What is SC in Chumba Casino?

Chumba Casino is a fast-rising social casino with an impressive line of slots in its catalog. Get a Vegas-style gaming experience and play for free when you sign up but with Gold Coins and Sweepstakes rather than real cash.

As part of the VGW group of social game platforms, Chumba Casino has made a name for itself for its style of play and the variety of casino-like games you get. Most players who come online may be used to the classic way of playing, where you stake your bankroll to win real money.

It is understandable that players would be confused about how social casinos like Chumba Casino operate. Here, you will learn about sweepstakes and how they work on the platform.

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Chumba Casino Homepage 

What Are Sweepstakes and How Do They Work?

Chumba Casino is unlike any regular online casino out there. Sites like Chumba are referred to as social sites since you play using Gold Coins (GC) and SC.

The casino uses sweepstakes to promote the sale of GC, providing players with Sweep Coins (SC) tokens that they can use to play sweepstakes in promotional play. It is key to note that Sweep Coins cannot be purchased and hold no inherent value.

However, they can be obtained in several ways, including as a bonus with ‘some’ Gold Coin purchases or mail-in requests. SC accumulated from playing at Chumba Casino can later be redeemed for real money.

In contrast, Gold Coins are tokens the casino gives you with which to play games. They hold no monetary value, and you cannot redeem them to claim real money.

Any games you play on Gold Coins win you more coins which are only good for playing at the casino. Playing with Gold Coins is the standard way to enjoy games at social casinos like Chumba Casino.

Win More Sweep Coins at Chumba Casino

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Chumba Casino Daily Login Bonus 

Sweep Coins are the token you want to keep collecting when you play at social casinos. Only you cannot purchase these! So how do you increase your Sweep Coins aside from playing games and winning?

Chumba Casino has mastered the social casino model and always has a reward that will win you Gold Coins and Sweep Coins.

Social media giveaways are one of the ways to get your hands on Sweep Coins. Stay in the loop and claim bonuses from social media promotions by participating in giveaways, and you may just land Sweep Coins.

The casino also helps you build your SC through daily log-in bonuses that will give you up to 2 SC. Members of the casino can also increase their SC when they buy Gold Coins. Purchase GC, and the casino will hand you Sweep Coins for free.

Your Sweep Coins must be played at least once before redeeming them. Lastly, you can get more SC via Chumba Mail-In Sweepstakes. Simply mail the casino a written request to receive SC to participate in the sweepstakes promotions.


Sweep Coins are a unique virtual currency you get for free and use to play contests and games at social casinos. Are you sold on this type of game style?

Then you should start playing and collecting Sweep Coins now. Get as many SC on your Chumba Casino account, and you stand to win all kinds of real-life prizes and cash.

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