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Join the seafarers and navigate the treacherous waters in search of massive fortune. Chart your route wisely to avoid roaring tides and unforgiving sea creatures. As a captain, there is no time for rest, as you might miss the big fish on your way to the treasure you seek most.

Feel free to seek assistance from the hammer octopus, spawner fish, and payer worm, who better understand the waters.

Sail Through the Seasons of Lure of Fortune

Lure of Fortune is a medium to high-volatility video slot that uses the cluster pay mechanism. The slot machine by Relax Gaming has a 5×5 grid with an RTP of 96.10% and a maximum payout of 50,000x, which you can win with a minimum bet of 0.10.

To make the video slot even more exciting, Relax Gaming fitted the game with several features, including the fantastic multiplier upgrade, pick mode, and, most importantly, the buy option, which you can use to maximize your winning chances.

lure of fortune slot interface

Lure of Fortune Slot Interface

Gameplay and Mechanics

Relax Gaming is known for its simple yet captivating design. The same layout is used on Lure of Fortune. In that case, you will find all the controls you need to operate the game at the bottom of the reels. On the left, expect the hamburger menu, which contains the information button, the settings option, and the sound button.

Next to it is the buy option, and above this is a mode button that shows the pick mode options when you hit it. After that, expect the (-) and (+) buttons for adjusting the bet value, a control for speeding up the reels, the play button, and the autoplay option, which you can use to rotate the reels hands-free 10 to an infinite number of times.

How To Play the Game

To turn the reels, start by adjusting the bet values. Lure of Fortunes accepts a minimum and maximum bet of 0.10 and 200.00 coins, respectively. After you confirm the wager, hit the spin button to rotate the reels. Once the reels come to a halt, the arrangement of the symbols will determine whether you have won.

Lure of Fortune Symbols and Paylines

lure of fortune symbol payouts

Lure of Fortune Symbol Payouts

Lure of Fortunes is played with 8 standard symbols. The game pays in clusters of at least 4 symbols. The captain is the highest-paying symbol, with a payout of 30 times your bet for a cluster of 25 matching symbols.

On the other hand, the hammer octopus, spawner, payer worm, and green fish are the medium-paying symbols. A cluster of 25-of-a-kind pays out 22 times your bet. Finally, the shells are the least-paying symbols. Landing a cluster of 25-of-a-kind pays out 11 times your bet.

Bonus Features and Special Symbols

While the base game is exciting, it gets even better with the bonus round and special symbols. These include:


The game has a cascade feature, which occurs whenever you hit a winning combination. For this feature, all symbols that were part of the winning combinations disappear, existing symbols fall to occupy their positions, and new symbols drop in to occupy the empty spaces.

Multiplier Upgrade

multiplier upgrade information

Multiplier Upgrade Information

Each symbol on the Lure of Fortune has a corresponding multiplier value. The multiplier is applied on every win by a particular symbol. The multipliers start with x1 and are doubled for every win on the symbol.

At the start of a new spin, the game can assign a random multiplier on various symbols, with the maximum multiplier on any symbol determined by the version of the game you are playing.

Bonus Game

Land 3 or more bonus symbols on a payline to activate the bonus game/round, which has 9 rows and 6 columns. Your bonus round starts with 3 free spins. When the bonus game is active, 5 symbols are shown on the 2nd row from the bottom of columns 1 to 5, displaying a value multiplication of bet.

In column 6, you will see a multiplier ladder. The ladder reveals multipliers that will apply to any symbol on the same row once the bonus game concludes. Note that you can land 3 symbols at the bottom row of all columns.

As stated, the bonus game starts with 3 spins, which reduce when no symbol lands. However, the spins reset whenever a symbol lands on the bottom row of columns 1 to 6.

In columns 1 to 5, expect the following coin symbol features.

lure of fortune free spins bonus round

Lure of Fortune Free Spins Bonus Round

  • Fish: Whenever it hits, the fish reveals a value and moves up one row of the column it lands. If there is a symbol on the row, it will be pushed up one row also.
  • Hammer: The hammer pushes all the symbols on the column it hits up by a single row.
  • Payer: The payer first reveals a value. After that, it adds the value to all symbols on the column it lands on.
  • Doubler: As the name suggests, the doubler doubles all the symbol values for the column in which it appears.
  • Spawner: The spawner first copies a symbol and its value from the column it lands on. After that, it places the copy one step below the old one.

Bonus Features

  • Golden Hammer: Pushes all symbols on columns 1 to 5 up by one row.
  • Payer: Increases the multipliers on column 6 by +1.
  • Doubler: As the name suggests, this doubles all the multipliers on reel 6.
  • Bonus: When it hits, the number of spins left on the counter will reset to 4. This will remain the case for the remainder of the game.
  • Persistent Hammer: The persistent Hammer randomly picks a column and pushes symbols on that column up by a single row. This feature will remain active at the end of each spin for the remainder of the bonus game.
  • Persistent Payer: The Persistent Player first picks a value it will keep until the end of the bonus game. After that, it randomly picks a single column between each spin and adds the value to it. The feature remains active until the end of the bonus game.
  • Persistent Spawner: This feature copies a symbol and its corresponding value from the grid. After that, it positions the copied symbol one row below. If there are no open positions below another symbol, the copy will be placed one position above. The feature is active until the bonus symbol is over. The feature remains active until the end of the bonus game.
  • Symbols that reach the top row will not be moved by landed features. When multiple symbols hit the top row in the same column, their values will be added together.

Pick Mode Feature

pick mode feature lureoffortune

Pick Mode Feature Lure of Fortune – Relax Gaming

You can change the modes of the game using the Mode button. Once you hit the control, the game will present you with three different variants of the game as follows:

Medium Volatility

  • Has a maximum base game multiplier of 32x
  • A win cap of 5,000x bet applies for the game round

High Volatility

  • Has a maximum base game multiplier of 64x
  • A win cap of 20,000x bet applies for the game round

Extremely High Volatility

  • Has a maximum base game multiplier of 128x
  • A win cap of 50,000x bet applies for the game round

Buy Feature Option

bonus buy feature lureoffortune slot

Lur of Fortune Bonus Buy Feature

The game allows you to purchase the different bonuses instead of activating them naturally. So far, here are the buy feature options that you should expect:

  • Medium Volatility: Played by 50x your bet
  • High Volatility: Played by 100x your bet
  • Extremely High Volatility: Played by 150x your bet

Remember, you can only activate the feature during the base game. Also, for each feature, the RTP changes to 96.50%, and lastly, activation of each feature guarantees a minimum of 3 bonus symbols and entry to the bonus round.

Design and Graphics

The game introduces players to amazing graphics and a fish theme. The Lure of Fortunes takes place at the harbor with floating wooden houses on either side of the screen. You can see the open waters on the horizon, the blue skies, and a boat.

The reels, on the other hand, appear on neatly arranged squares. You can see a scroll with multipliers on the left of the reels. Finally, Lure of Fortunes has a merry soundtrack, which adds to the thrill of the slot.

lure of fortune slot landing design

Lure of Fortune Slot Landing Design


Lure of Fortune is a vibrant and captivating marine-themed video slot with an incredible storyline. The game has medium to extremely high volatility and offers players an RTP of 96.10%, which can increase to 96.50%. It also has fantastic bonus features, including the pick mode, multiplier upgrade, and bonus game, which allow you to win big.

Sadly, Lure of Fortune has some pitfalls. For instance, the symbols pay less, and the slot lacks a progressive jackpot. Even so, players will like that you can win up to 50,000 times your bet with as little as 0.10 coins.

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Lure of Fortune offers a maximum win potential of up to 50,000 times the player’s bet.

The Pick Mode feature allows players to select between three game variants with different volatilities and maximum multipliers.

The game includes unique features like Cascade, Multiplier Upgrade, Bonus Game, and various special symbols like Fish, Hammer, Payer, and Doubler.

Yes, Lure of Fortune offers a Buy Feature option, allowing players to purchase different bonuses at varying costs based on the game’s volatility level.

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