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Dive into an extraordinary gaming experience with the creation from Betsoft, 72 Fortunes. Prepare for a mystical journey with the legendary Monkey God, Wukong, and discover the secrets to shaping your own fortune. The game introduces an exciting bonus trio that amplifies the thrill with every spin.

As the 4-reel video slot’s reels spin, you’ll find yourself immersed in a world of opportunity where a single payline carries the potential to change your destiny. Feel the thrill of multiplier bonuses that can increase your wins by a factor of 2, 5, or 8!

You can also get an 8x or 18x multiplier on your wager or activate a free respin feature with its own multiplier attached to your wins. So what are you waiting for? Get yourself in the world of Sweeps Coins, as 72 Fortune is available in sweeps cash casinos like WOW Vegas.

72 fortunes slot interface betsoft

72 Fortunes Betsoft Slot Interface 

Gameplay and Mechanics

In 72 Fortunes, the game unfolds across a 4-reel layout with 3 rows and a single payline, offering a straightforward yet engaging experience. This distinctive configuration offers a refreshing departure from the norm, inviting players to embark on a gaming journey that’s both familiar and captivating.

With an RTP of 96.41% and medium volatility, this game offers a nice middle ground between suspense and payoff potential. The medium volatility further enhances the thrill by ensuring that wins are frequent enough to keep players engaged and substantial enough to keep the anticipation alive.


  • Green Dragon Mask: Pays 222.00
  • Red Dragon Mask: Pays 42.00
  • Blue Monkey Mask: Pays 17.00
  • 1st Weapon: Pays 9.50
  • 2nd Weapon: Pays 4.50
  • Any 3 Masks: Pays 4.50
  • Any 3 Weapons: Pays 1.50
  • Any 3 Symbols: Pays 0.75

72 fortunes paytable

72 Fortunes Symbol Payouts 

Interactive Features

This captivating online slot machine introduces players to engaging elements that enhance the gaming experience. Players are treated to a dynamic, immersive adventure beyond traditional slot gameplay through a carefully crafted blend of innovative mechanics.

Incorporating these carefully designed features brings an added layer of excitement and unpredictability, ensuring that each spin holds the promise of discovery and potential fortune:


Autoplay, also known as auto-spin, brings a new level of convenience to the gameplay of 72 Fortunes. This ingenious feature empowers players to relinquish the need for constant manual input, making the experience even more seamless and enjoyable.

By enabling Autoplay, players can set the game to spin the reels automatically for a predetermined number of rounds, freeing them from the task of pressing the spin button after each turn.

Whether you’re savoring the game’s captivating visuals, anticipating exciting wins, or simply relaxing, Autoplay becomes your loyal companion, ensuring the action continues without interruption.

With the ability to select the number of auto-spins, ranging from 5 to 100 times, players can tailor their gaming session to their preferences. Its feature enhances convenience without compromising thrills, making 72 Fortunes an even more engaging and player-friendly slot experience.

interactive features settings 72fortunes

Interactive Features – Autoplay and Bet Settings 72 Fortunes Slot 

Minimum and Maximum Bet Buttons

The game invites you to tailor your wagering strategy with finesse, offering a minimum bet of 0.03 Sweeps Coins, ideal for those who prefer a cautious approach while still indulging in the excitement.

On the other end of the spectrum, high-stakes enthusiasts can unleash their adventurous spirit by placing a maximum bet of 90, igniting the potential for substantial wins.

This dynamic betting range ensures that players from all walks of life can immerse themselves without feeling constrained. Whether you’re an astute strategist seeking calculated bets or a daring risk-taker chasing monumental rewards, the game’s “Minimum and Maximum Bet Buttons” offer you the autonomy to shape your gaming journey.

Bonus Feature and Special Symbols

The game’s allure is amplified by including bonus features and special symbols. From the Bonus Fortune to the intriguing Instant Win, Multiplier, and Respin Bonuses, each aspect promises a unique twist that could lead to substantial rewards.

Bonus Fortune

Experience the thrill of the bonus fortune as it adds an unexpected dimension to your gameplay. With every spin, you’re a step closer to unlocking the 4th reel’s potential. Land a winning combination on reels 1, 2, and 3, and you could activate the elusive 4th reel, paving the way for three enticing features:

Multiplier Bonus

multiplier bonus 72 fortunes

Multiplier Bonus 72 Fortunes 


Watch your wins soar to new heights with the Multiplier Bonus. When activated, this feature multiplies your line win by 2x, 5x, or 8x, adding a dynamic twist to your rewards and transforming ordinary spins into extraordinary victories.

Instant Win Bonus

Seize the moment with the Instant Win Bonus—a surprise win that multiplies your bet by 8x or 18x. Trigger this feature to boost your fortunes instantly, adding an element of surprise to your gameplay.

Respin Bonus

Unleash the power of the Respin Bonus and experience the excitement of multiple respins in a single spin. With each respin, your wins on reels 1, 2, and 3 are duplicated, amplified by a multiplier of 1x, 2x, 3x, or 4x. Keep your eyes peeled for the respin symbol’s reappearance to prolong the thrilling respin spree and amass remarkable rewards.

72fortunes respin bonus feature

Respin Bonus Feature – 72 Fortunes

Design and Graphics

Step into a world of visual splendor with captivating design and graphics in 72 Fortunes. As the reels spin, the game’s aesthetic marvels reveal themselves, depicting the mythical allure and modern elegance of its setting in perfect harmony.

The intricately designed symbols come to life against enchanting landscapes, while vibrant colors and meticulous attention to detail create an immersive environment that breathes life into every spin.


Set yourself on a captivating auditory journey within this internet-based slot game, where a captivating blend of tunes and harmonies perfectly harmonize with its fantastical concept. From the soft vibrations of spinning reels to the triumphant peaks of victories, the sonic encounter beautifully accompanies the visual extravaganza, enriching your plunge into the mystical domain of the game.

Game on Mobile

Discover the mobility of 72 Fortunes as it effortlessly adapts to various mobile devices. Its interactive layout guarantees smooth and captivating gameplay across a spectrum of gadgets.

Be it a cellular phone or a tablet, you can relish the same captivating graphics and exhilarating elements as on a computer, offering you the liberty to pursue treasures anywhere.


As you embark on your journey through the realm of fortunes, the legendary Monkey God Wukong mystique beckons. Engross yourself in the enthralling world of the game, where every spin holds the promise of shaping your destiny. With its inventive bonus features, including the Instant Win, Multiplier, and Respin Bonuses, every moment is infused with excitement and the potential for substantial rewards.

From the captivating design that paints a mesmerizing backdrop to the harmonious soundtrack accompanying your every move, this game encapsulates the charm of exploration. So, venture into 72 Fortunes online slot, where dynamic gameplay and endless possibilities await.

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The release date of 72 Fortunes is September 14, 2023.

The game’s maximum winning potential is 4,400 times the bet.

The return to player of 72 Fortunes is 96.41%, which is above industry’s standard.

Yes, even American players can legally play and win real money on 72 Fortunes, as the game is available in US sweepstakes casinos.

Enjoy the free demo of 72 Fortunes we offer here at Mr. Sweepstakes.

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