Cash Crew

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Dive into the high-stakes world of Cash Crew, a thrilling slot creation by Hacksaw Gaming that transports players into a gritty, noir crime scene. This game celebrates the age-old allure of cash in a daring heist theme, setting the stage for an exhilarating quest for illicit riches.

With its availability in sweepstakes casinos such as Chanced Casino, Cash Crew opens its vault to American players, offering them a shot at the loot. Embark on this adventure of stealth and strategy, where each spin could edge you closer to the game’s coveted treasures. Keep reading to uncover the mechanics and secrets that make Cash Crew a must-play slot.

cash crew base game

Cash Crew Slot Base Game

Gameplay and Mechanics

Set against a 5×5 grid, Cash Crew by Hacksaw Gaming offers players 14 unique paylines for landing winning combinations. The game presents an RTP ranging from 88.29% to 96.26%, accommodating different types of players and their betting strategies.

Positioned on the higher end of the volatility spectrum, rated 4 out of 5, it guarantees an exciting and unpredictable gaming experience. This slot introduces a captivating cash symbol collect mechanism, enhanced by multiplier symbols for increased winnings.

Players step into a virtual heist, aiming to outsmart the system and grab hefty payouts, making every spin a thrilling chase for the game’s max win potential.


Symbol Match 5
Card Symbols 2x
Masked Thief 5-10x
Cash Symbol 4x
Wild 25x


Cash Crew introduces an array of features to enhance gameplay, including an autoplay function that allows players to set a predetermined number of spins at a specific bet level. Bets can range from a minimum of 0.10 to a maximum of 100 per spin, catering to both casual players and high rollers.

This flexibility, combined with the game’s high volatility and intricate symbol collection mechanics, provides a rich and varied playing experience. The game also offers feature buys for players looking to directly access its most exciting parts, like The Vault or The High-Security Vault free spins rounds, where the potential for big wins is significantly increased.

Bonus Features

Cash Crew’s gameplay is elevated with engaging bonus features that promise both excitement and substantial rewards. Players have the chance to unlock these features as they navigate through the game, enhancing their chances of securing a significant haul.

The Vault Free Spins

the vailt free spins cash crew slot

The Vault Free Spins Bonus Game

Triggering The Vault free spins requires landing 3 FS scatter symbols during the base game, which rewards players with 6 free spins. This mode increases the odds of encountering Cash and Multiplier symbols, both boasting higher values than in the regular game.

Additionally, once a multiplier symbol lands, its position remains activated throughout the round, ensuring that a random multiplier will appear on every subsequent spin, further boosting the winning potential. The presence of the Stopwatch symbol adds 1 to 6 extra free spins, depending on the number displayed, extending the heist and enhancing players’ loot.

The High-Security Vault

A more lucrative version of The Vault, The High-Security Vault is accessed by landing 4 FS symbols in the base game, initiating 9 free spins. This round mirrors The Vault in functionality but with a twist: all Cash symbols start with a minimum value of 5x, significantly increasing the baseline for wins.

It’s a high-reward scenario that targets players looking for the ultimate payout.These bonus rounds, combined with the base game’s mechanics, ensure that every spin in Cash Crew can be a step towards a significant payday, encapsulating the excitement of a well-planned heist.

Special Symbols

In Cash Crew, players are treated to an array of special symbols, each playing a crucial role in the pursuit of riches.

cashcrew hacksaw gaming special symbols

Hacksaw Gaming Slot Special Symbols

Wild Symbols

Acting as a lynchpin for lucrative combinations, wild symbols can substitute for any regular pay symbol. Beyond their substitutive power, they boast a considerable payout, offering 25 times the stake for a line of 5, positioning them as a highly desirable find on the reels.

Scatter Symbols

The gateway to the game’s dynamic free spins rounds, scatter symbols are instrumental in elevating the gameplay. Securing 3 scatters unlocks The Vault free spins, while 4 scatters trigger the even more rewarding High-Security Vault round, promising players enhanced opportunities for collecting cash and multipliers.

Grab’em Symbol

A pivotal element in the game’s cash symbol collection mechanic, the Grab’em symbol triggers the accumulation of all cash symbols present, when it lands in conjunction with them. This feature not only boosts the excitement level but also the potential for significant wins, making each appearance of the Grab’em symbol a potentially game-changing moment.

Design and Graphics

cash crew slot landing design

Cash Crew Slot Landing Design

Cash Crew emerges as a standout slot with its immersive design and graphics that plunge players into the heart of a noir-themed heist. The game’s aesthetic is strikingly moody, set in a mostly monochrome palette that echoes the shadowy world of crime. Hacksaw Gaming has masterfully crafted a backdrop of a virtual bank, where the pursuit of cash unfolds.

This setting is further brought to life by the presence of menacing, masked villains that flank the reels, adding a palpable tension and intrigue. The meticulous attention to detail in the symbols and environment ensures that every spin is not just a bet, but a step deeper into a thrilling criminal saga.


The soundtrack of Cash Crew sets a compelling tone for the high-stakes heist adventure. It skillfully blends suspenseful melodies with the occasional adrenaline-pumping crescendo, mirroring the game’s fluctuating tension and excitement.

This auditory backdrop enhances the immersive experience, keeping players on the edge of their seats as they spin the reels, perfectly complementing the slot’s noir crime theme.

Final Words

With its gripping noir heist theme and a compelling blend of high volatility and engaging mechanics, Cash Crew by Hacksaw Gaming is an exhilarating addition to the world of online sweeps slots. Its unique blend of cash symbol collection, multiplier dynamics, and immersive bonus features offer both thrill and substantial winning potential. For players seeking an adventure filled with suspense and the allure of illicit riches, Cash Crew promises an unforgettable spinning experience.

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Yes, Cash Crew is optimized for play on both mobile and desktop devices, offering a seamless gaming experience.

The maximum win potential in Cash Crew is 10,000 times your stake.

Yes, Cash Crew features two types of free spins rounds: The Vault and The High-Security Vault, both offering unique opportunities for bigger wins.

Bonus features in Cash Crew are triggered by landing specific combinations of scatter symbols on the reels.

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