5 Things You Must Know About Sweepstakes Casinos

Are you aware of what makes sweepstakes casinos different from other casinos? Do you know why they are legal to play in the US and whether you can win real money rewards in them?

Jump aboard, as today we will answer these questions by listing the 5 things you need to know about online sweeps casinos.

Sweepstakes Casinos – The Legal Way to Play from the US

If you are an online casino gaming enthusiast, you are most probably aware that online gambling is illegal in most US states. This is one of the reasons why sweepstakes casinos have risen in popularity – they are your alternative to playing your favorite games safely.

The main aspect that makes these casinos legal is that they allow you to play their games for free. In other words, they are obliged to do so to be able to operate in the US market.

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Win Real Money for Free

Despite being a type of casino, the fact that you can win real money prizes for free mainly distinguishes sweepstakes casinos from all other types. To be able to win prizes that you can further redeem, you need to play with the Sweepstakes Coins that these casinos grant you for free.

You can either receive them as a bonus when you purchase Gold Coins or participate in social media contests for giveaways. Another way to get free Sweeps Coins is to claim them as a daily login bonus or through the other promotional offers the specific sweeps casino provides.

Extensive Bonuses

Another distinguishable aspect of sweepstakes casinos is that they grant you significant amounts of free coins. This is due to the legal framework these brands have to stick to – the rule that you should be able to play in them for free.

Speaking of bonuses, you can expect free sign up offers of both Gold Coins and Sweepstakes Coins, daily wheel spins with a variety of prizes, and many more.

Mail Requests

The mail request option is a unique promotional offer widely spread among sweeps casinos. By sending a mail by criteria specific to each casino, you can receive free Sweeps Coins.

Check the review for the particular casino you are interested in to get to know its specific requirements.

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No Direct Deposits

In sweepstakes casinos, you do not have the option to deposit money directly and play to win prizes, as in traditional online gambling platforms. Instead, you can purchase predefined bundles of Gold Coins, which usually come with Sweeps Coins as a free bonus.

Dual Currency System

What is the difference between the two virtual currencies, unique for sweeps casinos? Well, both are given for free by the casino. However, Gold Coins is a risk-free option to play games for fun only, meaning you cannot cash out your winnings. If you want, you can buy as much GC as you wish.

On the other hand, Sweeps Coins are always given for free through various promotions. You cannot buy them, but playing with them can get you real money rewards.

Social Gaming Features

Some traditional online gambling sites do provide general chat and leaderboards. However, these features are kind of exotic in them. On the other hand, sweeps casinos are a type of social casino.

In them, you can chat with other users, share your casino experience, get in touch with players from the leaderboard rankings, or check their stats.

Final Words

Today we went through the most significant aspects of online sweepstakes casinos and what differentiates them from all other online casinos. Now you know what to look for when searching for a new casino.

If an online gaming venue pretends to be a sweepstakes casino yet does not offer some of the features listed here, there is probably something shady with it.

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