North Carolina Readies for Online Sports Betting with Problem Gambling Support

North Carolina is gearing up for the much-anticipated launch of mobile sports betting next week with a comprehensive approach to tackle problem gambling. The state, which previously legalized retail sports betting, is extending its efforts to the digital realm, highlighting the North Carolina Problem Gambling Program’s (NCPGP) readiness to manage potential challenges associated with the expansion of gambling activities.

With the introduction of mobile betting on March 11, excitement among sports fans is palpable. However, there’s also a growing concern about the possibility of an uptick in problem gambling instances.

The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS), which oversees the NCPGP, has outlined a multifaceted strategy to provide support and preventive measures for individuals vulnerable to gambling addiction.

A significant focus of the program is on college students and professional athletes, who are considered at higher risk for developing gambling problems. To address this, the NCDHHS has initiated collaborations with entities like EPIC Risk Management, backed by the NCAA, to implement educational initiatives aimed at raising awareness about the risks of sports betting. This partnership involves delivering prevention education on college campuses, targeting both athletes and the student body at large.

The NCPGP is poised to offer a range of services, from counseling to peer support groups, aimed at helping individuals either maintain a healthy relationship with gambling or abstain altogether.

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Recognizing the imminent launch of online betting, the program has enhanced its education and prevention efforts, specifically focusing on sports betting. The NCDHHS representative emphasized the goal of ensuring access to quality care and services for anyone seeking help.

With the digital betting landscape in the US rapidly evolving, the NCDHHS has also embarked on a partnership with LEARFIELD Properties to disseminate responsible gambling messages through the “More than a Game” campaign. This initiative aims to encourage individuals to seek help if betting transcends entertainment and becomes a problematic behavior.

As North Carolina prepares for this significant transition, responsible gambling stakeholders advocate for the adoption of best practices by all bettors.

These include setting limits on money wagered and time spent betting, as well as embracing the mindset that while winning is hopeful, expecting to lose is a prudent approach to keep sports betting as a safe and enjoyable form of entertainment.

The readiness of the North Carolina Problem Gambling Program reflects the state’s commitment to safeguarding its citizens against the potential negative impacts of gambling. As online sports betting becomes a reality in the Tar Heel State, these preventive and supportive measures are crucial steps towards fostering a responsible gambling culture.

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