How to Purchase Coins at Sweeptastic Casino?

After reading our comprehensive Sweeptastic review, are you looking to find out whether you can purchase more coins, apart from the hefty free welcome offer?

Being still in its infancy, Sweeptastic just recently added options for purchases. Interested in what they are? Hop aboard, as today we will take a detailed look at all supported payment methods in Sweeptastic Casino.

What is Sweeptastic?

Before diving into how you can obtain as many coins as you wish by purchasing one of the available bundles, let’s briefly discuss what Sweeptastic actually is.

It is a sweepstakes casino, available in 47 States, that gives you a chance to win real cash while playing your favorite casino-style games. You can even do so while playing for free.

sweeptastic casino homepage

Sweeptastic Sweeps Casino Homepage Interface 


How is this possible? As Sweeptastic is a sweepstakes casino, it needs to incorporate two virtual currencies to play with – Lucky Coins and Sweeps Coins.

While you receive both types for free through various sweepstakes casino no deposit bonus you can also purchase more Lucky Coins if you want to. These purchases come with free Sweeps Coins as a bonus.

The other main difference between the two coin types is that the Lucky Coins do not hold any monetary value and are used only to play for fun.

Sweeps Coins, on the other hand, can be redeemed for real cash as long as you wager them once and verify your account through a standard KYC procedure.

How to Buy Lucky Coins?

Now comes the logical question. How can you obtain more Lucky Coins? Let’s cover the topic step by step so you get to know the complete process.

Upload Account Data

Firstly, you need to enter some important personal data before you can make any purchases.

This includes the following:

  • Username
  • Name
  • Surname
  • SSN
  • Birth Date
  • Address and postal code
  • City
  • State
  • Phone number

upload acount data sweeptastic

Sweeptastic Account Data 

Sweeptastic Coin Store

Now that you can access the coin store, login into your account, and if you are from a mobile device, you’ll notice the neat “Purchase” button on the bottom of your screen.

If you open the website from a desktop machine, click the “Get Coins” button in the menu on the left.

There are 8 Lucky Coin bundles you can choose from when you open the coin store. Let’s check them out.

  • 3,000 Lucky Coins for $1 instead of $2
  • 5,000 Lucky Coins + 5 Sweeps Coins for $5
  • 10,000 Lucky Coins + 10 Sweeps Coins for $10
  • 25,000 Lucky Coins + 25 Sweeps Coins for $17 instead of $25
  • 45,000 Lucky Coins + 45 Sweeps Coins for $29 instead of $45
  • 50,000 Lucky Coins + 50 Sweeps Coins for $50
  • 110,000 Lucky Coins + 110 Sweeps Coins for $100 instead of $110
  • 275,000 Lucky Coins + 275 Sweeps Coins for $250 instead of $275
  • 550,000 Lucky Coins + 550 Sweeps Coins for $500 instead of $550
  • 1,100,000 Lucky Coins + 1,100 Sweeps Coins for $1,000 instead of $1,100

As we can see, Sweeptastic offers something for everybody.

lucky coins bundles sweeptatsic casino

Coin Store Lucky Coins Bundles Sweeptastic Casino 

Traditional Purchase Methods

As in most sweepstakes casinos, at Sweeptastic, you can purchase Lucky Coins through card payments. You can choose from Mastercard and Diners Club. To process the payment, pick the bundle you favor the most and click on it to proceed to the payment page.

purchase lucky coins credit or debit

Purchasing Coins Sweeptastic 

Here click the “Debit or Credit card” button under the bundle value, and you will be directed to the checkout to enter your card details.

enter card data purchasing coins sweeptastic

Payment Method Sweeptastic 

Alternative Payments

With the wide acceptance of cryptocurrencies in different industries, Sweeptastic is ahead of the game as it supports crypto payments as well.

So, if you are fond of a more private way of obtaining Lucky Coins, you have this option in Sweeptastic. Here you can select from some of the most well-known digital currencies, such as USDT, Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.

Is it Legal to Play in Sweeptastic from the US?

We covered the available options, but is Sweeptastic actually legal to play from all States? Are there any limitations or requirements that you need to comply with to participate?

Let’s lift the veil about these questions.

State Restrictions

While available almost throughout the country, there are a couple of jurisdictions that restrict Sweeptastic from operating – Idaho, Washington, and Nevada.

Ensure you are not located in one of them, as you won’t be able to verify your account or make purchases or redemptions.

Age Requirements

Despite the fact that Sweeptastic is a social casino, the local online gaming laws still require only adults to participate in the games.

So, if you are under 18, you’ll have to wait until you are allowed to enjoy the casino-style gaming brand.

Final Words

One of the latest sweepstakes gaming sites available in the US, Sweeptastic, is growing rapidly. Boasting the largest gaming catalog in the industry, and the biggest free signup offer, it is no surprise why the social casino attracts so much attention.

Just recently, the payment methods of Sweeptastic were updated, so you can now purchase more coins if the freebies are still not enough.

Today we took a closer look at them, and how you can access the casino’s coin store and make a purchase. You are now ready for a thrilling Sweeptastic journey, so have fun!

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