Stake US Bonus Drop

Stake US is the sweepstake alternative of the Stake brand and it offers a catalog of over 300 games along with lots of rewards. Bonus drops are among the social media rewards members get at the social casino. bonus drops are offered on bonus codes through the casino’s X (formerly Twitter), Instagram, and Telegram pages.

stake usa casino user interface

How Bonus Drops Work at Stake US

Stake US bonus drops come often and at random. Players get these as they engage with the casino on social media. Check the casino’s pages, and you might just find a bonus drop available. With these, you only need to claim the reward to get Gold Coins (GC) and Stake Cash (SC) in your account.

For example, here’s what you would get in a bonus drop alert:

  • Total Drop Limit: 5,000 SC
  • Value (Per player): 5 SC
  • Requirements: 3,000 SC played in the last 7 days

However, bonus drops come with some qualifications players have to know about as they claim the rewards. From the above:

  • Each player gets a maximum prize of 5 SC or more, depending on the promo
  • Players must have played at least 3,000 SC in the last 7 days to be eligible
  • Bonus drops are only available for the first 1,000 members to claim them
  • Use the accompanying bonus drop code to redeem the reward

Lastly, Bonus drops are often given on a first-come, first-serve basis, so players would do well to keep checking the casino’s social pages to see what new rewards there are.

example bonus drop stake us instagram

Example Bonus Drop Instagram 

How to Claim Stake US Bonus Drops

Bonus drops are pleasant surprises that dishes out to its players every so often. The rewards are only announced on the social media pages and Telegram, so you want to keep checking these to find out about new rewards. announces bonus drop alerts on its social media pages that include the amount of the drop, requirements, and what reward you get. The post announcing the drop also includes the bonus code you will need to claim the reward.

With the code handy, open your account and click on the profile menu. You can find the reward on the settings button under offers. The page for the offer includes a box where you enter the code to redeem the prize. If the code lets you redeem the prize, then you are among the first 1,000 players to claim the prize. Your count of coins is credited to your account for you to enjoy free and promotional play.

Other Stake US Bonus Promotions

promotions and bonuses stakeusa Latest Promos & Bonuses

There are plenty of other rewards to collect at the casino. You don’t have to make any deposits to play the games on the site, so bonuses like these should get you the coins you need to play:

  • Welcome Bonus: Claim the no deposit welcome bonus when you sign up that gives you $25 worth of Stake Cash and 250,000 GC to enjoy the range of games.
  • Daily login bonus: Sign up for the casino, and you get 1SC and 100,000 GC every day when you log in to your account.
  • Raffles: Win a ticket to the weekly raffle when you wager through the week. The raffle wins you Stake Cash and Gold Coins.
  • Daily Races: Rank among the top 100 players to wager over the day and get a piece of the prize pot.
  • Challenges: Play challenges and win coins.
  • Mail Request: You can request sweepstakes the old-fashioned way by sending a postcard requesting free Stake Cash.


Stake US offers a whole array of exciting rewards, and bonus drops are among the best of these. Look out for bonus drops and be among the first players to claim the reward. Claim as many bonus drops as you can and enjoy casino games for free.

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