What is the Wow Vegas Star System VIP & Loyalty Program?

As always, we’re excited to keep our readers in the loop about the latest features coming out of the most successful social casinos. WOW Vegas, launched in 2022, has quickly established itself as a trustworthy and high-quality free online social gaming platform, offering an exceptional gaming experience to its users.

At present, this sweepstakes casino offers a rich collection of over 370 slot games, making for an engaging and fair play environment across the platform.

Today’s focus is on a fresh feature known as the “Star System.” Recognizing the significance of this feature, which forms an integral part of WOW Vegas’s VIP & Loyalty Program, we felt it deserved its own comprehensive guide.

Before jumping to the guide, let’s briefly introduce WOW Vegas to those not familiar with the platform.

wow vegas homepage interface

WOW Vegas Homepage Navigation Interface 

Why WOW Vegas?

WOW Vegas is certainly making waves among sweepstakes aficionados and esteemed independent reviewers across the web. The majority of discussions are positively charged, reflecting the rising interest in this social gaming platform.

Such buzz around the brand triggered our curiosity, prompting us to explore and prepare an in-depth review of WOW Vegas.

After rigorous testing and exploring nearly all features and information available on the casino, we’ve concluded. WOW Vegas stands out as one of the most promising free legal casino in usa.

The platform has undergone numerous enhancements, incorporating a variety of offers, games, and features. It’s clear that a dedicated team is hard at work behind the scenes at this online sweepstakes venue, driving its evolution and commitment to user experience.

Alright, let’s now turn our attention to the Star System offered by WOW Vegas. We’ll investigate whether it’s a feature worth your attention or just a token addition without substantial purpose, strategy, and fairness behind it.

What is the Star System At WOW Vegas?

wow vegas star system interface

Star System WOW Vegas Interface 

The Star System at WOW Vegas is a multi-functional feature that rewards active members. It’s an ideal fit for those with a competitive streak, offering a pathway to attain the highest rank – “Hosted“.

One of the best aspects of this system is its inclusivity – every player is automatically enrolled. There’s no need for an invitation from a VIP manager or selection based on purchases.

From the moment you start playing, you’ll earn 1 Star for every 50 SC you bet on sweepstakes slots. However, remember that only SC contribute to your star collection.

Meanwhile, for those asking, the casino states on its platform that the team is working on ensuring more ways for players to collect stars than by just rolling SC.

Star System Features Guide

There are six Star Ranks in the VIP and loyalty program of the sweepstakes gaming platform:

  1. Rising (lowest rank)
  2. Blue
  3. Bronze
  4. Silver
  5. Gold
  6. Hosted (highest rank).

The higher the rank, the better the perks. Let’s explore all existing features within the system and find out if the Star System is worth the spins.

wow vegas star system levels and features

WOW Vegas Star System Levels & Features 

Daily Prize Drops

The Daily Prize Drops is a unique feature in the WOW Vegas lobby. Here, players can explore a variety of slot titles grouped into different categories.

What makes this section special is that each group comes with specific information about the reward pool and the terms of any drop promotions that are currently available.

Each Daily Prize Drop selection features six distinct slot titles. A useful strategy we recommend is to initially try out these slots using your WOW Coins. This way, you can identify which games you enjoy the most before you start playing with your Sweepstakes Coins (SC).

For further instructions, read the FAQ at the bottom of the platform.

Note: This perk is included in all-star ranks.

daily prize drops games wowvegas

Daily Prize Drops Games – Rewards & Terms

24/7 Customer Support

While 24/7 customer support might seem like a common feature in sweepstakes casinos, it’s only the most reputable and trustworthy social gaming platforms that truly invest resources in offering robust support. WOW Vegas is among those that take customer support seriously.

Although they don’t currently have a live chat feature, the ticket system efficiently handles user queries. However, it’s worth mentioning that most answers to common questions can be found on the comprehensive FAQ pages.

So, before creating a support ticket, we recommend browsing through these information-rich pages for a quicker solution.

Note: This perk is included in all-star ranks.

Over 300 Games

As we stated before, the casino has over 370 slots and no restrictions; users can play anything without the need to unlock games based on their star level or purchases. The casino ensures fair opportunities for both free and purchase-friendly players.

Note: This perk is included in all-star ranks.

wow vegas slot games

WOW Vegas Slot Titles Lobby 

Daily Free Sweepstakes Coins Draw

This feature offers another avenue for players to receive the highly sought-after free SC, this time via email. To participate, you’ll need to navigate to the promotions page on the website, locate the free promo, and request an email to be sent to your address.

For more detailed information on this and other WOW Vegas bonuses and promotions , we’ve crafted a comprehensive guide that you can find in our articles section.

Note: This perk is included in all-star ranks.

Extra WOW Coins on Every Purchase

This perk provides a fantastic opportunity for players who want to max out their stakes and explore their favorite slot titles to the fullest. WOW Coins are perfect for this aim. They serve as an excellent tool for scouting every game on the platform, even at minimum stakes.

Given the vast number of slots at WOW Vegas Casino, you can imagine how many Sweepstakes Coins you’d need to try them all for free.

With the Extra WOW Coins on every purchase, you get a chance to freely explore and find the game that suits you best.

Regular Discounted Coin Packs

Available to players with a Blue Star ranking and above, this feature provides exactly what it promises. Eligible players can access coin packs at a discount, which essentially reduces the cost of play.

Theoretically, this increases the player’s advantage over the social gaming platform, making gameplay more cost-effective. It’s a handy feature that adds real value to the gaming experience.

wowvegas casino discounted coin packages store

Promo Coin Packages – WOW Vegas Casino 

Monthly Bonus

The Monthly Bonus is an additional reward that pops up in players’ accounts each month, available to those with a Bronze Rank and above. Unfortunately, as of writing this guide, specific details regarding the amount each eligible rank receives per month aren’t provided on the platform.

However, rest assured we’ll update this information as soon as it becomes available on the platform. The Monthly Bonus serves as another intriguing feature of the Star System, enhancing the overall gaming experience for loyal players at WOW Vegas.

Daily Login Reward

The Daily Login Reward feature brings a touch of casual gaming, like you’d find on mobile games, to WOW Vegas; it adds an element of fun without forgetting the real prizes at stake.

With this feature, players receive daily rewards, ranging from SC 0.30 for Rising Star players to a generous SC 5.00 for those at the Hosted Star level. Depending on the level, players will also get free WOW Coins varying from 1,500 to 50,000.

Once you achieve a certain rank, you’re guaranteed free Sweepstakes Coins, correlating to free spins, every day! This opens up opportunities for big rewards and tons of fun for those who login daily!

wow vegas daily login bonus banner

Daily Login Bonus WOW Vegas Sweeps Casino 

Priority Customer Support

Priority Customer Support is an invaluable feature for devoted sweepstakes gamers. It’s particularly beneficial for high-rollers who may have more questions or face more issues due to their extensive time spent on the platform.

To address this, WOW Vegas has implemented a system that prioritizes players with Silver, Gold, and Hosted ranks in case of queries. It’s a thoughtful feature that’s also seen in other sweepstakes casino platforms, aligning WOW Vegas with best practices in the industry.

Tailored Special Offers

At this stage, we can only speculate about the nature of these special offers. What’s certain, though, is that Silver to Hosted members will have the chance to benefit from customized offers, aiding their journey toward becoming Hosted Players.

We will update this section as soon as we acquire more details about this exciting part of the Star System.

24 H Redemtion Processing

Average redemption processing times typically range from 3-5 business days. However, the Star System affords Hosted Rank players priority, processing their winnings within 24 hours.

This VIP feature, commonly seen in traditional online casinos, is now being adopted by sweepstakes casinos, demonstrating an equal level of care for all players, especially those who play more frequently.

remeption times wowvegas casino

Usual Redemption Times – WOW Vegas 

Personal Account Host

Personal Account Hosts is another premium perk that WOW Vegas extends to its Hosted Rank players. This feature assigns a dedicated agent to each Hosted player, providing a personalized touch to their gaming experience.

A personal account host is much more than just a point of contact. They’re responsible for delivering tailored service to the player, promptly addressing their queries, assisting in troubleshooting issues, and even suggesting games based on their preferences.

They also help facilitate faster payouts and provide exclusive promotional offers.

VIP Support VIA Whatsapp

VIP Support via WhatsApp is another premium service that WOW Vegas offers to its Hosted Members. This feature provides a convenient, immediate, and personal means of communication with the support team.

Regardless of the issue – be it a technical glitch, a query about games, or a question about transactions, as long as it’s ethical, Hosted Members can reach out to the support team via WhatsApp and expect a swift resolution.

Bottom Line

From discounts on coin packs and daily login rewards to a personal account host for the top-ranked players, WOW Vegas has thoughtfully tailored its VIP & Loyalty Program to reward continued play and dedication to the platform.

The different ranks in the Star System offer an exciting ladder for players to climb, with each rung introducing new and exciting perks. It’s a system that encourages and rewards gameplay while making the overall experience more engaging and enjoyable.

Stay tuned as we continue to explore and provide updates on this and other features at WOW Vegas, your go-to platform for an engaging and fair play environment in the world of online sweepstakes gaming.

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