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Welcome to the electrifying world of Spark of Genius, an innovative online slot available in both sweepstakes and social casino formats. Crafted by the renowned developer Play’n GO, this game transports players to a visually stunning 20th-century French hall, where science and luck collide.

As you delve deeper, you’ll discover a rich tapestry of gameplay mechanics and bonus features, all set against a backdrop of intricate circuit designs. From cascading reels to unique energy chargers, every spin offers a new surge of excitement. Keep reading to uncover how this game’s clever features and engaging design can amplify your slot-playing experience!

spark of genius slot interface

Spark of Genius Slot UI

Gameplay and Mechanics

Spark of Genius presents a dynamic 6×6 grid where traditional paylines are replaced by an intriguing cluster pays system. In this system, players score wins by forming clusters of interconnected circuit symbols, with larger clusters leading to higher payouts. This slot boasts an RTP of 96.30%, marrying it with a high volatility level that promises substantial rewards for those who strike it lucky.

What sets this slot apart is its lack of conventional reels and symbols—instead, the game uses uniquely designed circuit patterns that players must connect to form winning combinations. This innovative mechanic not only adds a layer of challenge but also enhances the visual excitement of the game. Features like autoplay are available, allowing players to set the game to spin automatically within a range of options for bet levels, which can vary from as little as 0.10 to as much as 100 per spin.

Two standout features are the game’s Energy Chargers—Manifest and Resonant. Each type of energy triggers different modifiers and bonus rounds, enhancing the gameplay with layers of strategic depth rarely seen in other slots.

Bonus Features

Spark of Genius thrives on its electrifying bonus features, which are meticulously integrated into its gameplay to offer layers of engagement and the potential for significant wins.

Manifest Energy Features

manifest energy features

Manifest Energy Features

The Manifest Energy Charger fills as players create winning clusters of circuits. Each threshold unleashes unique features:

  • Relay: Activated after 15 connections, this feature randomly removes 7 to 11 symbols from the grid, making room for potential new wins.
  • Overload: Triggered at 25 connections, it adds 2 to 6 destroy symbols that obliterate adjacent circuit symbols, enhancing the chance of forming new winning clusters.
  • Empire Energy Spin: This pinnacle of the Manifest Energy features starts after 35 connections. It awards a bonus round with a 2×2 Transformer symbol placed centrally on the grid, beginning with a 3x multiplier. This multiplier can increase with each connected cluster, up to a maximum of 20x.

Resonant Energy Features

Similarly, the Resonant Energy Charger boosts gameplay with its own set of features, which activate at similar connection thresholds:

  • Gyrota: At 15 connections, this feature randomly rotates 3 to 7 symbols, potentially leading to new wins.
  • Dynamo: Triggered by 25 connections, it adds 2 to 6 special circuit symbols to the grid, each with four connection points.
  • Free Energy Spin: After reaching 35 connections, this feature launches a free spin where the multiplier increases with each win during the spin, escalating from x1 to x4, x8, x12, x16, and peaking at x20.

resont energy features

Resonant Energy Features

Special Symbols

Each symbol in Spark of Genius plays a pivotal role in electrifying the gameplay, enhancing both the visual and interactive aspects of the slot.

Special Circuit Symbols

These symbols appear during specific bonus features like the Dynamo. They are enhanced with four connection points, increasing the possibilities for forming larger and more rewarding circuits.

Transformer Symbol

A unique and powerful symbol that appears during the Empire Energy Spin. It acts initially as a 2×2 symbol with a starting multiplier of 3x. This symbol can activate and increase its multiplier with each connected cluster, potentially reaching up to 20x, significantly amplifying payout potential during this bonus round.

special symbols spark of genius

Special Symbols Spark of Genius Slot

Design and Graphics

Spark of Genius marries historical intrigue with futuristic design, setting its gameplay within a grand 20th-century French hall, beautifully animated to evoke the era’s splendor. The graphics transcend traditional slot designs, replacing familiar symbols with an array of intricate circuit patterns that light up the grid. These detailed designs not only enhance the visual appeal but also complement the game’s innovative mechanics, making every spin a visually engaging experience.


The soundtrack of Spark of Genius complements its thematic setting perfectly, blending classical harmonies with electronic beats to enhance the atmosphere of innovation and scientific discovery.


After extensive play and thorough review by our team at Mr. Sweepstakes, Spark of Genius emerges as a slot with a complex array of features and a stunning visual and auditory presentation. However, despite these merits, the overall experience it offers leans towards the average side among the plethora of slots available.

The game excels in innovation with its unique mechanics and thematic consistency, but it might not resonate as strongly with those seeking more straightforward or traditionally rewarding gameplay. This slot, while a testament to creative game design, might just not be the spark needed for every player’s slot-playing enthusiasm.

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The minimum bet you can place in Spark of Genius is 0.10.

Yes, Spark of Genius is fully optimized for mobile play across various devices.

The maximum payout in Spark of Genius can reach up to 10,000 times your stake.

In Spark of Genius, wins are achieved by forming clusters of interconnected circuit symbols on the 6×6 grid.

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