Pulsz Bingo Releases Cupid’s Arrow Exciting Chat Games

Love is in the air at Pulsz Bingo as Cupid’s Arrow Chat Games spread joy and excitement throughout the Golden Gate, Bingo Blast, and Big Apple rooms.

From February 8th to February 14th, players can immerse themselves in a world of chat game fun, trivia, and rewards, all while enjoying the company of their fellow gaming enthusiasts.

Between the hours of 8am-12pm and 7pm-11pm (PST) each day, players have the chance to win big with 20 GC tickets and 20 free SC tickets up for grabs.

The allure of Cupid’s Arrow Chat Rooms lies not only in the thrill of the game but also in the anticipation of being one of the lucky five winners selected by the chat host.

To join the festivities, players simply need to venture into the Big Apple, Golden Gate, or Bingo Blast rooms during the specified hours.

Once there, they can participate in the chat game by typing their answers to the trivia questions posed by the chat host. With quick thinking and a bit of luck, players stand a chance to win free bingo tickets to enhance their gaming experience.

pulsz bingo cupid arrow chat games promotion

Pulsz Bingo Cupid Arrow Chat Games Promotion

However, it’s important to note that the chat games are open only to registered members of PulszBingo.com. Additionally, participants must have at least one ticket entered for the current bingo game to be eligible to enter a chat game.

The chat host will present one question per chat room game, and correct answers given promptly in English will be considered for the prize.

While the allure of free tickets may be enticing, players should exercise caution and ensure that their interactions adhere to the rules of social gaming. The use of indecent or profane language will result in automatic disqualification from the chat game.

Winners will be notified via a message in the chat room and credited with their prizes within 24 hours of the chat game. However, any instances of abuse or violation of the promotional terms and conditions will result in disqualification and potential account suspension.

In conclusion, Cupid’s Arrow Chat Games offer a delightful opportunity for players to engage in lively banter, test their trivia knowledge, and potentially walk away with an assortment of free bingo tickets.

So, mark your calendars and get ready to spread the love as Pulsz Bingo hosts a week-long celebration of gaming and camaraderie.

How to Claim the Bonus Offer:

To claim the bonus offer, players must:

  • Ensure they are registered members of PulszBingo.
  • Have at least one ticket entered for the current bingo game.
  • Join the Big Apple, Golden Gate, or Bingo Blast rooms between February 8th to February 14th, during the specified hours.
  • Participate in the chat game by typing their answers to the trivia questions posed by the chat host.
  • Await notification in the chat room if selected as one of the five winners and claim their prizes within 24 hours.

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