What Are Social Casino Games?

Sweepstakes casinos have an exciting and interesting way to bring players casino-style games. These are some of the most rewarding sites you will play without having to make a purchase. Games on social casinos often play using one of two currencies on the casino.

Most casinos usually refer to these as Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins. While pro players will go for games that make them real cash, these are usually designed for players looking to have fun without necessarily thinking about the money they stand to win when they play.

What Social Casino Games Can You Play

slots lobby scratchful

Slots Lobby Social Games

The world of social gaming gives players different types of games that come in all sorts of categories. Among the most common game categories you find at social casinos include:

  • Slot machines
  • Poker
  • Casino table games
  • sweepstakes Blackjack
  • Lottery tickets to scratch and win
  • Bingo
  • Multiplayer card games
  • Roulette

Companies powering social casinos are also increasing more and more game options. The casinos now offer more titles in categories that you would find in traditional online casinos.

Who Are Social Casino Games Meant For?

Social casinos are meant for all kinds of players. You just have to ensure you are 18 years and older to sign up for such sites. While social casinos welcome all players, these are most popular with older players in their 50s, as this is the demographic of players who play without thinking about the money they win.

However, players who come to the casinos hoping to win some prizes also get rewards and perks for playing at social casinos. Players should not dismiss social casinos as these offer action-packed gaming time with lots of fun prizes to claim.

RTP, Volatility, Max Win and Other Features

volatility and rtp info in slots

RTP & Volatility Info in Pragmatic Play Slot

Social casino games have pretty much the same features you get on standard casino slots and tables. Even the crash games have the same gameplay and chances of winning. Regarding RTP, social casino games have RTPs ranging from 95% to 97% for slots and 98% to 99% for tables.

Crash games have RTPs that range between 96% and 98%. With this, you also have volatility, which applies to slots, crash games, and video poker. As for the maximum win, this is a limit set for all games at the casino. Slots have their maximum win determined by the maximum multiplier you get on your bet, which could go up to 20,000x your bet and even more.

Tables often have their winnings capped at a limit set by the game provider. In addition to these features, social casino games come with jackpots, just like in regular casinos. Progressives are commonly found on slots, but standard jackpots are available on both sweepstakes slots and tables.


Social casino games have come a long way and are developing even more. Get the best of these when you play at top social casinos and try out all sorts of games. That you play with Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins means you get to try the games at no expense to yourself.

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