Dark Summoning

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Gather courage and dive into the cryptic world of Dark Summoning, where you must courageously embrace the darkness to survive. In the slot, you will have no choice but to obey the will of the order, which will determine whether you will rise to salvation or undergo trial by Hellfire!

Answer The Summon to The Dark World

Dark Summoning is a creatively designed slot machine by Hacksaw Gaming set on a 5×6 layout with 24 paylines and a theoretical RTP of 96.36%. Some of the most outstanding features you get include wild multipliers that can earn you up to 100x your bet, not to mention Will of the Order, Unholy Summoning, Trial by Hellfire, and Rise to Salvation.

Besides its amazing graphics and profound storyline, Dark Summoning boasts a maximum win of up to 10,666x your bet with as little as 0.10 coins.

dark summoning slot interface

Dark Summoning Slot Interface

Gameplay and Mechanics

Hacksaw Gaming has gotten clients accustomed to its simple but detailed layout. The same style is applied on Dark Summoning, so everything you need to operate the game is at the bottom of the reels. These include a bonus buy button and hamburger menu containing the sound, music, super turbo, turbo, and information toggles. The two controls are situated on the left of the panel.

On the right of the control panel, you will find the bet adjustment buttons, spin button, and autoplay button, which you can use to spin the reels automatically between 10 to 1,000 times. All controls are responsive, so a single click is enough to initiate a command.

How To Play Dark Summoning

Playing Dark Summoning is easy, whether you are a new or seasoned player who understands  sweeps video slots. First, use the bet adjustments buttons. Remember to maintain the bet limit of 0.10 to 100.00. After that, hit the spin button and turn the reels, which will determine whether you have won.

Symbols and Paylines

symbol payouts dark summoning slot hacksaw gaming

Dark Summoning Symbol Payouts Hacksaw Gaming

Dark Summoning is played using 10 symbols, excluding the special symbols. The scissors, fly, bird, pyramid eye, and goat head represent the highest paying symbols with 5-of-a-kind, paying out to 2.50 to 10 times your bet.

On the other hand, card symbols 10, J, Q, K, and A pay the least amount. Landing 5 OAK on a payline pays out 1 times your bet. The game has 24 paylines, and symbols pay on adjacent reels from left to right, starting with the leftmost reel.

Bonus Features and Special Symbols

Hacksaw Gaming made Dark Summoning even more interesting by adding special symbols, which include the paying wild represented by a W. The blue wild, which only appears in the base game and the Rise to Salvation bonus feature, is the highest-paying symbol, with 5 OAK paying out 30 times your bet. Besides, the slot has a scatter symbol represented by a blue cross, not to mention several bonus features, which include:

Wild Multipliers

wild multipliers info dark summoning slot

Wild Multipliers Info

Dark Summoning has two wild symbols, the red and blue wilds, which can replace any other symbol on the paytable. While the blue symbol appears on the base game and Rise to Salvation feature, the red wild symbol only comes into play during the Trial by Hellfire bonus feature. Note that the two wilds have similar functions.

Whenever the wild hits, it may bear between a 2x and 100x multiplier. However, the wilds will not appear with multipliers during the Rise to Salvation bonus feature. When 2 or more wilds hit simultaneously in a winning combination, their multipliers are added together before they are applied to the wins.

Super Cascade

Whenever you achieve a winning combination, the current wins are awarded, and after that, the winning symbols are marked and removed from the reels. New symbols then cascade in to replace the removed symbols, possibly creating new wins, which may cause additional cascades.

Will of the Order

The Will of the Order, represented by the blue cross, is the scatter symbol. Whenever the scatter hits, it replaces itself and 1 to 9 other symbols, which may appear with or without multipliers. In instances where more than one Will of the Order symbol appears simultaneously, the Will of the Order will be triggered once for each Order symbol.

will of the order dark summoning

Will of the Order Dark Summoning Slot 

Unholy Summoning

The Unholy Summoning is another scatter symbol. Whenever the unholy scatter symbols land together with at least one winning combination, they are collected to the top right corner of the grid and saved for the duration of the round. When you land three unholy symbols, they are collected simultaneously, regardless of any winning combinations.

Trial By Hellfire Bonus Feature

You trigger the Trial by Hellfire feature, which awards 10 free spins when you land three unholy symbols in the base game. During the bonus feature, all winning positions are marked with Hellfire. When the unholy symbol lands, it triggers the Fires of Hell sequence.

During this feature, the Unholy symbol and all slots marked by Hellfire are replaced with the Wild symbol, which may hit with or without multipliers. All Hellfire is then eliminated. The Fires of Hell sequence lasts until the next cascade. While the Fires of Hell sequence is active, new wins will not activate Hellfire.

trial by hellfire bonus feature dark summoning

Dark Summoning Trial by Hellfire Bonus Round

Rise To Salvation Bonus Feature

Rise To Salvation bonus feature with 10 free spins triggers when you collect 3 Unholy Symbols simultaneously in a round while the Order symbol is present. During the bonus feature, the symbol drops, and the cascade direction is reversed so that the symbol moves upwards instead of downwards. The bonus feature has special lost soul symbols.

Every time a lost soul lands, it becomes persistent until it ascends or until the end of the bonus. The lost soul symbol moves upwards with other cascading symbols to occupy empty spaces left behind by removed wins. When the lost soul reaches the top of the reel, it ascends and is removed. There are two different types of lost soul symbols: The Global Multiplier and the Cash Prize lost soul.

When the Global Multiplier lost soul reaches the top row and ascends, it adds multipliers ranging from 2x to 100x to the Global Multiplier situated above the reels. The global multiplier is then added to all winning combinations.

When the Cash Prize lost soul reaches the top row and ascends, it awards 10, 15, 20, 25, 50, 100, and 666 times the bet. The value of the global multiplier can also multiply the cash prizes. If you land three non-winning spins in a row, 3 to 5 random high or low-paying symbols are eliminated from the grid on the third spin.

rise to salvation bonus feature gameplay darksummoning

Rise to Salvation Bonus Feature

Bonus Buy

Lastly, Dark Summoning has the bonus buy feature, which allows you to purchase a couple of bonus features at a price. Some of the features available for activation or purchase include:

  • BonusHunt Featurespins – At 3x your bet, each spin is 5 times more likely to trigger a bonus game. The round’s volatility is very high, while the RTP is adjusted to 96.33%.
  • Trial by Hellfire – Priced at 130x your bet, you get 10 free spins in the Trial by Hellfire bonus game. With this, the volatility is very high, and the RTP is changed to 96.36%.
  • Rise to Salvation – At 250x your bet, you get 10 free spins in the Rise to Salvation bonus game. The round’s volatility is high, while the RTP is adjusted to 96.42%.

Design and Graphics

Dark Summoning is an intense video slot set in a spooky house split into two parts. The right represents Trial by Hell with Satan ready to set you ablaze, whereas the left represents the Rise to Salvation with a floating skeleton creature in a robe.

The reels appear on a blazing fireplace-like structure with stones forming the borders. The graphics are exceptional, while the animations give the entire slot an excellent feel. Hacksaw Gaming also included an eerie soundtrack that adds to the slot’s theme.

dark summoning slot landing design

Dark Summoning Slot Landing Design


Hacksaw Gaming made an impression with Dark Summoning. The high volatility, 5×6 slot machine, with an RTP of 96.36%, will send chills down your spine! Dark Summoning throws you into a mysterious world where you will either ascend or burn.

In line with the theme, you get unique symbols and fantastic bonus features. Moreover, the maximum win is set to 10,666x your bet, which is not shabby. However, it would be better if the developer added a progressive jackpot and increased the symbols’ payouts. Even so, Dark Summoning is a wonderful game to play! All you need to do is answer the summon and appear before the order.

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Yes, Dark Summoning is available to play for free in sweeps and social casinos like Stake.us and Chanced.com, allowing players to try the game without wagering real money but win real cash rewards.

Dark Summoning features high volatility, providing players with the potential for significant wins. Dive into the mysterious world of this slot and experience the thrill of its variance.

The slot offers a maximum win of 10,666x, providing an opportunity for substantial rewards for those who dare to embrace the game’s challenges.

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