Social Casinos That Pay Real Money

Social casino sites are among the most preferred online gaming destinations in the United States. They are fantastic options, particularly if you’d like to play casino games for free. This article will cover the top social casinos, their benefits, and how to earn cash prizes.

What are Social Casinos?

A social casino is an online gaming platform where players can play their favorite games without spending a dime. While slot machines are the main attraction, most websites also provide table games, bingo, keno, and online scratch-offs.

Players use in-game currency, usually Gold Coins, to play free social casino games. On the other hand, customers can play their favorite sweeps games with Sweeps Coins. You can exchange these virtual currencies for cash prizes when you win. Notably, you can earn Sweeps Coins as a bonus when you buy Gold Coin packages.

Top Social Casinos That Pay Real Money

Want to play at the best social casinos? Check out the top recommendations below:

WOW Vegas

wow vegas casino homepage ui

WOW Vegas Casino UI

Despite its 2022 debut, WOW Vegas is now one of the most popular social casinos in the United States. WOW Entertainment Limited runs the social casino, WOW Vegas Casino. With its virtual gaming experience, you can enjoy playing Vegas-style casino games without leaving your house.

The site’s library has many slot games that suit various tastes. You’ll be able to navigate the site with ease and discover what you’re looking for. Despite lacking an official app, the platform is fully functional and suited for iOS and Android smartphones.

Chanced Casino

chanced casino sweepstakes casino interface Homepage

Chanced Casino is among the more recent additions to the sweepstakes industry in the US. Its sleek, dark, and user-friendly design stands out from other social casinos. You’ll get access to various fantastic bonuses and promotions, increasing the excitement of your free gaming experience.

You can play at Chanced Casino on almost any internet-enabled device, including PC, mobile, and tablet. The desktop interface is all-in-one, with sidebars, top menus, and a chat box on the right side. Chanced Casino games load in big, eye-catching displays, highlighting their excellent quality.

High 5 Casino

high5 casino home

High 5 Sweeps Casino

Thanks to its in-house studio, High 5 Casino provides a one-of-a-kind gaming experience. In addition to slots and video poker, this social casino offers online table games. It’s popular among gamers in the US because of its simple purchase and redemption process.

High 5 may not have a live chat option or phone support, but they have fantastic customer service. You can get help via their social networking sites, an email address to send direct queries, and a frequently asked questions section.

How to Earn Real Money on Social Casinos?

While playing casino games for free is quite appealing, many players are drawn to the excitement of redeeming cash prizes. You can redeem your Sweeps Coins for prizes at the social casino if you win.

Redemption on most sites follows a 1SC = $1 conversion rate. Keep in mind that you can’t buy Sweeps Coins, but there are other ways to get them into your account.

You can claim Sweeps Coins as a reward in a promotion or get them as a bonus when you buy a Gold Coin package. Most sites will set a 1x wagering requirement for Sweeps Coins before redeeming them for cash prizes.

Benefits of Social Casinos

Here are some of the benefits of social casinos:

Quick Sign Up

pulsz bingo sign up otions light theme

Pulsz Casino Sign up Methods

Signing up for a social casino account is usually much easier than at real money online casinos. Many make it easy for players to sign up and start playing their favorite games immediately by connecting their platforms to their Google or Facebook accounts. If you’re still on the fence about signing up, you can even play games at some social casinos as a guest.

No Risk

You can take advantage of all the free games available at social casinos without worrying about making payments. For gamers looking for a way to unwind and enjoy their favorite games, it’s the perfect solution. Plus, you can take advantage of many free promotions and sweepstakes casino bonuses without worrying about meeting stringent wagering requirements.


One of the most appealing aspects of social casinos is that you can communicate with other players. You can organize group games or set up tournaments to compete against one another. Plus, you can connect with social networking sites to compete for many bonuses and prizes in various tournaments and events.

social chat luckybird io casino

Social Chat

Social Casinos Vs. Real Money Casinos

Since most US states do not permit online casino gaming, social casinos have expanded in popularity. You don’t need real money to play and enjoy your preferred games. The experience you get from playing at a social casino differs from what you get from a real casino.

For one, what distinguishes social casinos from real money casinos is the currency participants wager with. Secondly, compared to real-money casinos, you don’t get wins from playing games; instead, you can redeem Sweeps Coins for cash prizes.

Compared to real money casinos, social casinos must adhere to US sweepstakes legislation to operate. Most social casinos offer many social promotions, such as tournaments with friends and social media marketing.


Social casinos stand apart from conventional real-money gaming. They are ideal if you seek a fun way to improve your gaming abilities while still having a good time. However, while playing does not involve real money wagers, you can redeem cash prizes if you meet the requirements.


Yes, social casinos are legal in the United States if they use virtual currency like Gold Coins and run on a free-to-play concept. However, things may go a bit differently when these platforms include ways to redeem actual cash rewards, physical products, or gift cards. In certain instances, there are certain sweepstake legislations to follow.

Although social casinos don’t allow players to wager real money, they provide opportunities to collect real cash prizes. Sweepstakes Coins, or SC, is the name of the unique currency that you can use. When redeemed, the value of these coins typically matches that of 1 US dollar.

You can play various games at social casinos, including slots and table games like roulette and blackjack.

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