Pulsz Not Paying – How to Redeem Your SC

At Pulsz sweepstakes casino, the excitement of digital gaming is meant to lead to real-world rewards. However, if you’ve found yourself collecting Sweepstakes Coins (SC) and facing hurdles when it’s time to redeem them, you’re not alone.

This guide is designed to help you navigate these challenges effectively, ensuring you know how to convert your virtual winnings into actual prizes.

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Is Pulsz Not Paying Out?

Here at Mr. Sweepstakes, we’ve done some research about the experiences of other players with Pulsz’s payout system and discovered a mixed bag of reactions.

While there has been a significant number of negative comments in forums like Reddit concerning the difficulties in redeeming funds, the silver lining appears to be Pulsz’s responsiveness to resolving these issues swiftly. Most complaints revolve around the necessity of account verification—something many players overlook.

By following our detailed guide below, many of these issues can be straightforwardly resolved, easing the redemption process for everyone involved.

How to Redeem Sweepstakes Coins on Pulsz: Step-by-Step Guide

Navigating the redemption process is simple. Here’s a straightforward guide to ensure your efforts to convert gameplay into rewards don’t go to waste:

  • Access Your Account: Log in and locate the ‘Redeem’ button.
  • Secure Your Identity: Complete the necessary verification to ensure the security of your transactions.
  • Select Your Payment Method: If you are opting for cash, choose from options like Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay, Skrill or Bank Transfer. You can also redeem SC through gift cards.
  • Complete the Process: Follow the instructions to finalize your redemption.

This step-by-step process is tailored to help those who have encountered delays or issues in the past.

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Pulsz Sweeps Casino Redemption

Redemption Time

Understanding delays is important for players. Redemption at Pulsz can vary from immediate through Skrill, to up to five banking days, depending on the method selected. Knowing this can help set realistic expectations and reduce frustration with potential delays.

Redemption Options

A great advantage players get at Pulsz is that it offers several paths to access your winnings, from digital payments like Google Pay and Skrill to traditional methods such as Visa and Mastercard. Each offers different speeds and conveniences, affecting how quickly you can enjoy your rewards.

Fees Associated with Redemption

Redeeming your SC involves certain fees, which can impact the total amount you receive. Whether you’re cashing out the minimum of 100 or up to 10,000, being aware of these fees can help you plan the most effective strategy for redemption.

Obtaining Sweepstakes Coins at Pulsz

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Coin Store

Starting Your Collection might begin with a bang thanks to Pulsz’s generous welcome offers, but the real game begins when it’s time to cash out. New players are welcomed with up to 367,000 Gold Coins and 32.2 free Sweepstakes Coins.

The Pulsz Purchase Bonus further incentivizes play, offering 172,000 Gold Coins and 15 Free Sweepstakes Coins for a $9.99 purchase, and a significant 362,000 Gold Coins and 30 Free Sweepstakes Coins for first-time buyers spending $19.99.

Engagement doesn’t stop at purchases—Pulsz’s social media channels and promotions offer more ways to earn free SC. These activities aim to enhance your playing time and increase your potential for successful redemption.


The journey from earning to redeeming Sweepstakes Coins at Pulsz requires not just strategic play but also strategic planning. This guide is crafted to assist you in overcoming the obstacles you might face during the redemption process. With this information, you can approach Pulsz with confidence, ready to turn your virtual victories into real rewards.

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