Win Free Gold Coins & Loyalty Points at Hard Rock Social Casino

In today’s article, we will cover all the ways you can get Gold Coins and Loyalty Coins at Hard Rock Social Casino and how you can use them to your best advantage – if you’re curious about this topic, make sure to keep reading. We have everything you need in one place.

options to get free gold coins and hearts at hard roock casino

Hard Rock Ways to Get Free Rewards 

What are Gold Coins & Loyalty Points at Hard Rock Social Casino?

Gold Coins at Hard Rock are a type of virtual currency that you can use to play slots and table games at the casino. They can be purchased or won in various ways but cannot be redeemed for any prize. The coins can be used only for fun.

Loyalty Points, also known as Hearts, are a type of virtual currency that cannot be purchased – you can receive them as a gift or a bonus in a few different ways. They can be used for other things, such as holiday or entertainment deals, access to High Limit rooms for a certain amount of time, or you can also exchange them for Gold Coins. You can’t play with them.

Ways to Get Free Gold Coins & Loyalty Points at Hard Rock

There are many ways to get Free Gold Coins and Loyalty Points in Hard Rock Social Casino; we already covered their usage, so we know you’re probably now curious about how to get them for free – so let’s jump right into it.

Daily Bonus

One of the ways to get free GC and LC is simply by logging into the site daily and spinning the wheel of fortune. This wheel gives out both GC and LC, as well as a bonus that gets bigger the longer you keep a login streak – starting from one Heart and 1,200 Gold Coins, all the way to 10 Hearts and 15,000 GC.

daily bonus spinning wheel hard rock social casino

Daily Bonus Spinning Wheel Hard Rock Casino

Social Media

Another great way to claim GC & LC is by following the social media of Hard Rock Social Casino. They constantly give out amazing bonuses and promotions for a limited time, so if you wish to claim some free stuff with just a few clicks, this is one of the ways to go.

Hard Rock Casino Watch & Earn

Hard Rock has added a feature no other social casino has yet. You can watch ads to get free Gold Coins. All you have to do is select the “Watch & Earn” button with the cinema icon at the bottom left side of your screen. You get to watch two ads every couple of hours, so make sure to use this great option to your advantage.


No, we don’t mean your email – the MailBox is an option you can select at the bottom of the screen; it’s right next to the Ads option. It’s a little feature they added where they could notify you about upcoming offers and features, bug fixes, and also give out free GC and LC from time to time as a thank-you gift.


Another interesting feature that this casino added is the missions feature. You can access Missions once you reach level 3. This interesting addition allows you to win GC simply by doing what you probably like the most – playing your favorite games.

NOTE: There is also a weekly mission that gives out free GC if you manage to complete a certain amount of tasks in that time.

hard rock casino missions

Hard Rock Casino Missions

Timed Bonus Chest

A feature that a few social casinos possess already that you might also be familiar with is the Timed Bonus Chest. This chest can be opened every 3 hours, giving a different amount of Gold Coins each time. Like the Watch & Earn option, this is a great quick way to make a virtual buck, so make sure to look into it and use it!


There are plenty of ways Hard Rock Social Casino offers you to get free Gold Coins and Loyalty Points, and we covered all of them with today’s article. We hope that by reading this, you understand better how to do so and can use it to your best advantage. With that, we hope you enjoy playing your favorite games and don’t forget – play safely!

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