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Tao Fortune is a social casino with an Asian theme that throws you back to the 1900s. Enjoy the sizzling line of games for free. At Tao Casino, fans who enjoy gaming on social casinos will find all the amazing features they look forward to. Tao Fortune Promo codes are meant to keep you playing free sweeps slots even before you make your first purchase. There are lots of ways to win at the casino. You only need to find the promotions to keep your count of coins.

tao fortune sweeps casino homepage

Tao Fortune Homepage

Tao Fortune Promo Codes and Offers

Bonuses are always welcome, and you get a whole host of these at Tao Fortune. The casino has a huge welcome bonus for new signees and rewards for returning players. Start with the welcome bonus and keep claiming new rewards every day.

Welcome Bonus: 88,000 Tao Coins

Sweepstakes casinos have to give you a no deposit reward if they are to stay free. The welcome bonus at Tao Fortune Casino awards you 88,800 Tao Coins when you sign up. This gets you set up for extended sessions when you sign up for the casino. With the high-quality games you get here, you know you are bound to have a blast when the welcome bonus gets to your account.

While you do not get any Secret Coins on the welcome bonus, you can claim many more bonus rewards on the promotions page. Players have all kinds of rewards to claim, and these add more Tao Coins as well as Secret Coins to their accounts.

tao fortune sign up bonus

Tao Fortune Sign up Bonus

Coin Purchases

As you might know, sweepstakes casinos will give you Gold Coin (or, in this case, Tao Coin) purchases, but these come with incentives. At Tao Fortune, you get quite a number of deals when you need to purchase coins. Choose between different offers and pick one that suits you to claim more Tao Coins.

The casino offers a ‘best deal‘ of 200% more Tao Coins for $4.98. With this, you get up to 25,000 TC and 500 SC. Tao Fortune members also have a deal where they can claim 300,000 Tao Coins and 2,500 Secret Coins for $19.88, touted as the most popular deal at the casino.

More Rewards at Tao Fortune Casino

In addition to the welcome bonus, players have many other rewards to claim when they get to the casino. Tao Fortune awards players for their loyalty and constantly keeps you on your toes with social media rewards that keep coming every so often.

With all the bonus rewards you get at the casino, you won’t have to make a coin purchase too quickly, even though these also come with a token of Secret Coins.

Tao Jackpots

taofortune total jackpot

Total Jackpot Tao Fortune Sweeps Casino

Tao Fortune would not be a complete casino if it did not have jackpot slots. Here, you have millions of Tao Coins to claim on the jackpots. You have a diamond, gold, silver, and red jackpot to play. All these are progressive and keep growing by the minute.

The total jackpot prize at the casino currently stands at 155,187 Tao Coins. Click on any of the jackpots to see the latest winners and find out what other players are winning just by taking part in the jackpots.

Game of the Week

The game of the week is the most played game during the week. Play the game of the week, and you get a reward for it. The game of the week is always changing. As such, you need to keep logging in to see what slot becomes the slot of the week. Play what slot the casino picks and claim a bigger reward when you hit the wins.

Tao Quests

Tao Quests are some of the most amazing rewards at the casino. For starters, you have a new challenge to take on every day. The tasks you play come with bonus rewards when you rank among the top players for the task.

Tao Quests could win you a slice of prize pools that get to 1,000,000 Tao Coins. Be the best player of the day and count on the casino to reward your efforts with a bounty of Tao Coins that keep you playing at the casino.

taofortune casino daily quests

Tao Fortune Leaderboard

Magic Boxes

Magic boxes are a daily reward that you can keep playing at the casino to gain more Tao Coins. Open magic boxes, and there is no telling the kind of gifts you stand to gain. Claim Tao Coins and Secret Coins when you open one of these every 24 hours.

The promotion works so that you have three boxes to choose from and get your daily dose of free coins. Each of the magic boxes has a number of coins that vary from box to box.

Piggy Bank

The piggy bank is one of the rewards at the casino. With the piggy bank, players get a little bit of Secret Coins loaded to their piggy bank whenever they play using Secret Coins. The piggy bank essentially gives back a slice of the SC you wager.

Play with Secret Coins through the week, and check your piggy bank to see how many coins you have earned from your gameplay. You can also check in a month if you want to let the amount of coins grow. Claim your coins whenever you want as long as you have some in your piggy bank.

tao fortune piggy bank bonus

Piggy Bank Bonus

Refer a Friend

Getting more friends to play at the casino gets you more rewards. As a social casino, Tao Fortune is eager to get more players to take part in the action. The casino will give you Tao Coins and Secret Coins when you get your friends to play at the site. The reward earns you up to 900,000 TC and 2,500 SC.

Share the unique URL for your referral and get your friends to make a first purchase for you to claim the reward. Get all your friends who enjoy social gaming to play at the casino to claim the full amount of your reward.


Tao Fortune is a casino with lots of amazing games. These are not only given to you to play with your own cash, as you have many bonus rewards to claim that don’t need bonus codes.

Fans of casino games can sign up for the site if they do not wish to play games at their expense. Players who know about social casinos know it gets no better than Tao Fortune! With its creative theme, captivating games, and collection of bonuses, the casino is not one to miss out on.

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