WOW Vegas Prize Drops: What is it and How Does it Work?

In today’s guide, we’ll dive deep into an innovative and engaging rewards system offered by a leading player in the sweepstakes gaming arena – WOW Vegas. For those unfamiliar, WOW Vegas is an online social gaming platform featuring a vast array of popular casino-style games, all of which can be enjoyed without making any purchases.

Contrary to traditional casinos, at WOW Vegas, playing for free doesn’t eliminate the chance of winning real rewards. In fact, all players on the platform, regardless of whether they make purchases or not, have an equal opportunity to reap tangible prizes.

The specific rewards system we’ll be discussing today is known as ‘Prize Drops‘. With a well-thought-out strategy, this feature could increase your chances of securing a significant reward.

So, let’s step into the Prize Drops Lobby and explore what WOW Vegas offers in this exciting section.

Prize Drops: What is it?

Prize drops are a type of promotion offered mostly on traditional online casinos in addition to their rewards program. The concept is simple to understand: as you play certain games or participate in specific activities on the platform, you are eligible to receive various random prizes.

These rewards are typically time-limited, meaning they occur during specific periods or certain days. Some casinos might offer them as part of special events or promotions, while others might have them as a regular feature.

While Prize Drops are common in traditional and crypto casinos, it’s rare to see an online sweepstakes casino offering this specific rewarding system.

wow vegas homepage interface

WOW Vegas Homepage Interface 

Prize Drop Programs

For a quick overview, let’s review some prevalent prize drop programs. These features might appear under different names or custom versions in various online social casinos. This is just a snapshot for your general understanding of the diversity of Prize Drop features.

There are various Prize Drops programs across software providers and gaming platforms. Here are some examples:

  • Drops & Wins by Pragmatic Play: This program is well known for its significant prize pools, reaching millions of dollars, and its weekly tournaments.
  • NetEnt’s Daily Jackpots: NetEnt is well recognized for its daily jackpot games, where the jackpots are guaranteed to drop at a certain moment of the day.

WOW Vegas Prize Drops Guide

In this part, we will look into the specifics of each WOW Vegas Prize Drop type. This includes participation methods, prize information, and tracking your progress. Continue reading to improve your understanding. As a well-informed player, you may enhance your luck.

The Basics

In this section, we will unpack the standard rules and facts common to all prize drops.

  • You must make at least one spin or entry on a sweep slot included in the specific prize drops lineup to join. Currently, all prize drop programs feature 6 chosen sweeps slots provided by Pragmatic Play and Betsoft.
  • During the promotional period, you can activate only one random prize.
  • You can check out the prize pool on each row, where games represent a weekly or daily prize drop promo. You can view the remaining prizes within the “Prizes” tab within the game. This tab can be opened by clicking the yellow gift icon in the upper left corner.
  • Each promotion has a set duration, except for prize drops like WOWZER, which are ongoing 24/7.
  • All prizes are fixed, meaning they’re not affected by your entry amount.
  • You have the chance to win multiple prizes on each day of the specific prize drop.
  • Bear in mind, these rules could change as the platform might make tweaks to improve the system or for other reasons.

In the next section, we will list all currently available prize drops at the social casino.

daily prize drops games wowvegas

Daily Prise Drops Games Interface 

Available Prize Drops at WOW Casino

Lunchtime Loot” is one of the prize drops available for players. Here, you have the opportunity to spin for a chance to grab a hefty share of 500 SC. This event takes place daily from 12:00 to 15:00 ET (Eastern Time).

For this category, all the games currently eligible for prize drops are provided by Pragmatic Play.

However, the lineup can change at any time. Some of the popular slot titles featured in the selections include “Sweet Bonanza“, “Extra Juicy Megaways“, and “Hot Pepper“, among others.

WOWZER Prize Drop

The “24/7 Drops” feature is a non-stop daily prize option available round the clock, offering continuous opportunities for players to win. For now, the games eligible for these prize drops are primarily supplied by Pragmatic Play and Betsoft, which have done an impressive job in this part. Bear in mind that prize drops are a system that some providers may be available at a later point compared to the time of writing this topic.

Among the six titles chosen for this promotion, some notable ones include “Gates of Olympus“, “Big Bass Splash“, and “The Dog House Multihold.” Remember, the selection can change, so keep an eye out for updates.

wowzer prize drops wowvegas casino

WOWZER Prize Drop

Wake up and Win

The Wake Up and Win Prize Drop is a fun joy for early birds. This promotion occurs daily, but only during the morning hours – from 6:00 am to 12:00 pm. WOW Vegas presents a unique opportunity to win a portion of 500 SC in this promotion.

Imagine this – you’re enjoying your morning coffee and a cupcake while potentially playing for a share of the prize – it sounds like a great way to start the day! However, it’s crucial to stay informed about the eligible games for this promotion.

As of the time of writing this review, the eligible games for this promo are:

  • Chicken Drop
  • Fishing Reels
  • Honey x3
  • Juicy Fruits
  • The Dog House
  • Wild Pixie

Remember, these selections are subject to change, so always check for updates.

wake up and win games prize drop wow vegas

Wake up and Win WOW Vegas 

Magic Mondays

Begin your week on a high note with WOW Vegas’s Magic Mondays Prize Drop. This enticing promotion takes place every Monday evening, from 6:00 pm to 12:00 am ET, allowing participants to win a share of an impressive 1,500 SC.

All 6 games eligible for this promotion are themed around magic, either bearing “Magic” in their title or featuring a distinctly magical character in the game thumbnail.

Magic Mondays serve as an excellent option to dispel the typical Monday blues, introducing an element of excitement and potential reward.

magic mondays prize drops games wow vegas

Magic Mondays

Book of Wins

Every Tuesday, WOW Vegas offers the Book of Wins Prize Drop, featuring an impressive prize pool of 1,500 Sweepstakes Coins.

This promotion has a unique twist in its selection of games – all the titles contain the word “book” and are popular among sweep slot players. Notable examples include slot titles like “Book of Vikings” and “Book of Fallen“.

The Book of Wins promotion begins at 6:00 pm and runs until midnight. Don’t forget to keep an eye on the remaining drop prizes; it’s always beneficial to know what’s still up for grabs.

This promo also offers a chance to win substantial real prizes and an engaging thematic experience, making Tuesday nights more exciting.

book of wins wow vegas games prize drop

Book of Wins

Mega Wednesdays

For those predisposed to Megaways slots, Wednesdays at WOW Vegas could be your new favorite day of the week. Following a Tuesday of ‘book-reading’ with Book-themed slots, you can switch gears on Wednesday evenings with globally popular Megaways slots.

Famous titles such as ‘Madame Destiny Megaways‘ and ‘Buffalo King Megaways‘ are part of the action, offering a refreshing change of pace and theme.

The promo period is every Wednesday from 6pm – 12am ET with a 1,500 SC prize pool.

mega wednesdays games wowvegas

Mega Wednesdays Prize Drop 

Thursday Thriller

Thriller Thursdays at WOW Vegas feature games, all provided by the highly reputable game developer, Betsoft. At the time of our review, the link between the chosen games and the ‘thriller’ theme was not immediately apparent, which could be seen as a minor drawback.

Despite the theme connection, the selected games, such as “Thai Blossom” and “Triple Juicy Drops,” remain popular among players.

And while the thematic connection might need to be clearer, the enticing prize pool of 1,500 Sweepstakes Coins remains consistent with the other daily login bonus casino, keeping the appeal of potential winnings alive and well.

Players can join the thriller game.

thrustday thriller games prizedrops wow vegas

Thursday Thriller Prize Drop – WOW Vegas 

10k Friyay Games

Friday nights at WOW Vegas are truly exciting, especially when it comes to the prize drops. The free gaming platform presents an exceptional opportunity for players to win a share of a generous 10,000 SC to celebrate the end of the workweek and the start of the weekend.

Members can start spinning for this substantial reward from 6:00 pm ET on Friday and keep going until 12:00 am ET. The selection of games for this promotion doesn’t follow a specific theme. Instead, it offers a mix of casual games, providing a relaxed and enjoyable environment for players to unwind and take satisfaction in the productive week they’ve had.

So, why not end your workweek on a high note? With the Fabulous Fridays Prize Drop, you can start your weekend with some fun gaming and the chance to win real big prizes.

friday games prize drops wow vegas

10k Friyay Games Prize Drop 

Spin to Win

Rounding out the week, the Spin to Win Prize Drop at WOW Vegas provides an exciting opportunity for players to grab a share of 1,500 SC every Saturday from 6 pm to 12 am ET. At the time of our review, the game selection for this promotion was a mix of “Hold & Spin” games and gem-themed slots, creating a diverse palette for all tastes.

However, the selection can change, so regularly checking the eligible games is a good idea. Regardless of the game variety, the chance to win remains, making Saturdays at WOW Vegas a day to look forward to.

spin to win games wow vegas

Spin to Win Games Wow Vegas 

Bottom Line

Navigating the gaming landscape of WOW Vegas with its innovative Prize Drops rewards system is an exciting venture. It is rare to find an online sweepstakes casino that offers such a diverse range of prize drops, each with its own unique appeal and significant rewards.

From “Lunchtime Loot” to “Spin to Win“, each day of the week offers players a chance to win a share of the various Sweepstakes Coins pools, making each spin or entry an opportunity for a rewarding experience.

The platform’s dedication to providing fair and equal chances to all players, regardless of whether they make purchases or not, is commendable.

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