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Are you a Blackjack enthusiast? You are in luck, as Pulsz online casino offers an exciting Blackjack variants. The game is one of the casino classics. It is easy to learn and thrilling to play. As a result, it is a favorite of online social casino users.

At Pulsz, you can play Blackjack for free and win virtual coins. While you won’t be able to play with real money, you can get SCs and redeem them for cash prizes. Let’s discuss more on what you need to know about Pulsz Blackjack, how to win this popular casino game, and potentially redeem real-life rewards.

pulsz blackjack casino homepage

Pulsz Casino Homepage

Pulsz Casino Multi-hand Blackjack

Blackjack’s delicate balance between luck and skill makes it an engaging casino game. At Pulsz Casino, you can play Multi-hand Blackjack.

As the name implies, with this Blackjack variant, you can play multiple hands at once, even up to seven. This card game is a variation of traditional Blackjack, with a difference in the number of hands supported per game.

A Quick Overview of the Game

Multi-hand Blackjack is currently one of the most popular variants of blackjacks, especially for online casino users. This variant is based on the standard Blackjack rules, however, players can bet on multiple hands.

Each hand in the game operates independently of the others and is played simultaneously. Players have to beat the dealer’s hand as they would with the traditional game version without going over 21.

Pulsz Multi-hand Blackjack is set across a user-friendly interface through which you can navigate with ease. The online operator uses high-quality graphics to make the game experience a realistic one.

pulsz blackjack multihold

Game Interface

How to Play Pulsz Blackjack?

You need to be a registered user of Pulsz to access the games on the platform. Once done with the registration:

  • Search for Blackjack options in the game library.
  • Click on the game menu and select your bet size and the number of hands you want to play.
  • Click on the deal button to receive your cards.
  • Take actions such as hit, stand, double, and split your cards.

pulsz blackjack loading screen

Pulsz Blackjack Loading Screen

Playing Pulsz Blackjack for Real Money: Bet Sizes and Payouts

This online operator offers a variety of bet sizes to suit low-risk and high-roller betting budgets. These bet sizes designed for all players start with a minimum of 50 Gold Coins per hand and a maximum bet of 500,000 GCs per hand. The game also used the standard payout of 3:2 for Blackjack and 2:1 for insurance bets.

With the Multi-hand Blackjack, even value is offered to all winning hands. The game has low volatility, delivering fair and consistent winnings. Players can win up to 64 million GCs from the Multi-hand Blackjack at Pulsz.

Although Pulsz is a social online casino, if you play with Sweeps Coins and win, you can redeem them for cash prizes.

pulsz multihand bingo strategy

Pulsz Blackjack Multihand Strategy

What to Expect From Pulsz Blackjack

The ability to play on the go is one of the several benefits of playing Blackjack at Pulsz online casino.

In addition to this, players can expect:

  • Secure payment methods
  • Reliable customer support
  • 24/7 accessibility
  • Convenience
  • Fair Gaming
  • User-friendly interface
  • Mobile compatibility

Tips for Winning

Improving your gameplay increases your chances of winning more GCs and SCs at Pulsz Blackjack games. Consider the following Blackjack-winning tips:

  • Use the basic Blackjack strategy: This also involves knowing how the table game works.
  • Avoid insurance bets: These bets can reduce your overall payout. As a result, they are generally not recommended.
  • Split aces and eights: When split, these cards improve your hand, giving you a better winning chance.
  • Double down on 10 and 11: Double down on hands, totaling 10 or 11, to increase your potential payout.
  • Stand on 17 or higher: Stand hard on 17 or higher, irrespective of what the dealer is showing.
  • Never split 10s: You should never split 10s, as having 20 increases your chances of winning the hand.
  • Start with small bets: It is essential that you start with small bets rather than go all in. Using small bets leads to less significant losses, unlike big bets.

How to Redeem Pulsz Blackjack Coin Prizes for Real Money

Pulsz Casino has some rules about redeeming real money prizes. Irrelevant to whether you play Blackjack, or another casino-style game, you must complete the ID or account verification. At Pulsz, players can redeem at least 100 SCs for real money.

This is equivalent to $100. This amount can be paid directly into your bank account. It is important to note that only Sweepstakes Coins are redeemable for cash prizes at Pulsz and not Gold Coins.

Final Thought

Pulsz Blackjack is free and fun to play. The table game, which uses standard blackjack rules, offers the opportunity to win up to 64 million GCs.

The game also has a low volatility level, which means players can expect more frequent GC and SC wins. So enjoy the thrill of playing Pulsz Blackjack, as the Sweepstakes Coins from gaming on the website are redeemable.

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Yes, you can. To play Pulsz Blackjack, you need to sign up at Pulsz online casino and receive the free Gold Coins that are available upon registering.

The virtual coins can be used to play any game on the social gaming site, including Blackjack table games.

Sweepstakes Coins of at least 100 SCs can be redeemed at the Pulsz online casino. So, if you make the minimum amount of 100 SCs or more from playing Pulsz Blackjack, you can redeem them for cash prizes.

Pulsz Casino operates with Sweepstakes Coins and Gold Coins, so players earn these virtual coins. SCs can be redeemed for gift cards or cash prizes.

The minimum for a gift card is 10 SCs, while the minimum amount required for cash prizes is 100 SCs. The redemption can be made via online banking transactions and e-wallets like Skrill.

No, you cannot. At Pulsz Casino, you do not use real money to play but Gold Coins or Sweepstakes Coins.