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Travel back in time and experience Japan in the 15th Century with this quintessential ninja-themed slot machine. The game takes you to an abandoned and forgotten Ninja village with spirits that have ancient power.

Your task is to master ancient skills and use them to collect items you need to trigger significant wins. As you move in stealth mode, be on the lookout for anything that may help you advance further in the game.

Sermon The Shinobi Spirit

Shinobi Spirit is a product of the recent collaboration between Print Studios and Relax Gaming. The game, launched in July 2023, features a 5×4 grid with 26 fixed paylines. It also has an above-average RTP of 96.26%, which can increase to 97.18%, depending on the game mode.

If you are a lucky player, you can spin the reels with as little as 0.10 Sweeps Coins and win up to 20,000x your bet. Print Studios added special features such as bamboo power, Shinobi bonus, and Golden Shinobi to make the high volatility slot captivating compared to other options in its catalog.

shinobispirit slot gameplay

Shinobi Spirit Gameplay – Print Studios 

Gameplay and Mechanics

Shinobi Spirit has a wonderful design and layout with spaced-out navigation toggles. The game is played using controls on the site’s top and bottom right corners. At the top, you will find the information and sound buttons. On the other hand, the feature bet, the bet, and the spin buttons are situated at the bottom of the reels.

You will also find the autoplay button with a spin count of up to 1,000 times if you wish to rotate the reels automatically. Lastly, the section has a hamburger menu that contains information about the symbols, the win lines, and the average payout or RTP. Each toggle is visible and responsive.

How To Work Shinobi Spirit?

Once you wrap your head around the workings of the controls, the only thing remaining is to try your luck playing Shinobi Spirit. First, set the amount you wish to stake by pressing the (<) or (>) controls.

You can also click the present bet value to make a quick pick. The bet limits range from 0.10 Sweeps Coins to 20.00 SC. After that, click the spin button and watch the reels rotate. In a split second, the reels will come to a halt, revealing the round’s outcome.

Shinobi Spirit Symbols

The high-volatility game comes with 8 standard symbols. Out of these 4 are premiums that pay up to 100 Sweepstakes Coins when 5-of-a-kind hit (on default bet size of 1.00 coin). These include the bamboo, lantern, barrel, and dragon orb.

You will also find 4 low-paying symbols: the red, purple, blue, and green signs. Whenever three or more low-paying symbols hit, you earn up to 2.50 coins. In essence, the arrangement of the symbols on any of the 26 paylines will determine the amount of cash you win.

shinobi spirit symbol payouts

Shinobi Spirit Symbol Payouts 

Bonus Features and Special Symbols

As you continue playing Shinobi Spirit, you will be introduced to bonus features whose building blocks are special symbols, such as the golden mask scatter, which pays up to 100.00 SC when 5 matching symbols hit. Moreover, you get to enjoy the following:

Bamboo Power

The bamboo power bonus feature can earn you prizes of up to 1,000x your bet. You must land the Shinobi on the 5th reel during the base game to enjoy the massive multiplier. This will trigger the Shinobi to slash any bamboo prize symbol on the same row paying out its indicated prize times your bet.

Shinobi Bonus

You gain entry to the Shinobi bonus when you land 3, 4, or 5 scatter symbols on the reels. In this mode, the grid expands to 5×5, and only the event symbols, bamboo prize symbols, and Shinobi symbols are present.

The bonus symbol starts with one Shinobi symbol and ends when there are no more Shinobi symbols on the reels.

During the bonus, you can slash prizes for as long as the Shinobi is active. A Shinobi will commence with three lives.

Every time you spin the reels, you lose a life. Note that for each slashed symbol, you will gain a life up to a maximum of 3 lives. Similarly, the bamboo prize value will double with each additional slash.

shinobi spirit slot free spins bonus round

Free Spins Bonus Round Shinobi Spirit 

Shinobi Symbols

Shinobi symbols can hit on the edges of the grid facing inwards except for the corners. The Shinobi will slash every symbol it faces. For every slash of a bamboo prize, its value doubles. The spin ends only when there are no more slashes.

From there, slashed symbols will be removed from the reels, and you will get paid according to their values times your bet. A Shinobi symbol will start with 3 lives and lose a (1) life for every spin you make.

If you slash a symbol, it will gain 1 life for up to 3 lives. Once all lives are lost, the Shinobi symbol will be removed from the grid.

On the other hand, the golden Shinobi is a special rare symbol with up to 6 lives and not the usual three. When a golden Shinobi slashes a bamboo prize symbol, the value of that particular prize symbol is added to all other bamboo prize symbols yet to be slashed.

Event Symbols

Multiple event symbols will appear randomly during the bonus game. Whenever a Shinobi slashes an event symbol, an event happens as follows:

  • Green cube: When the Shinobi Slashes the green square symbol, the prize symbol adds its prize size to all Bamboo prize symbols yet to be slashed.
  • Purple mask with horns: Starting with this symbol, the Shinobi will slash in the direction of the Bamboo prize symbols with the highest total prize value. Once it hits the end, the Shinobi will repeat the process until there are no more Bamboo prize symbols to be slashed on its way.
  • Shuriken logged in a rock: When the Shinobi slashes the shuriken logged in a rock, the Shinobi will make an extra slash in the direction of the highest total prize value of Bamboo prize symbols perpendicular to the direction it is currently facing.
  • Dragon and Samurai Sword: If the Shinobi slashes the dragon and Samurai sword symbol, any Bamboo prize symbol slashed by the Shinobi will be sliced twice. The effect will continue up until the Shinobi disappears from the reels.

event symbols shinobi spirit slot

Shinobi Spirit Event Symbols

Bamboo Prize Merge Feature

Bamboo prize symbols can merge at the end of the Shinobi bonus spin round, removing all bamboo prize symbols from the reels except for one. The remaining Bamboo prize symbol will have its prize value set to the sum of all the prize values before the amalgamation.

Design and Graphics

Shinobi Spirit is set in a tranquil and somehow mystical ancient Japanese village. The software provider gives a bird’s eye view of the hamlet while capturing its details using high-quality graphics and delightful animations.

There is a wooden structure on the right with a patch of green grass at the front covering the entire front section of the house to the river.

On the small field, you can see broken barrels and pots, not to mention a tree with falling leaves.

The transparent reels with bamboo borders are the game’s highlight, whereas the comforting cultural background music gives the slot a captivating feel that will see you playing for long hours without getting bored.

shinobispirit slot landing design

Slot Landing Design Shinobi Spirit 


Shinobi Spirit is more than just a regular reel-on-the-mill video slot that comes with the best theme, amazing execution, and a thrilling storyline that will keep you engaged throughout.

The video slot is easy to play with a wonderful base game, a decent RTP of 96.26%, and several unique features such as a bamboo prize pool, Shinobi bonus, and Shinobi symbols.

The only downside is that the paylines are fixed, and there is no progressive jackpot. But then again, landing the right symbols on any of the 26 paylines can earn you up to 20,000x your bet, which is in the jackpot territory. Have fun with Shinobi Spirit for the chance to win real prizes at sweepstakes casinos like McLuck Casino.

You will also have an amazing time gathering the prizes that come whenever the Shinobi slashes the bonus prize and event symbols.

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Yes, you can enjoy the free demo of Shinobi Spirit we offer here at Mr. Sweepstakes, along with a full review of the game.

The game offers a vast max win of 20,000 times the stake.

Print Studios, Relax Gaming’s partner, created Shinobi Spirit.

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