What are Instant Win Games in Sweepstakes Casinos?

The rise of the sweepstakes gaming world results in an increasing variety of casino-style games. While in their very beginning, sweepstakes casinos offered mainly sweepstakes slots, nowadays US players have many other options to win real prizes for free.

Today we from Mr. Sweepstakes are going to take a detailed look at one of them – the instant win sweepstakes games. We will cover what sweepstakes casinos are in general, and what advantages instant win games have in them.

We will also share some tips so that you can improve your chance of winning, so hop aboard!

What are Sweepstakes Casinos?

If you hear the term “sweepstakes casino” for the first time, it might initially sound a bit strange. In brief, they give US casino-style gaming enthusiasts a legal way to enjoy popular games for free, still with the chance to win real money rewards.

Only a few states restrict them from operating – Washington, Idaho, and Nevada.

stake usa homepage

Sweepstakes Casino Homepage Interface – Stake.us

Why Are They Legal?

You are probably aware that online gambling is prohibited almost everywhere in the US, so how are these online gaming sites available? There are two essential factors behind their legality.

The first one is that they are free-to-play, meaning that to comply with the legal framework, they must provide a way to play their games without depositing. Actually, there is no such thing as deposits in them – you cannot directly top up your account with money and play.

Instead, you can either play with the free coins these sites give or purchase Gold Coin bundles. Let’s discuss what these coins are.

Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins

The second aspect making sweepstakes casinos legal to operate in the US is their virtual currency system. In all such sites, you have two virtual funds – Gold Coins and Sweepstakes Coins, but not in all of them they are called by their original names.

Gold Coins are used to play only for fun, so most casinos grant a vast amount of them for free – sometimes up to millions. You also have the option to purchase them if you need more.

Sweeps Coins, on the other hand, are also given for free, but you cannot purchase them. They can only be received as a bonus through giveaways or when purchasing Gold Coins, and most importantly, they can be redeemed for real money.

Introduction to Instant Win Games

Instant Win Games are a type of online game prevalent in sweepstakes casinos. These games, as the name suggests, offer players a chance to win instantly rather than waiting for the outcome of a drawn-out event.

This category includes a wide range of games, such as online scratch offs, spin-to-win games, and pick ’em games, among others. In sweepstakes casinos, these games are often played using the bonus sweeps coins, and winnings can be converted into real-world value.

stake us original games

Example of Instant Win Games – StakeUS

Advantages of Instant Win Games

There are several reasons behind the growing popularity of Instant Win Games. They offer instant gratification, as players know their fate immediately, making the games fast-paced and exciting.

The variety and creativity in game design keep the players engaged, while their accessibility makes them an attractive choice for novices and veterans alike. Plus, the element of surprise and the thrill of potentially winning big at any moment adds to the allure.

Tips for Winning on Crash Games

Let’s share some advice and tips, so that you maximize your chances of winning.

Check the Game Rules

Make sure you avoid unpleasant surprises stemming from a game rule you might have missed.

Play at Unusual Time

As with bingo sweepstakes games, you can increase your chances of winning if you play when there are fewer participants.

Print Your Winnings

We haven’t heard of a case when a sweepstakes casino does not pay prizes won on instant wins, but it is always safer to print your winnings. Thus, even if you encounter a problem with redeeming your rewards, you’ll have solid proof.

crash game stake us interface

Instant Win Game – Interface and Gameplay 

Popular Instant Win Titles at Sweepstakes Casinos

Each sweeps casino usually offers a unique array of instant win games. Nevertheless, here are some popular titles you can find among them.

  • Cash Mania Scratch Game: scratch 16 numbers on each card to match one of the drawn 8. The more you match, the more you win.
  • Scratch Poker
  • Magic Meadow: set in a fairy garden, the game offers the chance to open symbols, including animals, insects, flowers, and some strange creatures. There are 15 paying symbols, so if you are lucky, you’ll open more of them.
  • 7 Piggies: this exciting title, buy Pragmatic Play, features a 3×3 grid on which you scratch off piggy houses, each holding a prize. When two or more of the revealed houses hold the same reward, you win it.
  • Scratch! Platinum: developed by Hacksaw, the game offers the chance to win big by scratching off 9 cards in each game. Matching three values or stars will result in a win.

Final Verdict

Instant Win games are rising in popularity among US players, thus entering the world of sweepstakes gaming sites. Offering the chance to win big for free here and now, without the need to play patiently, gathers the attention of more and more casino-style games enthusiasts.

Today we covered what Instant Win games are, why they are legal to play in US sweepstakes casinos, and how you can benefit from this. We also briefly reviewed some of the most popular Instant Win titles available to play on these sites, so enjoy and happy scratching!

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