What Do Fliff Coins Do?

Fliff offers one of the most exciting gaming experiences for new players. You enjoy quality game options, including the best sports betting features and generous game bonuses. But we can all agree that the payment system should come with a manual.

Well, that’s why we from Mr. Sweepstakes are here. This guide offers a detailed look at the Fliff Coins and the payment systems in the Fliff Social sportsbook.

What are Fliff Coins?

Playing at Fliff is similar to playing at your regular sports betting site. You get rich local and international game options, competitive odds, and exciting bonuses. But Fliff does not allow regular deposits.

As a social sportsbook, Fliff does not use the conventional payment system. It is a “free-to-playsystem where you don’t have to make real money deposits before enjoying the games. In fact, Fliff gives you enough coins to enjoy special Fliff “Pickfeatures, and we call those coins “Fliff Coins”.

A Fliff Coin is one of the currencies at Fliff Sportsbook. Since you can’t use real money in the social sportsbook, Fliff Coins are one of your best alternatives. There are other options like Fliff Cash and Fliff Experience Points, and we will get to them later.

fliff app virtual currencies

Virtual Currencies Fliff Sportsbook 

What Do Fliff Coins Do?

Fliff Coins are your typical game tokens. They help you access the game options, and you can convert them into other currencies. Like other game tokens, Fliff Coins have special functions. The coins are part of your payment options when making picks in any sport.

Sports Pick is a recreational way of placing bets on real sports competitions in Fliff. Picks allow you to place bets and win without any real-money expectations.

Fliff Coins also help you climb up the Fliff leaderboard. You rank higher on the board as you buy and accumulate Fliff Coins. However, these coins are not worth much outside of Fliff.

What Are Fliff Coins Worth?

Fliff Coins are the main currencies, so they are worth a lot in the sportsbook. Not so much anywhere else. Your gaming experience and payout rate at Fliff depend on how many Fliff Coins you have available.

Unlike Fliff Cash, which is at a 1:1 rate with US dollars, Fliff Coins do not have a dollar rate comparison and cannot be redeemed for real money. You can use them to bet for fun or test some betting strategies.

A Fliff Coin is the most important currency at the Sportsbook, but it is worth less than 0.0001% of 1 Fliff Cash. At our best estimate, 1 Fliff Cash is worth at least 10,000 Fliff Coins, which is not much.

The good news is that you can get as many Fliff Coins as you need without spending much real money. If 1 Fliff Cash can get you at least 10,000 Fliff Coins, $10 should get you up to 100,000 Fliff Coins. You cannot redeem your Fliff Coins, but you can get gift cards or real cash prizes when redeeming Fliff Cash.


Fliff has earned its place as an exciting sweepstakes social sportsbook. Fliff Coins also offer free gaming experiences, allowing you to enjoy the games without real-money risk. Gather as many Fliff Coins as you can, there might be real-money wins waiting for you.

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