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Inspired by the overly successful Gonzo’s Quest, Gonzo’s Treasure Map reimagines the journey to EL Dorado, the city of gold. Once again, you come across Gonzo with his headgear and colorful outfit, ready to embark on a successful adventure that might earn him riches.

The only difference is that this time, Gonzo is armed with a very elaborate map that you just need to learn how to navigate to get to the destination where treasures await.

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Navigate The Ancient Incan World

Gonzo’s Treasure Map by Evolution is a high-volatility game that uses Augmented Reality or AR to deliver an experience like no other.

Unlike conventional slots, Gonzo’s Treasure Map is quite distinct. It features a map gracefully etched on the wall. The map has 7 columns and 10 rows forming 70 squares, which are also betting positions.

Your role is to use the map to find huge treasures totaling. Gonzo’s Treasure Map has an RTP of 95.26% and allows stakes ranging from 0.1 coin. You also get special features like bonus rounds and the drop, which are game-changers.

gonzos treasure map interface

Gonzo’s Treasure Live Gameplay

Gameplay and Mechanics

Evolution Gaming did an excellent job developing Gonzo’s Treasure Map. Every aspect of the gameplay and mechanics is well-curated to a tee! The game has a virtual wall with 70 squares in the middle.

Gonzo’s Treasure map has controls you need to operate the game on the upper and lower sections. For instance, the top left corner contains the click-to-chat option that allows you to communicate with the host. The same section contains the bet values range.

You get the full-screen button, information, system setting, sound, video, and chat buttons in the top right corner.

Finally, on the lower section of the screen, starting from the left, you will find the money symbol, which you need to set the bet, the balance display, and the total bet display. The far-right corner has the table control.

How To Play Gonzo’s Treasure Map

To play Gonzo’s Treasure map, wager on one or several squares on the wall. Remember, you can bet on as many as 70 positions. Each section can have a distinct wager or the same stake.

You decide how you wish to proceed with the game. Immediately after the betting round ends, the map wall dissolves. This process will reveal three lucky Gonzo key stones that will dictate whether or not you will advance to the bonus round.

At the same time, a small slot at the top of the wall starts moving and cascades 5 blocks, with each block landing on a separate column. If any of the grid lands on the section you bet on, you win, else, you lose.

Only two types of blocks will determine the size of the prize: the Gold and Multiplier Blocks. These blocks impact your reward as follows:

  • Multiplier Blocks – When a multiplier block hits, it multiplies the bet on the winning position by 20x.
  • Gold Blocks – When a gold block hits, they multiply the bet on the winning position by 10x.

Note that only a single block can drop on a column, whereas the rows are selected randomly for each block.

gold and multiplier blocks gonzo treasure map live

Multiplier and Gold Blocks 

Bonus Features and Special Symbols

The base game of the high-volatility Gonzo’s Treasure Map is fantastic! The multiplier and gold blocks can potentially earn you decent wins. However, the game gets twice the fun with the bonus features, which include:

Bonus Round

The bonus round in Gonzo’s Treasure map activates when a keystone appears on the position you bet on. The excitement builds if the multiplier block lands on the key stone since all bonus round multipliers double.

To start the bonus round, Gonzo unlocks a brand new 70-tiled grid wall using his key. The wall contains multipliers placed randomly on different grids. These multipliers are: 25x, 50x, 75x, 100x, 150x, 200x, and 500x. There is also a 2x tile that can double all multipliers.

During the bonus round, a ruby block cascades to a random position. If it lands on a multiplier, the bonus round concludes, and your winnings are multiplied by the multiplier the ruby block landed on.

However, if it rests on a double tile, all multipliers available on the wall double, and the top slot starts moving again. The round will continue until the ruby block lands on a multiplier repeating the sequence.

Design and Graphics

gonzos treasure map live logo

Gonzo’s Treasure Map Live Design 

The game comes with a much more distinct design! The technology used makes the game much more interactive and social to play. First, Gonzo is set in an old ruin with intricate Inca patterns adorning the entire place.

The 70-tiled grid wall is in the middle of the space, with the host on the right and Gonzo on the left. Each round is manned by the host, who you can communicate with using the live chat feature.

The function makes the game much more live than ordinary slots. Evolution Gaming also uses 3D graphics to bring out every aspect of the slot, whereas the cameras capture every angle for better viewing.

To keep you elated, Gonzo’s Treasure Map uses a gripping soundtrack with indigenous melodies that blend perfectly with the sound effects. Every aspect of the design is stunning and revolutionary. This explains why Gonzo’s Treasure Map is considered the future of slots and casino gaming.


Gonzo’s Treasure Map is mesmerizing, from the design to the gameplay. Evolution Gaming went all in to provide players with an extraordinarily interactive and social live game. The high volatility title uses Augmented Reality to create a virtual environment where the action occurs. They then added intricate designs to capture the Inca civilization to preserve the game’s originality.

In addition to the enchanting structure, layout, and game mechanics, Gonzo’s Treasure Map allows players to win substantial wins with as little as 0.10 coins.

However, the bet value range is also suitable for high rollers. You will also enjoy a special bonus round that will turn the excitement a notch higher.

Sadly, it lacks a progressive jackpot, and the medium RTP of 95.26% could use a bump, guaranteeing more money returns to players in the long run. Despite these few misses, you still get to have fun whether you are playing the base game or the bonus round.

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The game offers chances of winning prizes up to $500,000.

Gonzo’s Treasure Map is a highly volatile slot, so you can win substantial wins playing it.

The game does not utilize a fixed number of paylines as in most slots. Instead, it features a map of 70 squares, which are your betting positions.

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