Vegas Gems Promo Codes

Social gaming sites like Vegas Gems make accessing your favorite casino games much easier. The platform offers sweepstakes prizes and doesn’t require money to have fun. However, playing on this site requires unique shards and gems. You can get these with Vegas Gems promo codes, and this article will explain how.

What Are Vegas Gems Promo Codes?

The Vegas Gems promo codes are referral codes that new players can use to earn perks. These promo codes reward both ways, as the owner of the referral code also gets their cut. Rewards from referral codes are usually shards for wagering on games. New players can also set their referral codes by visiting the referral page. Then, they can invite more people to use the social casino.

vegas gems casino homepage

Vegas Gems Homepage Interface

How to Use Vegas Gems Promo Codes

Using Vegas Gem promo codes is straightforward, but registering with the site is the first step. Hence, we’ll provide a simple guide that you can use to create your account and redeem your promo codes.

1. Registration

Vegas Gems has made this process easy, as it doesn’t need more than your email. You can use your smartphone or computer to open an account; either option works okay. To create an account, follow the below steps:

  • Click on the ‘SIGN UP AND WIN’ button.
  • Click the ‘Sign Up’ button and provide your email address. When you enter your email and click the ‘Send Code’ button.
  • Check your inbox for the 6-digit verification code, and enter it in the space provided. You can also check your spam if you don’t find this email in your main inbox.

After correctly entering your code, you can finish the rest of the registration. Notably, you’ll need to provide your name, address, postal code, country, and other basic information. With this, your account will be created on Vegas Gems.

vegas gems sign up

Vegas Gems Sign up

2. Enter the Promo Codes

Log into your Vegas Gems account, and you’ll find a menu button on the top right-hand side of the website. Open the menu and click on ‘Rewards.’ Under ‘Rewards,’ you’ll find ‘Promotions.’

When you click on ‘Promotions,’ you’ll be taken to a new page where you can enter your promo code. So, enter your promo code in the space provided and click ‘Confirm’ when you’re done. This will activate the code, and your account will be credited with the bonus that comes with it.

How to Get Other Promos at Vegas Gems

Apart from promo codes, there are other benefits that US sweepstakes players can expect at Vegas Gems, and they include:

Welcome Bonus

This is the easiest bonus to qualify for at Vegas Gems, and it’s yours when you open an account. When logging into your newly opened account, visit the ‘Rewards’ page and find ‘Promotions.’ There, you’ll see the welcome chest.

The welcome chest provides up to 1,000 gems for new players. Apart from this offer, the welcome bonus also extends to your first shard purchase. It offers a 50% boost to the gems you’ll receive.

Shards are the virtual currency needed for free play at Vegas Gems. You use them to play slots, mines, crash, and coin flip. On the other hand, the gems are the sweepstakes essential, needed when players want a chance at winning cash prizes.

Daily Cases

free daily chests vegas gems

Free Daily Cases Vegas Gems Casino

This is another easy bonus for players, and the only thing they have to do is show up. The daily case bonus can only be won once daily and requires you to log into their accounts every day. When you log in, you automatically qualify for the bonus.

Again, you would need to visit the ‘Rewards section.’ Then, click on the daily cases, and it’ll award a random amount of shards and gems. First-time unlocks always offer the lowest prices, but this will improve with each subsequent opening of the daily case.

Bejewel Cases

This is another interesting offer, but you must earn the right to receive it. Particularly, you have to reach a purchase goal of 10 gems to get a Bejewel Case. Doing this also unlocks double XP for that day.

bejewel cases vegasgems casino

Bejewel Cases

Things to Consider When Using a Promo Code

It can get exciting when you get sweepstakes casino promo codes, but you shouldn’t rush to redeem it. There are some things to consider when using a promo code on the Vegas Gems platform, and they are:

Terms and Conditions

All bonuses on this platform have terms and conditions governing their usage, and promo codes are no different. So, you should spare some time to read about the terms for using promo codes. This way, you won’t be surprised by the results of redeeming a promo code. However, since it’s free gaming, you can expect relaxed T&Cs.

Finish the KYC Procedure

Vegas Gems isn’t one of those sites that pushes players to go through the KYC procedure when they register. However, this is necessary to convert sweepstakes winnings into cash prizes. So, if you plan to redeem gems, you must verify your account. It’s better to do this as you sign up than waiting until you have to submit a redemption request.

kyc procedure vegasgems

Vegas Gems Casino KYC Procedure

Bottom Line

Vegas Gems promo codes offer another exciting path to enjoying the free games at the Vegas Gems website. It ranks there with the welcome bonus and daily cases, providing an exciting gaming experience for all players. So, if you’ve got a promo code, follow our instructions, and you’ll be rewarded with your prize in no time.


Sweepstake prizes at Vegas Gems are redeemable in all US states except Washington, Nevada, and Idaho.

No, there is no purchase needed to play games at Vegas Gems Casino. Registering on this platform alone offers free gems and shards that players can use to have fun. Every daily visit to the site also provides free gems, so purchases are optional.

No, Vegas Gems doesn’t have a mobile app, as it’s a web app. However, with the HTML5 technology used in its development, it can display well on mobile phones and computers. So, not having a mobile app isn’t much of a disadvantage here.

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