultimate sweepstakes casino and gives you a bonus that lives up to the name. Sign up for the casino, and you get 100,000 Gold Coins to play casino games with.

These are loaded intto your account as soon as you are done with the simple signup process. There is no promo code to worry about as you claim the reward, nor an opt-in.

All you have to do is complete the signup process, and the reward is yours. This is coupled with a bonus offering of Super Coins, which gives you 1,000 Super Coins to start with when you are through with verification. You are given your SC only after verifying your account since you can’t play them without the verification.

nolimit coins casino welcome bonus image

NoLimit Coins Casino Welcome Bonus

How to Claim Your No Deposit Reward

Claiming your free sweeps coins casino no deposit bonus is quite straightforward. There is not much to it, and it takes a matter of minutes to get your bonus and start playing. The welcome bonus only needs you to sign up. Here is the signup process for the sweeps casino:

  1. Click on the red ‘REGISTER‘ button at the top right of the page
  2. Enter your email address
  3. Create a strong password for your account
  4. Check the boxes to confirm your age and accept the terms and conditions
  5. Click ‘Create Account‘ to finalize the signup process

Alternatively, you can choose to create an account via Google or Facebook and cut the process in half. With these steps down, you are now a member of No Limit Casino, and you should see your count of Gold Coins read 100,000 at the top of the page where your bankroll is displayed.

Тo get your account verified, you need to add your personal information. Simply head for your profile and click ‘Add personal info’. Make sure this matches the information on your ID exactly so that verification is smooth.

account creation nolimit coins casino

Account Creation NoLimit Coins Casino

More Rewards at No Limit Coins

Once you have the no deposit welcome bonus, it’s time to go for some more rewards. These will ensure that your bankroll never gets down to zero. Promotions like these are launched every so often at the casino, so you need to keep coming back to see what’s new:

Lucky Wheel

The Lucky Wheel is No Limit Coins’ version of never-ending daily rewards. Click on the lucky wheel from the top tab to spin it once every day. Each spin guarantees you a batch of Gold Coins or Super Coins, so cross your fingers and hope the spindle stops at the big prizes.

No Limit Coins Casino Lucky Wheel

No Limit Coins Casino Lucky Wheel

Daily Tournaments

No Limit Coins is a fun social casino, but daily tournaments take the thrill a notch higher. In these tournaments, players will be battling for GC and SC.

Head for the tournament section from the top tab to see what tournaments are available and share the spoils on prize pools that go as high as 35,000 SC.

You need to rank high among the winning players by wagering more when contests are running. Collect contest points, and your ranking goes up.

No Limit Coins Casino Daily Tournaments

No Limit Coins Casino Lucky Wheel

Reply to Special Emails to Get Gold Coins

You can never have enough GC at No Limit Coins, and the site offers you up to 25,000 Gold Coins when you reply to special emails from the platform.

Mail In Sweepstakes

Get Super Coins the old way by mailing in your request for them. Send postal mail to the casino asking for Super Coins, and the casino gives them to you.

Refer a Friend

Tell your friends about No Limit Coins and get rewarded for it. Share the casino’s link, get your friends to sign up, and you have a reward with your name on it. You can win up to 9,000,000 GC and 2,500 SC just for referring your friends.

promotions nolimit coins casino

NoLimit Coins Casino Promotions


There is nothing better than playing for free and still winning cash prizes. That is just what you get at NoLimit Coins Casino.

The welcome bonus is a generous one, and the rewards for returning players are equally impressive.

Fans of sweepstakes casinos interested in playing here will find the signup process quite simple, and the fact that you can sign up using your Google or Facebook account makes it even simpler.

Spin the wheel, play tournaments and look out for special emails because these are some of the rewards to keep you playing at No Limit Coins.

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