Age Requirement

As one of the most popular social casinos, features several exciting promotional games for players. However, the platform operates following legal regulations. Hence, it’s fully committed to endorsing responsible gameplay. Thus, there is a age requirement.

Notably, players must be up to a minimum age before registering at We’ll discuss the age requirement in this post and how the verification process works.

stake us popup signup bonus Age Requirements is committed to protecting minors from using the platform by allowing only persons who are 21 years or older to register. This may differ from the legal gambling age in some US states, which is just 18.

Nevertheless, the 21-year age limit is set to ensure only individuals who are fully aware of the consequences of wagering can participate in the casino.

stakeus webcasino home Social Casino Age Requirement Verification Process’s age verification process is quite stringent to ensure visitors are within the authorized age bracket. All new users must provide personal details on the platform, which Stake then compares with other trustworthy databases to ensure proper verification.

Information required by

  • Full name
  • User date of birth
  • Residential address
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Device information (includes device type and IP address)
  • Government-issued identification document (Drivers license, Passport, Utility Bills, Bank Statements, ID)
  • Information from third-party ( gotten from platform providers like Facebook).

stake us verification process Account Verification

Practicing Responsible Gaming

Although gaming is a fun pastime, the dangers of doing so irresponsibly should not be underestimated. Fortunately, offers some features that help. To play responsibly, players should:

  • Set session and wagering limits
  • Know when to quit
  • Avoid chasing losses
  • Consider the impact of gambling on your personal life and finances
  • Seek help when it becomes an addiction

Conclusion efforts to dissuade minors from registering at the site, and promotes responsible gaming. Therefore, even if you are over 18 years, but not up to the age limit of 21, you are not eligible to play on the site.

However, as players, after heeding to the laws and regulations in the industry, don’t forget that betting is also fun. And getting familiar with the platform’s requirements will determine how much you enjoy your stay.

FAQs is legal and acceptable in several states across the US, except in places like New York, Washington, Kentucky, Vermont, Nevada, Michigan, and Idaho.

Although is fully licensed, it does not hold a US license. This is because Sweepsteaks Limited, which owns the brand, is registered in Cyprus.

Yes, it does. Players will need to complete the KYC steps to get a payout. And during the process, they’ll need to provide a passport or any government-issued ID.

Your KYC verification may fail due to several issues on your end. They could be:

  • Suspicious activities on the site
  • Submitting unclear ID document
  • Incorrect or incomplete information

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