Vegas Gems No Deposit Bonus

Social gaming platforms are life savers for players in the United States, as they enable access to the best casino games without any investment. Among these platforms, Vegas Gems is a new site that has attracted many players with its no deposit bonus sweepstakes. In this article, you’ll learn more about this platform and how to qualify for its no-deposit bonus.

What Is the Vegas Gems No Deposit Bonus?

The Vegas Gems no deposit bonus is an offer that’s exclusive to new players. It’s also known as the welcome bonus. To qualify for this promotion, players have to register with this platform. In return, they’ll receive up to 1,000 Gems as a reward. As a no-deposit offer, this bonus doesn’t require any payments from the user before it can be redeemed. This means that even with a balance reading zero, players in the US can receive this bonus.

vegas gems casino homepage

Vegas Gems Homepage Interface

How to Use the Vegas Gems No Deposit Bonus

The Vegas Gems no deposit bonus is yours when you successfully open an account on this platform. Hence, the procedure for using this bonus starts with registering. Below is a simple guide on using this bonus offer on this social gaming site.

1. Register

To open an account on the Vegas Gems platform, click the ‘SIGN UP AND WIN’ button and select the ‘Sign Up’ button. You’ll provide your email, after which the casino will send you a verification code. Enter the code in the place provided. Once verified, you can continue and complete the rest of the registration process by providing other personal information.

2. Log In

With your account created, you can log in using your email address and password.

vegas gems sign in

Vegas Gmes Sign in

3. Find Your Bonus

Now that you’ve logged into your account, you can find and redeem the no-deposit bonus package. To do this, just head to the menu icon and click on it. Then select ‘Rewards’ and tap ‘Promotions.’ When you click on this option, you’ll find a welcome chest. The welcome chest contains your no-deposit bonus. Click on it, and you’ll receive up to 1000 Gems as your new player bonus

Games to Play with the Vegas Gems No Deposit Bonus

With the no-deposit bonus, the entirety of the Vegas Gems gaming roster is open to you. The games that you’ll find on this platform include:

Online Slots

Vegas Gems offers hundreds of online slots, making it its largest game collection. Here, you’ll find various sweepstakes games from renowned software developers like Pragmatic Play and Belatra. You can find your desired slot game by scrolling down this page. There’s also a filter that you can use to select the games from a software developer. It also allows you to structure the games based on popularity or volatility.

slots lobby vegas gems casino

Vegas Gems Casino Slots


This game is as simple as it sounds: choosing a side and flipping a virtual coin. Of course, Vegas Gems made things more interesting by calling the whole process a battle. You get to choose one of two sides and place a wager. If your guess is correct, you win.


This is like Minesweeper, a Vegas Gems twist on the classic game. So, you play the game just like the original, choosing as many mines as you can before one of them explodes. There’s the option of playing a demo or using your Gems and Shards.


This is a popular game that mirrors slots in simplicity. It requires you to wager Gems and Shards on a jet about to launch. When the jet launches, it’ll move a random distance and each time spent in motion increases the multiplier.

You have to cash out before the jet crashes to win. Note that the longer the plane spends in flight, the higher the multiplier. However, that also increases the chances of losing. So, it’s best not to wait long so you can get returns on your Gems and Shards.

vegasgems crash game

Vegas Gems Crash Game

Other Bonuses at Vegas Gems

Besides the no-deposit bonus, Vegas Gems offers other interesting bonuses that players can settle for.

Purchase Bonus

You can claim this bonus as a new player. It offers a 10 to 50% increase in the extra Gems you receive for purchasing Shards for the first time.

Daily Case

Here’s an offer awarded daily each time you log into your account. Like the welcome bonus, this offer also rewards Gems and Shards that can be used on this platform. While the daily case offers small amounts of Gems to new players, this will change with time. As you keep claiming this bonus daily, the rewards will increase.

Bejewel Case

This is just like the daily case, but it offers better prizes. The bejewel case is open with a purchase of 10 Gems, offering increased XP and some Gems. Like the daily case, you can only redeem this case once per day.

bejewel cases vegasgemscasino

Bejewel Cases VegasGems

Tips for Using Bonuses at Vegas Gems

To get the best out of the bonuses at Vegas Gems, there are a few things you must keep in mind, and they are:

  1. Complete your KYC procedure as soon as you can, as it’s needed to redeem any sweepstakes winnings.
  2. Make smaller wagers while playing on this platform. That way, you’ll reduce the risk of losing your Gems and Shards.
  3. Test the demos of any new game whenever you can. This way, you can get used to the game before playing.

Bottom Line

The Vegas Gems no deposit bonus is a win-win opportunity for any social gaming player in the US. With this bonus, you only need to create an account on this platform and receive free Gems. There are no restrictions on using those funds to play games.


No, the Vegas Gems platform is accessible as a web app, so you only need a good browser. You can access this social casino on your mobile device with a browser.

No, shards are the only virtual currency that can be purchased. However, gems are given as freebies when you buy shards or redeem bonuses on this site.

Vegas Gems is open to players in the US. However, players in Nevada, Idaho, and Washington cannot hold an account or play games.

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