Stake Cash: What Is It, How Does It Work, and How to Get It?

  • Elina B.

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In this article, we will cover what exactly Stake Cash is, how it works, and different ways to get it. We will also compare it to Gold Coins and explain how and why they differ.

Stake Cash in

Stake Cash is the social casino’s equivalent of Sweeps Cash (a virtual currency in social casinos, typically received as a gift or a bonus, that allows players to win cash prizes; it cannot be bought).

What’s the Difference Between Stake Cash and Gold Coins?

The main difference between Stake Cash and GC is that Gold Coins can be purchased, while the first one is typically received as a bonus in bundles. GC is also exclusively used for fun – it cannot be redeemed for cash prizes. Still, players can use both virtual currencies to play in the casino.

Different Ways To Get Stake Cash

This segment will explain the ways to get Stake virtual currency. This includes both paid and free ways to receive it as a bonus, and we will also explain how the paid way works.

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Ways to Get Stake Cash in – Socila Media, Mail, Purchasing Bundles

Bundle Bonus

The first and foremost way to get Stake Cash is by receiving them as a free bonus when purchasing a GC bundle – you can’t straight up buy SC; they’re unpurchasable. Still, buying Gold Coin packages is a great way to enjoy the casino for free while getting a bonus on the side.

Promotional Offers

The second way to get free Stake Cash is to go to the site’s promotional area, where they notify for different drops and competitions every once in a while.


A well-known way that has been used for a long time is sending postcards to the company.  If you write a postcard and send it to the offices in Dallas, Texas – you will get free Stake Cash.

Social Media

Another way to get it is by following social media accounts, where they post about special bonuses, promotions, and competitions. It’s a free way to make some extra virtual cash, but they disappear quickly due to the many users keeping up with the site.


There’s a lot that Stake can offer, so if you haven’t already – you should check it out. We hope that this article gives you a better grasp of the Stake virtual currency and how exactly it works.

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