Why Is Stake Illegal in US?

Stake.com is a website where users can enjoy sports betting and playing casino games. Sadly for US players, Stake.com is not available in the US. The regulatory issues resulting from Stake.com’s restrictions there are confusing to many US bettors.

In this article, we’ll discuss why is Stake illegal in the US, and alternatives for players.

Why Is Stake.com Illegal in the US?

The United States government has decided to ban Stake for a few reasons. The main reason is that no legitimate gaming body in the United States has granted the platform a gambling license.

Online gambling in the United States is governed at the level of individual states. This implies that every state has its own rules and regulations regarding online gambling.

Without the proper licensing to conduct business in the United States, Stake is breaking the law. Additionally, the service does not collaborate with any gambling establishments or sportsbooks in the United States; therefore, it cannot operate.

stake com not available in the us

Stake.com Not Available in USA

Impacts of Stake’s Ban in the US

There has been a major effect on gamblers due to the United States ban on Stake. The lack of access to the platform and its games has reduced the number of alternatives available to US citizens for online gambling.

While some US players would’ve wished to use the Stake.com platform, it isn’t the only option available to them. This has pushed them to look for other alternatives, one of which is to use an authorized and controlled betting platform in the United States.

Other Stake Betting Options

While Stake.com isn’t available in the US due to legal reasons, the operator (Sweepsteaks Limited) launched Stake.us, a social casino. The platform, which is open exclusively to players in the United States, does not have to abide by the strict gambling regulations set by the US government.

Stake.us offers its players access to various casino games for free. In place of regular fiat and cryptocurrency, Stake.us uses Gold Coins and Stake Cash as its in-game currency. The two betting platforms (Stake.com and Stake.us) might have a few distinct features, but they are ultimately amazing betting sites.

Aside from this option, players in the US can also visit offshore gambling platforms (outside the United States). These gambling platforms are based in other countries; therefore, they are governed by their countries’ gambling laws. Ensure they are well-licensed and offer top-notch features and security.

In addition, there are some states in the United States that have authorized online casinos and sports betting. Players in the United States can use these sites to wager legitimately and without risk.

stakeus webcasino home

Stake.us Social Casino – Alternative to Stake.com


Stake is a globally recognized online gaming platform. However, the operator can’t offer its services to players in the United States due to legal restrictions.

This has had severe impacts on US players, which has pushed them to look for alternatives elsewhere. The good news is that Stake.us is available for online gamers in the States to use.

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