Tao Fortune Free Secret Coins

Tao Fortune is an amazing social casino with all kinds of games and bonus rewards to boot. Based on the Tao te Ching, a Chinese writing by Laozi, the casino has a heavy Chinese theme that sets it apart from other social casinos you will play online.

In this review, we explore what rewards and Tao Fortune free secret coins you could get and how to get them. Buckle up and get ready to play the games you please on bonus rewards that give you Sweeps Coins and Gold Coins.

Tao Fortune Casino Interface

Tao Fortune Casino Interface

Welcome Bonus at Tao Fortune

Psych yourself up for a welcome reward that will utterly blow your mind. At Tao Fortune usa sweepstakes casino, new players get a no deposit welcome reward that awards them 88,000 Tao Coins, which you can start playing as soon as you complete the signup process.

The coins are automatically deposited to your account after completing the signup process. While you get no Tao Fortune free Secret Coins, which will win you real-life prizes, on the welcome bonus, you have many other rewards that will get you thousands of free Secret Coins.

Tao Fortune Casino Welcome Bonus

Tao Fortune Casino Welcome Bonus

Other Bonus Rewards to Claim at Tao Fortune Casino

There are many other rewards to claim at the site, which come in different forms. For one, you have recurrent rewards and those that pop up and have a short expiry period. Players who log in daily are most likely to run into rewards that expire quickly.

Tao Fortune Casino Other Rewards

Tao Fortune Casino Other Rewards

Magic Boxes

Magic boxes are exactly what they sound like. Here, you get all types of amazing rewards, and there is no telling what you land.

You stand the chance to win up to 275,000 Tao Coins with an additional 500 Secret Coins. A new set of magical boxes are available for you each day. Log in each day to see what your 3 boxes have to offer in the way of rewards.

Count on free spins, free coins, and other surprise rewards when you pop open a magical box. Scroll down the main navigation menu laid out on the left of the screen to find the button for your magic boxes. Click on this, and the pop-up to claim your rewards appears.

Tao Fortune Casino Magic Box

Tao Fortune Casino Magic Box

Invite Friends and Earn a Bonus

As a social casino, the site invites new players to discover the range of sweepstakes games and rewards.

Help the casino spread the word, and you get a bonus for yourself that offers you the Tao Coins and Secret Coins that make it worth your effort. You can share news of the casino directly from your Facebook or WhatsApp.

Alternatively, you can copy the link to send to friends through other alternatives such as SMS or email. Make a referral, and a hefty reward of 900,000 Tao Coins awaits. This is coupled with 2,500 Secret Coins to play for real prizes.

First Purchase Bonus

Sweepstakes casinos often give players a deal on their first purchase of Gold Coins. While you have many coins to play with when you sign up, these are bound to run out. You have the coin store to replenish your Tao Coins with.

There is no official coin store, and the offers are placed on the same page as promotions. Among the purchase options, all deals have a discount that shows how much you save. Of course, among these, some give you the best deals. You have the most popular deal with circling koi fish at its emblem.

This deal goes for $19.88 and gives you 300,000 Tao Coins and an additional 2,500 Tao Fortune free Secret Coins when you make the first purchase. There are a few more offers, and the casino is getting ready to introduce more, giving you up to 30% extra on what you pay. As such, players should count on the casino to give great deals each time they buy coins.

Tao Fortune Casino Packages

Tao Fortune Casino Packages

More Bonus Rewards at Tao Casino

Aside from the recurring bonuses, you also have lots of other rewards that pop up and disappear within a day or two. These offers need you to be available when rolled out to take full advantage:

Piggy Bank

You have a piggy bank that considers the number of Secret Coins you play. Play with more free coins, and the casino adds free coins to your piggy bank. This means that there are always coins going into your piggy bank every time you play. Break the bank occasionally to see how many coins you have accumulated from playing with Secret Coins.

Daily Quests

These are competitions that pop up every 24 hours. Tao Quest rewards include both Tao Coins and Secret Coins. You will be playing for the top-ranking spot to get the most rewards from your quest.

Go in search of ranking stars as you play quests to claw your way up the leaderboard. Participants of the daily quest can see the leaderboard updated in real-time.

Have fun and wait for more rewards, as different quests reward players in varying ways. Players should note that they can only play quests once they have over 100 Tao Coins and at least 10 Secret Coins.

Jackpot Games

With jackpot games, you always have a lump sum of Tao Coins and Secret Coins to claim when you play. Head for jackpot games from the main menu to play these.

Pick games like Diamond Shot, Dragon Sevens, and Lotus Fortune to participate in some of the most-played jackpot rewards at the casino.

Tao Fortune Casino Jackpot Games

Tao Fortune Casino Jackpot Games


Tao Fortune Casino is well put together with lots of features players will enjoy. The site is easy to navigate, and you have smooth transitions from section to section.

While the welcome bonus is not the most impressive, you get a sizable amount of coins to play the free mode. With the range of rewards available, players who sign up here will surely enjoy themselves spinning the reels.

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