2024 Begins with Record $1.28 Billion Gaming Win for Nevada Casinos

Nevada’s casino industry kicked off 2024 on a high note, setting a new record for January gaming win despite facing challenges, including a notable decline on the Las Vegas Strip. The Nevada Gaming Control Board reported that statewide gaming win exceeded $1.2 billion for January, marking a slight increase over the previous year and establishing a new high for the month.

This growth is particularly impressive given the mixed performance across different regions. The Las Vegas Strip experienced a 3.8% drop in gaming win, totaling $686.2 million, which contrasts sharply with the significant increases seen in Northern Nevada.

Washoe County, for instance, reported a 35% increase in gaming win from the previous January, reaching $87.7 million. Reno, a key city within the county, saw an even more remarkable 55% year-over-year surge, underscoring the diverse fortunes of Nevada’s gambling locales.

reno city nevada

Reno City Nevada

Sports betting emerged as a standout segment, with Nevada sportsbooks winning over $64.7 million from bettors in January—the largest amount for the month in seven years and a more than 28.3% improvement from January 2023. This robust performance contributed significantly to the state’s overall gaming revenue, especially as win from statewide table games dropped by 7.5% over the same period.

Despite the record-setting start to the year, the broader fiscal year picture shows a deceleration in growth. The total gaming win for the fiscal year remains ahead of the previous year’s pace, but the margin of increase has narrowed.

However, with 2024 being a leap year and the anticipated impact of Super Bowl LVIII still to be fully accounted for, there’s potential for a strong finish. Preliminary figures suggest substantial betting activity around the Super Bow, with over $185.6 million wagered, leading to $6.8 million in win for the sportsbooks.

The Gaming Control Board’s data highlights the resilience and complexity of Nevada’s gaming industry, which continues to navigate the ebbs and flows of consumer behavior and economic trends.

While the dip on the Las Vegas Strip signals challenges, the explosive growth in Reno and Washoe County, coupled with the booming sports betting sector, points to a potentially robust year ahead for Nevada’s casinos.

As the state awaits the full impact of February’s figures, including Super Bowl LVIII, the industry remains cautiously optimistic about setting new records and continuing its recovery and expansion in the ever-evolving gaming landscape.

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