Pulsz Bingo VIP Program. What is it and How Does it Work?

Today’s article will explain to you the concept of Pulsz Bingos’ VIP program, which not many players know about, or don’t understand quite well how it works. We are going to cover all of the ways players benefit from it and how to use it. In regards, we also feature all the other ways a user can get sweepstakes casino no deposit bonuses and promotions, that aren’t related to the VIP program in any way shape or form. This includes bonuses that come with purchasing, as well as bonuses that include you not touching your wallet at all – so let’s jump right into it.

VIP Program

You get automatically added to the VIP program – upon creation of your account. As you advance in your VIP quest, the gain rate for GC (Gold Coins, a currency used purely for fun in the casino, while having no real value) and VP (VIP points, non-purchasable, used to climb the VIP program ladder) will increase, but there are other benefits as well.

The most loyal VIP players at the sweepstakes casino will profit from extra prizes, gifts, and many other benefits.

pulsz bingo sweeps casino vip lotalty rewards program

VIP Loyalty Rewards Pulsz Bingo 

Status & Benefits

There is a status system in the VIP program that comes with its own benefits, depending on which rank you possess. Below we have covered all of the featured ranks, so you can get notified about them and understand what different bonuses you can gain from them:

  • Bronze – x1 on GC Packages and x1 on VP received upon leveling up
  • Silver – x1.25 for GC & x2 for VP
  • Gold – x1.5 for GC & x3 for VP
  • Platinum – x1.75 for GC & x4 for VP
  • Diamond – x2 for GC & x5 for VP
  • Royal Diamond – x2.25 for GC & x6 for VP

How to Earn VIP Points?

You can earn free VIP points in two main ways, by following these simple steps:

  • Receive VIP points upon leveling up – in this way, you will receive free VIP points every single time you level up. We’ll note that you level up when you play the different sweeps games and spin the reels. Essentially you get a free bonus for playing.
  • Earn VIP points with any purchase – you get free VIP points every time you make a purchase of a Gold Coin package as a bonus.

NOTE: VIP loyalty rewards are free for all players – membership is automatic and happens upon creation of the account. With every level up, players get to enjoy better perks such as better purchase deals, and big multipliers on GC and VIP Points.

Other Bonuses

Besides the VIP program, Pulsz Bingo also has a variety of different bonuses and promotions for both their new and already existing players – we will cover some of them below.

pulsz bingo promotions

Pulsz Bingo Promotions 

Welcome Offer

Your account will instantly receive 5,000 Gold Coins as soon as you sign up for the first time to Pulsz Bingo – and you can use the coins right away after obtaining them because they possess no extra requirements or limits.

First Purchase Deal

When accessing the Pulsz Bingo store and purchasing a bundle for the first time, you will be presented with a variety of bundles and options. What’s interesting about the store is that when you make a purchase for the first time, you get a surprising bonus of 200% more coins, regardless of the pack in question. This means that no matter which bundle you pick, you will be given an additional amount of Gold Coins absolutely for free!

Social Media Bonuses

Would you like a simple and easy way to get additional coins? One of the easiest methods that Pulsz Bingo offers to its users, is a bonus for following their social media channels. By doing so, you receive a bunch of Gold Coins for free, but this isn’t even the best part regarding this type of bonus! When visiting their pages, you can see that they regularly promote different Sweepstakes Coins bonuses and offers there for a limited time, that any user, regardless of their VIP rank can claim.


Today we covered the topic of Pulsz Bingo VIP program, which many aren’t yet familiar with. By that we have also covered all of the ways that you as a player can benefit from it – as well as other ways you can claim different bonuses completely free.

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