VGW Social Casinos Withdraw from Montana

In a significant shift for online sweepstakes enthusiasts in Montana, VGW Holdings has announced that its suite of popular sweepstakes casinos—Chumba Casino, LuckyLand Slots, and Global Poker—will no longer be accessible to players in the state starting April 22, 2024.

This decision marks a pivotal change in the sweepstakes gaming landscape in Montana, affecting a substantial number of players who frequent these platforms for online entertainment.

VGW Holdings, a leading operator in the sweepstakes casino market, has updated the terms of service for its three flagship brands to reflect the new restrictions for Montana residents. This update comes without the backdrop of a lawsuit, which has been a common catalyst for such changes in other states, Like Golden Hearts in Michigan.

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The absence of legal action in this instance leaves room for speculation about the reasons behind VGW’s decision, though the company has not provided specific details regarding the factors that led to this strategic withdrawal.

Chumba Casino, LuckyLand Slots, and Global Poker have been prominent players in the online sweepstakes casino and poker scene, offering a variety of gaming options that include slots, table games, and poker variants. Their model allows players to engage in gaming activities using virtual currencies, with the potential to win real cash prizes, a feature that has contributed to their popularity among online gamers.

The forthcoming restriction represents a significant shift for Montana’s online gaming community, which has enjoyed access to these platforms without significant limitations. VGW’s decision to update their terms and restrict access in Montana will undoubtedly have a ripple effect on the state’s sweepstakes gaming landscape, prompting players to seek alternative avenues for online entertainment.

Elina Blagoeva is a member of the Mr. Sweepstakes editorial team. She studied Multimedia and Creative Technologies at the KdG University of Applied Science and Arts in Antwerpen, Belgium.