Where is Fliff Legal?

Fliff is a sportsbook platform that uses sweepstakes gaming legislation to allow users to wager on sporting events for real money. For those living in states where online sportsbooks are illegal, Fliff offers an excellent sports betting alternative. If you’re wondering if Fliff is legal in your state, stick with this detailed article.

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Fliff App Website Homepage 

A Brief Overview of Fliff

Fliff offers users a unique sports betting experience using a sweepstakes model. You can decide to play for pleasure or to win money. They offer point spreads, totals (over/under), and in-game wagering, providing a highly authentic feel for fans of the classic sports betting model.

There are two ways to play Fliff in all states where it is legal. One option is to buy Fliff Coins directly from the platform. These coins are merely a form of virtual currency used in the game and have no real-world value.

The second alternative is to use Fliff Cash. Fliff Cash is a sweepstakes credit you get for free whenever you buy some Fliff Coins. Once you’ve earned enough points, you can redeem them for real cash.

Where is Fliff legal?

In every state apart from Washington. So, most United States gamers can use the Fliff app without any trouble because it is a legal, social sportsbook. The only notable exception,Washington, is where social casinos are illegal, so residents cannot download or use Fliff. For the other 49 US states, you’re free to use the Fliff app, as it is legal.

There is also an ongoing lawsuit in California which will determine whether Fliff is legal in the state.


Fliff Purchase and Redemption

Since Fliff is a sweepstakes betting site, its deposits are handled differently than at other online sportsbooks. When users buy coin packages, they get bonuses in the form of Fliff Cash that are equal to their dollar value.

These coin packages are often available for purchase via instant bank transfers, credit cards, and debit cards.

For withdrawals, players can redeem their winnings by exchanging them for real cash. The withdrawal is usually for a rate of $1 for every 1.00 cash, and there are withdrawal limits depending on your state.

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Fliff Dual Currency

Fliff Sports Betting Markets

While Fliff’s league coverage isn’t as extensive as that of its licensed counterparts, it impressively offers multiple sports betting markets. This achievement is noteworthy, considering its unique status as a social sportsbook.

With Fliff Cash, users can bet on games from most American professional leagues and a few international tournaments. While less popular sports are not covered, hundreds of wagering options are available for the day’s significant events. Most sports events, such as basketball, can feature up to 200 markets, including options like player props, game results, and more.

Fliff also offers exclusive features to official sportsbooks, such as daily odds boosts and same-game parlays. However, Fliff doesn’t provide options that are outside the sweepstakes legislation. Fliff covers the following leagues:

  • Football (NCAA and NFL)
  • Baseball (MLB, KBO)
  • Basketball (NCAA and NBA)
  • Tennis (ATP, WTA)
  • Hockey (NHL)
  • MMA (UFC)
  • Boxing
  • Soccer (MLS, UEFA, various national leagues).


Fliff is legal in 49 states in the US, apart from Washington, where social sportsbooks are illegal. Fliff’s offering is perfect for the sports lover because it is unique, risk-free, and entertaining. You can wager on major US sports without spending a dime, and you’ll still be eligible for bonuses and improved odds.

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