VIP Levels’s loyalty program provides players with several benefits for engaging in its social casino games. As a player, you can progress through VIP levels by playing more on the gaming site. You unlock better privileges that’ll enhance your experience as you climb the VIP ranks.

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Anyone who signs up for the Casino becomes eligible for the VIP program. Keep in mind that players from social casino-restricted states, such as Washington, Idaho, and New York, Kentucky, Vermont, and Michigan cannot play Additionally, you must be 21 years and above to join this online casino.

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VIP Program 

The Different VIP Levels

The VIP program has five levels, which we explain in detail below: Bronze

Once you sign up for, you immediately enter the Bronze level. Here you can receive Rakeback for your losses. You’ll also receive monthly, weekly, level-up bonuses, and more. It’s an excellent introduction to the social gaming platform. Silver

The Silver VIP level allows you to accumulate more bonuses over time at a faster rate. This level helps to ensure that you have enough additional virtual currency to play your preferred games. Gold

Gold VIP club members and Silver VIP members receive identical sets of benefits. However, the major difference is that Gold VIP members receive a more significant quality and amount of these benefits. Platinum

The Platinum VIP level consists of six sub-levels. Each of the first three tiers will receive the same benefits with the previous levels, as well as daily reload incentives.
However, after you achieve the fourth Platinum level, you’ll be assigned your personal VIP host. The VIP host will ensure you reach the next tier in the loyalty program. They’ll also inform you of any new bonuses and troubleshoot any technical issues you’re having. Diamond

If you play until you reach the diamond level, you get incentives tailored to your preference. You can find bonuses that suit your preferences in play, whether you prefer table games, slots, or scratch cards. It’s definitely worthy of the title “VIP.”

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Stake USA VIP Levels 

Using the VIP Calculator to Track Your Progress

The Stake VIP calculator is popular in the Stake community. With this online calculator, players can determine how much they need to bet to advance to the next level. It simplifies the procedure, enabling you to strategize more effectively.

The Stake VIP calculator provides a clear breakdown and helps you to better understand the requirements. For instance, a bronze level member who is halfway to the silver level can determine their remaining bets by the following method: subtract the amount of your bronze wager from the total amount needed for silver VIP level.


Becoming a VIP at comes with many perks. Advancing through the various VIP levels requires meeting several requirements and the benefits are worthwhile. After all, there’s zero financial risk in participating, and the benefits you get can improve your social gaming experience.

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