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Push Gaming has once again outdone itself with the launch of its latest slot sensation, Boss Bear. After the roaring success of Big Bamboo, the renowned developer is back to shake up the online gaming world. Boss Bear is not just a game; it’s a foray into a thrilling, albeit fictional, underworld where the adorable panda bears from our beloved forests swap bamboo for big city business. This time, the tranquil ambiance of the forest gives way to the bustling, neon-lit streets of an urban jungle.

Players are invited to join Mr. Panda and his crew in navigating the shadowy corridors of power and mystery. Without revealing too much, let’s just say this slot is packed with surprises that promise to keep gamers on the edge of their seats. Get ready to dive into a review that uncovers the allure of Boss Bear, spotlighting its unique features and captivating gameplay while maintaining the element of surprise.

boss bear slot interface

Boss Bear Slot Interface

Gameplay and Mechanics

Boss Bear introduces players to a sophisticated gaming experience set within an elegantly designed Asian-inspired frame. The slot game showcases a captivating 6×5 reel layout featuring 50 paylines, providing various winning possibilities. This high-volatility slot boasts an impressive RTP of 96.47%, varying depending on player strategies and market conditions. Push Gaming introduces the unique Push Bet option to further heighten the excitement, increasing the likelihood of players triggering the exhilarating free spins round.


The paytable presents a rich variety of symbols. Players will find the classic diamonds, clubs, hearts, and spades at the lower end. Climbing up the value ladder, mid-range symbols like ninja stars and pistols make their appearance. The excitement peaks with the high-value symbols: here, wolf, monkey, and panda characters take center stage, promising more substantial rewards for players. Notably, the panda symbol stands out, offering payouts for combinations of two or more.

boss bear paytable

Boss Bear Paytable

Bonus Features and Special Symbols in Boss Bear

This game is an adventure filled with intriguing bonus features and special symbols. These elements enhance the gameplay and increase the chances of big wins. Let’s dive into the details of these features and symbols, exploring how they transform the game into an exhilarating experience.

Bonus Features

Reveal & Golden Reveal Symbols

During the main game and free spins in Boss Bear, players may encounter reveal symbols stacking up on any of the reels. These symbols, upon landing, simultaneously unveil identical symbols—either wilds or regular pay symbols.

A notable aspect is when reveal symbols appear on three or more adjacent reels, irrespective of their specific positions on these reels. In such instances, they morph into Golden Reveal symbols, an action that activates the Coin Feature in the game.

boss bear golden reveal feature

Boss Bear Golden Reveal

Coin Feature

In Boss Bear’s Coin Feature, every spot showcasing a golden reveal symbol transforms, becoming a coin that cycles through various potential rewards. Here’s what players can anticipate during this feature:

  • Instant Prize Symbol: These symbols act as bet multipliers, ranging from 1x up to a staggering 1,000x.
  • Multiplier Symbol: With values of x2, x3, x5, or x10, these symbols enhance the value of every Instant Prize and Collector symbol on the reels by their respective multiplier values. Following this augmentation, the multiplier symbol is eliminated, and its previous position cycles anew through all available prize options.
  • Collector Symbol: This symbol plays a pivotal role by accumulating the values of all Instant Prize and other Collector symbols on the reels. After this collection, the Instant Prize symbols are taken off the reels and undergo another spin, offering a fresh set of prizes. Significantly, the Collector symbol remains active on the reels for the duration of the Coin Feature.
  • Nudge Symbol: Landing this symbol triggers an expansion of the entire stack of Golden Reveal symbols, covering the entire reel where it appeared. After this expansion, the Nudge symbol is removed. The new, empty positions turn into coins, which spin to reveal new prizes from the entire range, except for the Nudge symbol.

This coin feature adds an intricate layer of excitement to the gameplay, with each symbol bringing its unique twist and potential for significant wins.

coin feature info bossbear push gaming

Coin Feature Info Boss Bear by Push Gaming

Gamble Feature

This feature is triggered when a player lands 3 or 4 scatter symbols. Players can gamble the free spins they have just won, aiming for higher-tier free spin outcomes. If the gamble does not pay off, players will lose all the free spins they had initially won, adding a layer of strategic decision-making to the game.

Free Spins

Scatter symbols are collected on the low symbols meter beside the reels during the free spins. Accumulating 4 scatters related to a specific low symbol causes that symbol on the reels to transform into reveal symbols. Notably, scatter symbols stop appearing once all low symbols have been converted.

The removal of each low symbol not only changes the reels but also brings additional rewards: the first conversion grants 4 extra free spins and a 2x multiplier, the second conversion results in 3 additional free spins with a 3x multiplier, the third conversion also provides 3 more spins but with a 5x multiplier, and the fourth conversion leads to 2 extra spins with a substantial 10x multiplier.

These multipliers are particularly significant as they apply to instant prizes and collector symbols during the coin feature in the free spins. When the free spins are initiated with either 4 or 5 scatter symbols, the low symbols meter is pre-filled, immediately converting the corresponding low-pay symbols into reveal symbols.

boss bear free spins bonus round

Boss Bear Free Spins Bonus Round

Bonus Buy

The game also features a bonus buy option, offering players three choices. Opting for 300 times the bet, players can unlock the full-screen Golden Reveal feature with an RTP of 96.71%. A higher stake of 600 times the bet allows players to buy free spins activated by 5 scatter symbols, offering an increased RTP of 96.81%.

Lastly, there’s the option for random free spins to trigger at 100 times the bet, which provides an RTP of 96.4%. Each of these choices in the Bonus Buy menu allows players to tailor their gaming experience according to their preferences and strategy.

Special Symbols

Scatter Symbol

The scatter symbol is a dynamic feature capable of appearing on any reel and active during the coin feature. The number of scatters landed influences the free spins awarded:

  • 3 Scatter Symbols: Players are rewarded with 7 free spins. None of the low-pay symbols are converted into reveal symbols during these spins.
  • 4 Scatter Symbols: This combination grants 8 free spins. Additionally, two low-pay symbols are transformed into reveal symbols, enhancing the potential for winning combinations.
  • 5 Scatter Symbols: The highest scatter reward provides 9 free spins, where four low-pay symbols undergo conversion into reveal symbols, significantly boosting the chances of hitting winning lines.

Design and Graphics

boss bear slot landing design

Boss Bear Slot Landing Design

Boss Bear’s design masterfully transports players into a brilliantly envisioned urban realm where pandas navigate a fascinating underworld. The game’s graphics are crisp and rich in detail, capturing the essence of a neon-drenched Asian cityscape after dark. Each character is depicted in a whimsical yet edgy style, seamlessly aligning with the game’s overarching theme.

Surrounding the reels is an elegant frame inspired by traditional Asian motifs, enhancing the game’s immersive quality. This careful attention to aesthetic detail ensures that every game aspect contributes to a cohesive and engaging visual experience.


The soundtrack of Boss Bear is as compelling as its graphics. It features a dynamic mix of traditional Asian tunes and modern beats, creating an immersive auditory experience that perfectly complements the game’s theme. The sound effects during gameplay, from the spinning of the reels to the chime of a winning combination, are crisp and well-timed, enhancing the excitement of the game.


In summary, Boss Bear stands out as an exemplary slot game. Its stunning design and graphics and a captivating soundtrack create a rich gaming atmosphere. The game’s compatibility with mobile devices is a testament to Push Gaming’s commitment to accessibility and quality. Overall, Boss Bear is not just a game but a complete sensory experience, offering both visual delights and exciting gameplay.

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Many sweeps and social casinos, like WOW Vegas and, offer the Boss Bear slot, allowing players to try it out and potentially win real money prizes.

Boss Bear is a slot with 6 reels, 5 rows, and 50 paylines. It offers an engaging gaming experience with high volatility and includes a Super High Paying symbol that pays on 2 of a kind in both the base game and free spins feature.

Boss Bear has a maximum min potential of 25,000x your bet.

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