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150,000 Free Chips on Sign up

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150,000 Free Chips on Sign up



150,000 Free Chips on Sign up



MyJackpot Casino Review – Grab 150,000 Free Chips

MyJackpot Free Chips

MyJackpot Casino doesn’t require a promotional code. It provides its new users with a bonus of 150,000 Chips for free, when making an account.

bonus voucher myjackpot casino

The player will receive an abundant amount of chips once they finish the sign up process and log in for the first time.

Quick Facts


Established: 2015
Owner WHOW Games
Sports No
Purchase Methods VISA, MasterCard, PayPal, Amazon Pay, Openbucks, PaySafeCard, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Skrill
Redeem Methods N/A
Games 80+ Slots
RTP Rate 94.97%
Age Limit 21 y.o.

mr sweepstakes information

MyJackpot Casino is a renowned social casino that offers you the ability to play sweeps slots alone, or with friends, by using a free virtual currency known as Chips! It offers a diverse game selection – developed by some of the best well-known providing brands on the US market.

You get introduced to dozen sweepstakes casino no deposit bonuses which you can take advantage of, and an interesting tier system with perks, that keeps you entertained, while you play. Let’s dive deep into this casino and find exactly what it’s all about.

my jackpot social casino homepage interface

MyJackpot Social Casino Homepage Interface 

Legitimacy & Security

MyJackpot Casino, like most social casino sites out there, uses an SSL encryption to safe-guard the user’s personal data, offers fair-to-play games, has well-known credible payment options and provides access to privacy preferences.


What we at Mr. Sweepstakes find positive on MyJackpot Casino’s website is that the brand is completely transparent about who owns and operates it. Such a sign clearly shows that the brand is not hiding anything, so kudos to MyJackpot. Scroll down to the site footer, and you’ll notice the “Imprint” and “Company” buttons.

The first one shows the complete company info, including the registered address in Germany, and the official email, phone, and fax numbers. You can even see who the CEO of the social casino is and the company Tax ID. There is even a button for easily reporting a technical issue you might have encountered on the website.
While most sweepstakes casinos do not provide such detailed info about the owner company, MyJackpot goes even further. Click on the “Company” button, and you will be redirected to the official website of WHOW Games.

You can find everything you need to know about the company there, from its history to its partners and a detailed description of the team’s vision.


A free-to-play casino should clearly inform its visitors that they are not obliged to make purchases to play the casino’s games. Scroll to the very bottom of the website, and you’ll notice that they state you must be at least 18 years old, and the site is for entertainment purposes only.

They also state that no real money gambling is possible on the social casino, so this is another factor that speaks for the clear intentions of MyJackpot Casino.

Currencies Explained

This social casino uses only one type of currency – Chips. Chips are better known in the social casino world as Gold Coins. They are a type of currency that you can use to play the different slots in the casino. They are both purchasable and receivable for free. Note that Chips have no worth outside of the casino and CANNOT be redeemed for real prizes.

MyJackpot Promos & Bonuses

MyJackpot Casino offers a lot of lavish bonuses that players can take advantage of. We took time to cover all of them below, including how to claim them and what they’re all about, so let’s jump right in.

Jackpot Airlines

jackpot airlines las vegas interface my jackpot casino

Jackpot Airlines – Day 1 Las Vegas

One of the most exciting promotions at MyJackpot Casino, Jackpot Airlines, offers an engaging yet rewarding experience. With a duration of 19 days, each day represents a trip to a different attractive destination, like Las Vegas, Paris, Tokyo, and many more.

To participate, play your favorite slots to collect suns, to unlock more flight destinations. You can exchange the suns for raffle tickets – the more tickets you have, the bigger chance one of them is a winning one. You can also improve your workshop with the suns.


Did you notice the small leprechaun when opening the “Trophy Factory” in the bonus menu? It is your little friend producing trophies in the Workshop, which can then be collected in the Trophies Storage.

Each day you login and play, you increase the production of trophies. You can then exchange these trophies in the Trophy Shop for awesome prizes.

It is worth mentioning that the leprechaun has a limited storage capacity. When it is filled, it won’t be able to produce trophies anymore, so collect your trophies regularly so it can constantly produce trophies.

trophy factory my jackpot casino

Trophy Factory MyJackpot Casino 

+Plus Pass

Want to become a VIP passenger? Jackpot Airlines gives you this opportunity for only $1.99. With it, you can unlock up to 64,000,000 Chips and bonuses valued at 316,500,000 Chips, and also grant you numerous other extras like more raffle tickets, suns, and many others.

Road To Vegas

The promotional offers and free chip opportunities at MyJackpot Casino continue with the Road To Vegas feature, which is a set of 16 daily challenges, each unlocking exclusive offers, promos, and features.

The first level offers to spin the Magic Bonus Wheel, while the higher ones include a daily login bonus, jackpots, the spin bot feature, jackpot clubs, and many more.

road to vegas feature my jackpot casino

Road to Vegas Feature 

Sign-up Bonus

Upon sign-up the user receives 150,000 Chips completely free of charge. All they have to do in order to claim this bonus is create an account at the casino and sign up. The Chips will then automatically get added to the users account and can be used to play games right away, with no special requirements.

First Purchase Bonus

There are more than one first purchase bonuses that you can take advantage of once you log into this casino for the first time. The tricky thing here is, that they are for a limited time only and the timer runs away quite fast, so make sure to check the store upon the creation of your account if you plan to spend money in the casino, otherwise you might lose access to the great deals it offers. If you’re interested about the different packs it offers, we will talk about them in a bit.

Monthly Bonus

You can gain 4 bonuses within the month, every month, if you make a purchase:

  • $6 – spend 6 dollars within the month and receive a free Joker as a bonus
  • $10 – receive 4 MM Chips
  • $15 – receive 500 trophies
  • $50 – receive 22.50 MM Chips

monthly bonus myjackpot

Monthly Bonus MyJackpot 

Free Store Bonus

Every category in the casino store offers you a one-time claimable, that you can use absolutely for free. For example in the Chips section, you can gain an additional 100 000 Free Chips, by simply clicking the “Collect” button. In the joker section, you can claim a single Free Joker, and in the spins section you can claim 5 free Spins!

Social Media Bonus

In case you want to keep up with all news regarding this casino, while also gaining bonuses and free Chips on the site, check MyJackpot Casino social media. They regularly post about different bonuses and promotions that you can obtain for a limited time – keep an eye on the posts that come out.

Magic Bonus Wheel

You can spin the Magic Bonus Wheel every 2 hours and get extra Chips – the largest amount going up to 500 000!

magic bonus wheel myjackpot casino

MyJackpot Social Casino Magic Bonus Wheel 

Free Rewards

You can receive free rewards by watching videos. That’s right – all you have to do is click the gift box button in the upper right corner and ads will start playing automatically. You will receive a reward after each video, but mind that you have a limited amount of videos you can watch per day.

free rewards watching ads myjackpot casino

Free Rewards Watching Ads – MyJackpot 

Game Library

It’s important to note that this casino’s main focus is Slots, so you won’t find any other genre such as table games and bingo in this casino. Still, although MyJackpot limits itself to a singular genre, it has a lot to offer. Here are some of its current most-popular games:

  • Starburst
  • Divine Fortune
  • Rebound
  • Lucky Catch
  • Magic Mega Play

my jackpot social casino game lobby

Game Lobby MyJackpot Social Casino 

Game Providers

There are 9 providers that supply games for this casino – most of those game devs are renowned for their great games and the fair gameplay they offer. You probably already guessed the names of some of them:

  • NetEnt
  • Pragmatic
  • BGaming
  • Play’n Go
  • BallyWulff
  • Merkur
  • Gamomat
  • MyJackpot – in-house games
  • Spinomenal

MyJackpot App

MyJackpot Casino doesn’t offer its own app at the moment, but the site is optimized enough to run the games through almost any device or browser – but we recommend the usage of the Chrome browser.

play purple button

Other Sweeps Games Apps Made by WHOW

Although WHOW Games GmbH, the creators of MyJackpot Casino, haven’t yet made its own standalone app, they do have other casino apps that they offer their users at the moment, that can be played from both iOS and Android!

  • Epic Wilds (Jackpot) – app closest to MyJackpot in terms of UI and gameplay
  • Ramses Book
  • 7REELZ
  • Lounge777
  • Videoslots Fun
  • Classic WIlds
  • Fancy Fruits
  • Mary Vegas – Casino Slots

Restricted States

Currently MyJackpot Casino is legal online casino, due to the fact that it’s a social casino, not a sweepstakes casino, and the player can’t redeem any rewards out of it. This fully complies with the State laws of every American country – so you can freely enjoy yourself without worrying about any troubles.


MyJackpot offers an achievements tab where you can check your progress regarding different achievements. Each achievement brings rewards to the player, and typically consist of completing a certain amount of tasks regarding the games within the casino – such as a certain amount of spins, amount of won Chips and more. The rewards consist of:

  • Achievement Points
  • Achievement Games
  • Cosmetic Reward – frame, effect, hat

There are 5 categories in the achievements tab – overview, general, slot machines, games, features. All of them follow the same idea, the rewards given there are just different depending on the task at hand.

myjackpot casino achievents

My Jackpot Social Casino – Achievements 

Achievement Shop

An interesting addition is the shop regarding the achievements tab. It offers 8 purchasable packs that you can use for different things. The packs are purchasable with diamonds:


  • 2 diamonds – 1 day of the Golden Slot Ramses Book
  • 3 Diamonds – 1 day of the Golden Slot of your choice

Practitioner Rank:

  • 2 Diamonds – 1 day of High Roller status
  • 10 Diamonds – #0 days of Golden Slot Ramses Book

Routinier Rank:

  • 24 Diamonds – 30 days of the Golden Slot of your choice

Whiz Rank:

  • 30 Diamonds – 30 days of High Roller status
  • 80 Diamonds – Piggy Bank Hammer

achievement shop myjackpot casino

Achievement Shop MyJackpot 

MyJackpot Casino Store

You can easily access the store by clicking on the green shopping bag button on top of the screen. Once you do so, you will be introduced to many types of deals, such as limited time offers, chips packs, monthly packs, free spin packs, jokers and more!

Chip Packs

There are 9 Chips packs in total that you can purchase. The deals are for a limited time after the creation of your account and go as follows:

  • $0.99 – 15 000 000 Chips, +5 Jokers, +5000 Spins Level Turbo, +5000 spins League Booster, 1 Small Bonus Chest, +6 Loyalty Points
  • $1.99 – 30 000 000 Chips, +8 Jokers, +5000 spins Level Turbo, 1 Small Bonus Chest, +11 Loyalty Points
  • $2.99 – 6 750 000 Chips
  • $4.99 – 13 500 000 Chips
  • $9.99 – 31 500 000 Chips
  • $19.99 – 78 000 000 Chips
  • $49.99 – 240 000 000 Chips, +200 Spins League Booster, 1 Large Bonus Chest, +350 Loyalty Points
  • $99.99 – 555 000 000 Chips, +400 Spins League Booster, 1 Mega Bonus Chest, +700 Loyalty Points
  • $199.99 – 1 500 000 000 Chips, +600 spins League Booster, 1 Legendary Bonus Chest, +1600 Loyalty Points

NOTE: You receive an additional bonus chest with every purchase you make. The more expensive the package, the more valuable the chest.

myjackpot casino store chip packs

MyJackpot Casino Store – Chip Packs 

Monthly Packs

There are currently 4 monthly packs that you can purchase and enjoy. Let’s cover them in detail below, starting from the cheapest one.

  • $4.99/month – 30 000 000 Daily Bonus Chips + 1 000 000 Chips in addition to the daily bonus.
  • $ 9.99/month – 75 000 000 Daily Bonus Chips + 2 500 000 Chips in addition daily
  • $49.99/month – 750 000 000 Daily Bonus Chips + 25 000 000 Chips in addition daily
  • $99.99/month – 1 950 000 000 Daily Bonus Chips + 65 000 000 Chips in addition Daily

NOTE: Monthly Memberships can be canceled anytime and have no minimum terms.

Free Spins Packs

There are 13 Special Spins packs that you can purchase in the store. All of them come in 10 or 50 spins, and their price is based on the game you’re purchasing for. You can check all of the offers in the Spins! section of the store.

free spins packs myjackpot casino

Free Spins Packs My Jackpot


There are 8 Joker packages that you can purchase at the store, each one coming with its own unique assets. Some are one-time purchase based, while the other ones are monthly:

  • $4.99 – 5 Jokers, 1 Small Bonus Chest, +30 Loyalty Points
  • $9.99 – 11 Jokers, 1 Small Bonus Chest, +30 Loyalty Points – MOST POPULAR
  • $19.99 – 25 Jokers
  • $49.99 – 70 Jokers
  • $99.99 – 150 Jokers, 1 Mega Bonus Chest, +700 Loyalty Points
  • $199.99 – 320 Jokers, 1 Legendary Bonus Chest, +1600 Loyalty Points – BEST OFFER


There are 4 types of boosters that you can get in the casino. They can be either gotten as a bonus when purchasing a pack, or claimed with Chips or Jokers in-game virtual currency. The types of boosters are:

  • Level Turbo – it allows you to collect XP even quicker, it’s purchased with Chips and there are currently 7 packs being offered (x2, x3, x5, x10, x20, x30, x50)
  • League Booster – once activated, it fills the MyJackpot Pot even faster. It comes in 7 packs at the moment (x2, x3, x5, x10, x20, x30, x50)
  • Jackpot Booster – it ensures a better chance at a jackpot in the jackpot games category. There are only 2 packs regarding it at the moment and they are purchasable only with Jokers (1 Joker for x2 and 2 Jokers for x3)
  • Special Booster – increases your progress in a currently running event. There are 3 packs available, each costing a single Joker. The progress given is randomized each time.

booster inventory store myjackpot

Booster Inventory MyJackpot Casino 


The voucher option is the last option that you can click in the casino store – once you click it a small window opens and prompts you to enter a special code. If you have the code you will gain additional assets for your gameplay experience.

Redeeming Prizes

MyJackpot is a social platform. This means that there aren’t any available options to redeem in this casino, and its main point revolves around playing games and having fun. You can’t expect any real life rewards from this casino, but you can still get many in-game bonuses and promotions for free!

Banking Options

MyJackpot Casino gives the ability to choose between a variety of banking options, to buy virtual coins to play with. This is due to the fact that it’s a social casino, and it doesn’t offer the player ways to redeem the coins for real rewards. The purchasing options are:

  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • PayPal
  • Amazon Pay
  • Openbucks
  • PaySafeCard
  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Skrill

How to Log in Myjackpot

The sign-up process behind MyJackpot Casino is extremely simple. All you have to do is go through the following steps:

  1. Provide a player name, an email address and a password.
  2. Agree to their T&C (Terms & Conditions) and PS (Privacy Statement).
  3. Consider selecting the checkbox offering you the ability to receive newsletters with offers, bonuses and new info – but it is not mandatory to check inorder to sign up.
  4. You can start playing your favorite games.

Of course as a very popular option you also get the choice to sign in via Facebook or Google.

NOTE: You automatically agree that you are at least 18 years of age by signing up for the casino.

myjackpot sign up landing page

MyJackpot Casino Sign up Landing Page 

Customer Support

You can access the customer service by clicking on the settings button in the upper right corner and then selecting the help button with the question mark symbol or by clicking on the message button with a question mark in the upper right corner right next to the settings button.

Once you do so you will be introduced to a little window that lets you know that the hours in which you can access support are from 10 AM till 10 PM on weekdays, and 11 AM till 9 PM on weekends and holidays.

Right under that, you will have a choice between two buttons. The first one is called help and it leads you to a very detailed FAQ page, where many questions asked by users have already been asked.

If your question isn’t among the ones provided in the FAQ page, you can select the second option called “support”. From then on, a live chat box will open and you will be able to text a real live chat agent. Just note that they typically respond within an hour and only during working hours.

Pros & Cons

Below we have covered some pros and cons regarding what is most noteworthy or needs more work. In short, here are the best attributes and lows of MyJackpot casino:

Pros Cons
  • Plenty banking options
  • Variety of slot games by popular providers
  • Available everywhere in the US
  • Customer service only in specific hours
  • Can’t win real rewards
  • Lack of table games & video poker


MyJackpot is a popular social casino that provides you with a variety of free-to-play games, bonuses, and perks tied to a fun tier system. It uses a variety of popular US-based providers, and offers a great choice of banking options. It’s worth pointing out that they have live chat customer support and a detailed FAQ page.

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Casino FAQ

My Jackpot Casino is 100% legal in all States of America due to the fact that it’s a social casino and doesn’t break any laws.

No, there is no MyJackpot Casino app, but the site is optimized enough to run on any mobile device or tablet via most browsers. If you do wish to play through an app, the creators of the casino have made other social casino apps and games available for mobile devices.

At MyJackpot Casino you can play exclusively only slots – both by famous providers such as Pragmatic and NetEnt, as well as in-house games. You cannot play table games.

No, due to the fact that it’s a social casino, you cannot redeem at MyJackpot Casino. It’s a platform made exclusively for fun.

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