Shooting Fish Games

Playing shooting fish games online is not only engaging but also comes with the prospect of winning real money. Fishing games are liked for their simple gameplay, rules, and fast rounds.

While the gameplay is quite straightforward, some strategies could go a long way in giving you better returns than if you just chanced it and let the chips fall where they may.

Here are some top tips to add to your gameplay.

Shoot Fish Once They Leave the Table

Go for fish right after they leave the table. There are fish that will die as soon as they leave the table, and this is due to how the firing machine is set up. Stay focused enough and time them right to shoot them as soon as they come out.

fishing kingdom fish table games

Fishing Kingdom Fish Table Game

Use the Moustache Technique

Players often focus on the large fish because they are understandably easier to fire at. However, focusing only on the large fish can come at a hefty cost. The way to beat this is by occasionally mixing it up and going for the small fish. Shoot slowly and turn the barrel consistently to get the most out of this technique.

Apply Algorithms When Playing Shooting Fish Games

You will need an algorithm that helps you adjust bullets, ranking them from one to the nth bullet. Each bullet dies a specific set of numbers. For instance, the first bullet dies numbers 2, 3, and 4, while bullet number 2 dies 3 and 9. Strategies like these are bound to give you a higher percentage of dying fish, thus faster wins.

Control Your Shooting Speed

Knowing how to control your shooting speed when playing the game is one of the underrated skills that will help you win more. You want to use slow speed when shooting small fish and low-level bullets as well. Increase the firing level when shooting at larger fish. The ideal way to do this is to gradually increase your firing speed, as this helps you collect more points for all the bullets you shoot to the 100th bullet.

thunder fishing game nolimitcoins

Thunder Fishing Gameplay

Play Ballpoint

Playing ballpoint is the best way to get the most out of shooting fish games. It all has to do with increasing the number of bullets you fire at a go. You could fire these at a wall so that they bounce back or aim a single fish with two or more bullets to get a hit.

Here is how to play the strategy like a pro:

  • Fire shots to the wall which bounce back in the direction of the fish.
  • Fire at the fish before the bullets shot at the wall arrive. This is the most effective way to aim two bullets at the same fish. Use the technique mostly for fish that are close to corners.


Shooting fish games need you to have the right set of cheats, and these could be the difference between your wins and losses. Apply these to your game, and you should be on your way to big wins. Discovering new cheats is all about knowing the game, so get more sessions in to learn how the game works and unravel it from the inside out.

Elina Blagoeva is a member of the Mr. Sweepstakes editorial team. She studied Multimedia and Creative Technologies at the KdG University of Applied Science and Arts in Antwerpen, Belgium.